8 Best Web3 and Crypto Job Boards to Land a Dream Job

With competitive salaries, token allocations, and flexible work schedules, the crypto industry has a lot to offer, whether you are looking for technical or non-technical jobs

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In a world rife with innovation that penetrates every aspect of daily life, web3 & crypto is one of the many emerging industries that is reshaping the global job market. This fast-evolving space offers a vast array of opportunities for those ready to explore the exciting potential of the new technology. The crypto world is rich in both technical and non-technical job opportunities, which makes it an attractive industry for committed job seekers. From remote jobs that offer the flexibility of working from any location to specialized crypto and development jobs that require in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency job market is huge and has something for everyone.

If you are interested in entering this burgeoning world of crypto, a great starting point is finding the right job board that caters to this niche. Searching for the "top web3 job board" or "blockchain jobs" can yield an overwhelming number of results, since there are many such platforms, each with its unique strengths and focus areas. These boards act as a gateway to the digital economy, providing access to countless cryptocurrency jobs across various sectors, from startups to established companies.

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It's understandable to find it challenging to determine which job board best fits your skills and career aspirations in the crypto space. To aid you in your crypto journey, we have curated a comprehensive crypto jobs list that explores and compares the top job boards in the crypto and blockchain industry. This comparative analysis will guide you through the complex maze of job listings, enabling you to pinpoint the most suitable platform for your job search. Whether you're an experienced professional or a beginner, the crypto job market is filled with opportunities for everyone.

Web3 Jobs

A screenshot of Web3 Jobs website

Web3 Jobs is unarguably a leading job board when it comes to the most relevant and highly paid job postings from the top-tier companies in the industry. The platform has separate Developers Jobs, Designer Jobs, Non-Tech Jobs, and Internships sections, which makes it suitable for job seekers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Furthermore, this board also hosts a comprehensive library of online resources for those willing to learn more about Web3 or advance to the next level in their careers.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs website screenshot

Cryptocurrency Jobs is another helpful job search tool that prides itself on being one of the most popular Web3 job boards, boasting an impressive track record of more than 11,000 crypto jobs posted and updated daily. The platform is currently used by some of the most prominent crypto and blockchain firms, such as Aave, Ethereum Foundation, Gitcoin, Polygon, Phantom, Offchain Labs, Nethermind, and Wintermute, to name just a few. The types of roles offered on the site are also diverse and include customer support, finance, product, design, marketing, sales, engineering, and operations.


Remote3 website screenshot

As the name suggests, this Web3 job board is tailoring its offerings to remote workers, posting remote-only roles in crypto and blockchain industry. Some of the best-known companies that use Remote3 include Binance, Rarible, Protocol Labs, Bitfinex, and Coinbase. Furthermore, the platform also frequently posts guides, tutorials, and how-tos for curious crypto newbies. Then there's also an option for registered users to create a Web3 portfolio, which is a great way to showcase skills and accomplishments to a potential employer.

That being said, if you are looking for the best remote jobs to work from the comfort of your place, Remote3 is definitely your go-to website.

Web3 Internships

Web3 Internships website screenshot

Unlike other crypto job boards, this platform has narrowed its focus on internships in Web3, serving as a bridge between companies looking for the next top talent and job seekers with no prior crypto experience. The internships span a variety of niches in the industry, including smart contracts, frontend, DeFi, design, writing, community, DevOps, and product. Also, another nice thing about Web3 Internships that distinguishes it from other popular blockchain job boards is that this site doesn't charge any fees for posting job openings.

Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List website screenshot

Trusted by the world's leading blockchain companies, Crypto Jobs List is a friendly and helpful platform where you can browse through various categories, benchmark your salary against the average for your sector, and sign up for customized job alerts delivered weekly to your inbox. What's more, this platform displays the number of applicants who have submitted their CV for a particular job opening, which is super helpful when you want to calculate an applicant-to-hire ratio for better odds of landing a job.

Crypto Jobs

Crypto Jobs website screenshot

Crypto Jobs is a helpful yet simple job board that mainly focuses on developers and technical roles in the Web3 industry. The platform has a separate section for upcoming crypto events and boasts over 40,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletter with fresh updates. A number of job listings come from the most reputable companies in the industry, including ConsenSys, Huobi, Cardano Foundation, BlockFi, Unstoppable Domains, OKX, Crypto.com, and Bitfinex.

Remote OK

RemoteOk web3 page screenshot

This platform is an excellent option if you want to hire remote workers or find remote job opportunities. Although Remote OK doesn't cater to crypto only and lists jobs from a variety of industries, it has a dedicated Web3 page that currently has 172 open roles ranging from SEO and customer support positions, to blockchain developers and senior management.

Crypto Jobs Daily

Crypto Jobs Daily website screenshot

Finally, last (but definitely not least!) Web3 job board on our list is Crypto Jobs Daily, another niche job board for the web3 and crypto industry that aims to become a one-stop platform for connecting top talent with the best employers. There you can save and track your jobs and create personalized emails with job alerts once or twice a week, filtered by location and roles.