Ethereum Foundation Holds 0.3% of ETH

According to the 2021 report published on April 18th, EF holds $1.3b in crypto (99.1% ETH) and $300m in non-crypto assets.

A stock photo of two hand writing over the financial report.

“We choose to hold the remainder of our treasury in ETH. The EF believes in Ethereum’s potential, and our ETH holdings represent that long-term perspective,” the report says. Although the foundation regularly publishes announcements on grant spending and donations, it’s the first time it issued the annual report.

Ethereum Foundation 2021 report - spending
Source: Ethereum Foundation 2021 report

In 2021, the foundation spent a total of $48m, with layer 1 research and development accounting for $21.8m. Layer 1 R&D includes mainnet upgrades, mining software Geth, internal security research, cryptography, and grants to external testers. Layer 2 R&D, which includes developer tooling, security reviews, and stress-testing, accounted for $1.9m.