Best jobs in crypto to land: ride the wave of the emerging tech (part 1)

The ultimate guide for entry-level and experienced crypto specialists looking to boost their careers. NON-TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED!

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Day by day the topic of cryptocurrencies becomes more popular, so it’s natural that the demand for crypto and blockchain specialists grows steadily. But don’t worry – you don’t need a Computer Science degree to enter the new field. In fact, there are plenty of non-technical jobs in crypto. The industry is booming, and if you’re really passionate about the world of digital currencies, you will certainly find something right for you.

Crypto journalist

If you’re good with words, passionate about crypto, and have a unique skill to explain complicated concepts in simple words, maybe you’re just meant to be a crypto journalist. Of course, mere interest in cryptocurrencies won’t be enough – you’ll need to build a substantial portfolio. A good online presence would be a plus as well, so starting a crypto blog may be the right idea. But keep in mind that a surface-level knowledge of the industry won’t be enough. You’d have to constantly monitor the crypto scene, follow leaders and influencers on social media and educate yourself on new concepts and technical solutions. An ability to analyze on-chain data and draw conclusions from it is a must for an advanced professional, too. And don’t forget about mastery in skills like interviewing, research and proofreading.

If you feel like speaking to many people isn’t your strong suit, you can always look for positions of a content creator and technical writer. Both require a good command of your respective language and strong crypto knowledge, but less direct contact with others.

SMM specialist

Perhaps there’s no other industry than crypto where social media presence is so important. Since most cryptocurrencies aren’t backed by any tangible commodity, their price depends mainly on the supply-demand relationship. News and speculations on social media can either send assets to the Moon or straight to hell in a matter of seconds. That’s why most startups and organizations value contact with their community and have at least one active channel of communication on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, or Discord. And of course, they need people who can strengthen their brand presence and gain followers’ trust. Plus, social media positions are almost 100% remote which is an additional advantage. Apart from a good portfolio and industry knowledge, you have to be skilled in creating catchy content and attracting new followers.

NFT artist

If you have a creative spirit and can’t imagine your life without making art, maybe it’s the right time to turn your passion into a source of income? The hype around Metaverse is a promising sign for NFT artists, as the demand for digital art will certainly grow when more people start to explore the virtual world. And you may start sowing right now by setting the first steps in the NFT industry. Of course, your journey will be much easier if you already have a stable fanbase. However, even the most renowned artists started from being a total nobody. If you aspire to be a rising NFT star, you should choose your niche and invest time in studying market trends. Networking is a must, so connect with other artists, be active on social media, build your online presence and attract new followers. Being an NFT artist usually equals self-employment, but once you earn your name, some brands and businesses may want to collaborate with you.

Product manager

The product manager is an essential position in every startup or company, since such professional acts as a bridge between different teams and supervises product development at every stage. Since this role requires communication with marketing specialists, engineers, and customers, a product manager in the crypto firm must have solid knowledge about blockchain, token economy, and software development. Additionally, a PM should have an excellent understanding of various business models and their applications. That’s why the desired candidate should have at least a bachelor's degree in product design, management, or engineering, an MBA would be an advantage.

Crypto investment analyst

A cryptocurrency analyst is responsible for observing trends and prices of crypto and making investment recommendations based on gathered information. This role requires a keen analytical mind and a solid background in cryptocurrency research and the economy. That’s why most companies require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in either finance, statistics, business, or any other field related to blockchain and crypto. A Master’s degree will certainly be an advantage, but the recruiter will also assess your portfolio and experience in the field.

Apart from being an investment analyst, a person with a financial background in crypto can explore other career opportunities like cryptocurrency trader, portfolio analyst, or venture capital associate.

This is the first part of our two-part article on crypto careers. This part is focused on non-technical crypto jobs. To learn more about technical roles in the industry, check our second part.