Best crypto PR agencies for 2023: top 12 choices to drive your brand forward

Here is our curated list of the top 12 best blockchain PR agencies that will help you spread the word about your project and stand out from the competition.

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As a matter of fact, public relations is the lifeblood of the web3 space — the reputation of a project in the industry is a scarce resource that needs to be carefully managed and nurtured. What’s more, the online nature of the crypto community requires constant engagement from your team to foster trust and support from your target audience.

Endless AMA sessions, Twitter spaces, press releases, moderation on social media channels, ad campaigns, and building connections with journalists and outlets, just to name a few, can be a real nuisance for the fresh starters in the industry, especially if your team is small. These activities are absolutely essential in terms of establishing your brand identity in the web3 space but often consume much more time and resources than the actual building.

But there is also good news: there are dedicated teams of professionals who can handle the PR strategy and outreach for you, freeing your time for tasks that you deem more important. A good crypto PR agency can help you build relationships with industry influencers and thought leaders, create and promote engaging content, launch successful ad campaigns, and much more!

Why do you need a crypto PR agency?

If you read all the above information and still think you can handle it on your own, trust me: you probably won’t. Let’s set it straight, real PR professionals have profound knowledge about unique challenges and opportunities that exist in the web3 industry and will suggest a better PR strategy than whatever you will come up with through costly trial and error experiments.

Granted, the thought of giving up control of a significant part of a project can be pretty unsettling, especially for first-time founders. But eventually, you’ll feel more comfortable putting your business in the hands of trusted professionals.

Then there’s also a financial aspect to seeking assistance from a PR team for your project. If you're a small team, hiring a separate social media person, communications person, brand manager, and SEO specialist can be much costlier than outsourcing these tasks to a third-party contractor. Also, there will be no additional costs and delays associated with recruiting and coordination processes.

In short, hiring a crypto PR agency can be a game-changer for projects looking to establish themselves as leaders in the crypto and Web3 industry.

What does a blockchain PR agency do?

Web3 PR and marketing agencies are primarily tasked with providing public relations and digital marketing assistance to DeFi, crypto, NFT, and other blockchain-related brands. Although services offered by crypto PR professionals may differ from agency to agency, the typical package will likely include:

Media relations: PR agencies can help crypto projects build mutually benefiting relationships with journalists, reporters, and media outlets, and pitch stories and news releases to the press.

Content creation: PR agencies can help projects create engaging and compelling content — such as blog posts, press releases, videos, and infographics — that resonates with their target audience and increases brand awareness.

Social media management: PR agencies can manage the project’s social media channels and engage with the community, responding to comments and initiating conversations.

Event management: although most of the web3 community activity happens online, a PR agency can assist the project in making a memorable appearance during offline events, such as conferences, meetups, and hackathons.

Influencer marketing: PR agencies can connect crypto startups with industry influencers and thought leaders to promote their brand and reach a wider audience.

Crisis management: Pr agencies can help crypto projects manage and mitigate negative publicity and crises, such as token delistings, legal hurdles, or any other reputational damage.

Top crypto PR agencies for 2023 and beyond

Are you looking for the right crypto PR agency to maximize your media coverage and boost your public image? Want to grow your own crypto startup? If yes, you have come to the right place! In our article, we will walk you through our curated selection of the best crypto PR agencies that will help you keep your project’s name in the headlines.

Market Across

Market Across is an established player in the field of crypto and blockchain PR, whose clients include industry heavyweights such as Binance, Polygon, Consensys, and Cardano. The services offered by the agency include, to name a few, search engine optimization, content marketing, blockchain public relations, content distribution, and online reputation management.

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“What differs us from typical PR agencies, is that we never over-promise and under-deliver. Our blockchain PR strategies & tactics are built on personal relationships with some of the world’s leading editors, writers, and content producers,” the company’s website reads.


Cointraffic screenshot

Cointraffic is a leading crypto and Bitcoin advertising network that was founded in 2014 when the crypto market was still in its infancy. As a first mover in an emerging space, Cointraffic gained unmatched expertise in crypto marketing & PR and scored major deals with some big names in the industry, including OKX, KuCoin, Binance, Bitstarz,, Bybit, Huobi, and many others.

Aside from already mentioned high-profile collaborations, Cointraffic boasts an impressive track record of over 17000 successful campaigns for crypto projects and formed partnerships with more than 500 prominent crypto outlets, including Coinpedia, The Daily Hodl, BeInCrypto, Bitcoinist, CoinGecko, and AMBCrypto, to name a few.

The main advantage of Cointraffic is its tailored approach to the client’s needs and wants, which takes into account the target audience, budget, goals, and geography of the campaign. Thanks to the agency’s technology and in-house best practices, clients can rest assured that they will be timely updated on their campaigns’ performance down to the very last detail, so they can monitor and optimize their marketing strategy.


Although not exactly a PR agency, Coinzilla surely is a big name in crypto marketing; its dedicated advertising platform helps thousands of FinTech companies promote their projects and reach a wider audience.

Coinzilla is a crypto ad network that helps website owners generate an additional revenue stream by displaying ads on their websites. On the other hand, the platform helps businesses promote their products and services on various websites in order to attract new customers.

When it comes to the ads Coinzilla promotes, the team states that “they are designed to provide a non-intrusive user experience, and they are analyzed in detail to make sure they are relevant to the audience.”

Founded in 2016, Coinzilla is undoubtedly one of the most powerful crypto advertising platforms on the market. With over 1 billion monthly impressions and over 1.8 million clicks per month, Coinzilla is advertising on some renowned websites, such as CoinGecko, Etherscan,, or BscScan.

Also, through its all-in-one content marketplace, Coinzilla can help advertisers deliver sponsored content across leading crypto websites. Furthermore, the support team is constantly ensuring that clients are satisfied with the ads delivered by using a variety of optimization tools.


Chainwire is the leading blockchain and crypto press release distribution service that should be your first choice if you want to spread the word about your project and maximize your press coverage. Having operated in the industry for years, Chainwire boasts links with every major publisher in the industry. What’s more, Chainwire also provides comprehensive feedback on press releases, maintaining a dedicated team to go over proposed content and suggest what can be improved to make your message more concise and memorable.

The publishing partners of Chainwire include CoinTelegraph, CryptoDaily, CryptoSlate, CryptoPotato, BeInCrypto, Bitcoinist,, CoinSpeaker, CoinRivet, iHODL, and dozens of other leading media outlets, so you can be sure that whatever you’re building won’t go unnoticed!


SMT is a specialized marketing agency that focuses solely on promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. They offer a range of services, including social media management, content creation, performance marketing, building brand awareness, PR, and influencer marketing. What sets SMT apart is their expertise in the crypto industry and their deep understanding of the unique challenges that crypto projects face when it comes to marketing. Additionally, they use a data-driven approach to marketing, which allows them to provide customized and effective marketing solutions for their clients.

“At Smart Marketing Token, we believe in going beyond the traditional approach to marketing by creating unique and innovative strategies that not only promote products or services, but also build long-lasting relationships with our client’s target audience,” SMT CEO Daniel Bihun told Coinpaper in an emailed statement.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a global digital and social innovation group specializing in influencer marketing, talent representation, social media management, and content production. Its blockchain & web3 arm caters to creatives, offering an influencer-first approach to creating NFTs, collection strategy and roadmapping, and minting services.

“Everything you need to be successful in the blockchain arena is at your disposal with Viral Nation,” the agency’s website reads. “Whether it be onboarding a strategic partner to grow with the brand, or leveraging influencers to generate hype surrounding the projects, we have you covered.”



Blockwiz offers tailored marketing, advisory, and creative solutions to ensure that your brand is well-positioned in the mind of the customer and is ready to take the industry by storm. Founded in 2019 by just one crypto aficionado, the agency now employs 70 seasoned professionals in the fields of growth marketing, creative writing, reputation management, and thought leadership to take your project to the next level.

“We’re trusted by 160+ clients including industry leaders like Kucoin, Bybit, OKEx, Delta, Vauld, CoinDCX; as well as exciting new Web 3.0 projects across NFT, Metaverse, DeFi, and Gaming,” Blockwiz’s website reads.

Web 3 Sapiens


Founded in Lisbon by a team of seasoned marketers and crypto natives, Web 3 Sapiens is a marketing agency focused on the crypto & blockchain niche of Web3. The company works with a wide range of projects across the industry, from Social Media Management, and community building, to market strategy, brand recognition, and growth.

Web 3 Sapiens offers a range of services, including community management and growth, paid ads, influencer marketing, website design, SEO, and blockchain/cryptocurrency/NFT-specific marketing strategies.



Coinbound is the leading crypto influencer marketing agency that has helped hundreds of projects to establish their presence on social media, scoring such notable clients as Nexo, Metamask, Tron, OKX, and Voyager. Some services offered by Coinbound, to name a few, include influencer marketing, SEO, social media management, public relations, and PPC advertising.

With contacts at the largest crypto publishers, influencers, and media, the Coinbound PR team can secure you coverage in CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, TechCrunch, NewsBTC, AMBCrypto, Blockworks, Yahoo Finance, CoinMarketCap, Benzinga, NFT Now, Market Watch, Forbes, Binance, Entrepreneur, and more!

Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy

A Web3 native marketing team of Lunar Strategy is ready to unlock unparalleled success for your crypto projects with a wide range of crypto services, which include paid ads, influencer marketing, public relations, community & social media management, content SEO, and landing page optimization. The main specialization of the agency is NFTs, which makes Lunar Strategy a top choice for the fresh starters in the niche. However, it’s not just NFT projects that can expect top-notch service from Lunar Strategy: since 2019, the firm has collaborated with over 150 Web3 projects, providing immaculate strategies for community growth, ICO launches, thought leadership, and much more.

Even though the Lunar Strategy team is located in Lisbon, Portugal, its portfolio of satisfied customers lists projects from all over the world. Some of its noteworthy clients include JPEGvault, Olympus Game, Dark Frontiers, Pixel Pix, Oasis Foundation, and Nobility Token.

Guerilla Buzz

Guerilla Buzz agency

Billing itself as a “non-traditional boutique growth agency,” Guerilla Buzz prides itself on its unconventional yet highly effective approach to crypto marketing. The firm’s out-of-the-box PR and growth strategies, word-of-mouth PR, and guerilla content distribution techniques never underdeliver, and more than 100 happy clients serve as a testament to the agency’s exceptional service. Currently, Guerilla Buzz offers PR, content marketing, SEO, community growth & branding, and crypto thought leadership.

The impressive expertise and innovative tactics employed by Guerilla Buzz have already turned some of its clients into market leaders: Bancor, PolySwarm, Cool Wallet, CoinGecko, and are among the agency’s most notable clients.


Ninjapromo agency

Launched in 2017, Ninjapromo has since established itself as a powerhouse of Web3 and crypto marketing, boasting many high-profile clients, which include, Polkadot, Dash, Huobi, Fantom, OKEX, and ProBit, to name just a few. The agency owes its success to its top-grade multichannel marketing solutions, branding, and creative design that can effortlessly scale any project to new heights. Ninjapromo diverse team is remarkable for its first-hand experience in FinTech, blockchain, and crypto industries, which gives the agency a leg over its competition and ensures that customers receive the best service for their budget.

The services offered by Ninjapromo are as diverse as its expert team and include, among other things, SEO, social media, email campaigns, website development, influencer marketing, mobile app design, video production, community management, branding & PR, and blockchain development.

Bottom line

Working with a crypto marketing agency may be the most beneficial step for scaling up your project, regardless of your niche, budget, and growth stage. In the uncharted and often unpredictable world of Web3, entrusting your business to the hands of an experienced team means that your brand will reach the right audience, nurturing a loyal and engaged community. This, in turn, will contribute to the long-term success of your project in the crypto space and help it stand out among the countless other competitors.