Transformers Funko Pop NFTs Sold Out, Star Trek Funko Pop Drop Coming Soon

After a success of its Transformers Funko Pop NFT, the toy company is now preparing for the Star Trek: The Next Generation NFT drop scheduled for March 12th

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The recent Transformers Funko Pop NFT drop proved to be a success, with the entire collection selling out

After a series of less successful digital collections, the legendary toy company has finally achieved a complete sell-out of its NFTs. The second edition of the Transformers Funko Pop NFT collection, launched today, attracted great attention. The last Funko NFT collection to witness such success was Funkoween, released to celebrate Halloween in 2023.

According to the official Droppp platform, nearly 4,780 collectors opted to purchase Transformers Funko Pop NFTs, leading to Funko enjoying a 24-hour trading volume of $39,000.

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While some members of the collectors' community attributed this drop's success to a well-balanced supply of packages with NFTs, the provision did not actually differ significantly from the majority of Funko Pop NFT collections. The second edition of Transformers Funko Pop NFTs comprised 21,000 Standard Packages and 17,000 Premium Packs, priced at $9.99 and $29.99, respectively.

The theme of the collection may be the real reason behind its success, as Transformers is an all-time classic franchise currently celebrating its 40th anniversary. Throughout its long history, there have been numerous collectibles, while the Transformers Funko Pop NFTs offer a fresh perspective as they are redeemable for new exclusive figurines.

Transformers Funko Pop NFTs
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Funko has created six limited-edition physical collectibles for redemption, sparking excitement within the Transformers and Funko community. The Royalty figurines have the greatest supply, boasting 2,600 physical items featuring Freddy Funko as Grimlock. Additionally, four Legendary figurines: Ultra Magnus, Cheetor, Blitzwing, and Arcee, will join the collection, each limited to 2,000 units. However, it is the Grail collectible, King Starscream, that truly stands out for its rarity, with only 999 figurines available.

The redemption process for these sought-after physical counterparts starts on July 3, 2024. Funko enthusiasts who complete Grail, Legendary, or Royalty sets will be rewarded with Redemption Tokens, allowing them to claim their exclusive figurines. After the redemption window closes on August 2, the community will be able to enjoy the delivery of physical collectibles scheduled for Q4 2024.

While animated NFT trading cards featuring beloved characters like Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are currently sold out, they remain available for purchase on secondary markets. At present, Standard Packs featuring five NFTs start at prices of 12.94 USDC, while Premium Packs containing seventeen items have minimum prices exceeding 38.49 USDC.

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This marks the second edition of the Transformers Funko Pop NFT collection, following the swift sell-out of Funko's inaugural digital collection dedicated to Transformers, launched on March 15, 2022. The debut series featured six exclusive physical figurines, including the revered Grail Optimus Prime, limited to just 999 units, as well as Royalty Freddy Funko and Legendary characters like Sideswipe, Rumble, Hot Rod, and Devastator.

While Transformers enthusiasts continue to pursue NFTs for redeemable figurines, Funko has officially announced the upcoming drop. Collectors will have the opportunity to acquire Star Trek Funko Pop NFTs scheduled for March 12 at 11 AM PT.

Leaked information in mid-February hinted at the upcoming Star Trek drop, although details were initially unclear. The first series, released on November 30, 2021, proved immensely popular, with collectors purchasing the entire NFT supply during the drop. This first collection included five redeemable figurines: Royalty Freddy Funko, Legendary Klingon, Scotty, and Captain Kirk, alongside Grail Spock.

However, according to the official Digital Funko website, the toy company has shifted its focus to the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, previously unrepresented in Funko's digital collectibles.

Details regarding the upcoming drop remain undisclosed at the time of publication.