Transformers Funko Pop NFT Collection Series 2 - Toy Company Celebrates 40 Years of Franchise

Freedy Funko as Grimlock, Ultra Magnus, Cheetor, Blitzwing, Arcee, and King Starscream will be among the physical figurines released exclusively for the Transformers Funko Pop NFT Series 2.

Transformers Funko NFT collection
Source: Funko,

In mid-February, DisTrackers, an X account focused on news about Funko and Disney collectibles, shared with the community leaked news about upcoming Funko NFT collections scheduled for March. According to DisTrackers, a Star Wars Funko Pop NFT collection, as well as NFT drops dedicated to Star Trek and Transformers, were coming soon.

The rumors have turned out to be true, at least partially, and Funko has already officially announced its new collection - Transformers Series 2.

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"More than meets the eye... Your favorite Transformers are back for another Digital Pop!™ release. Gear up to collect them all in Transformers x Funko Series 2," the Digital Funko platform says, inviting collectors to participate in the drop planned for March 5, 2024, at 11 AM PT.

This time, the legendary toy company has prepared 21,000 Standard Packages with five Transformers Funko Pop NFT trading cards each. The number of Premium packs will be smaller, only 17,000. Each of them will contain seventeen NFTs. The pricing of packages is traditional: $9.99 per Standard pack and $29.99 per Premium pack.

The most exciting part of the drop for the majority of collectors is the possibility of gaining exclusive physical figurines.

"Limited edition Funko physical collectibles have been designed exclusively for the Transformers x Funko Series 2 release," states, explaining that "Collecting a Grail, Legendary, or Royalty Set qualifies you for a Redemption Token to redeem the physical counterpart."

King Starscream NFT
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The community of Transformers and Funko fans is eagerly waiting for a chance to get at least one of the six figurines planned to be provided for redemption by Funko.

Interestingly, Funko has decided to offer more Royalty figurines this time. The most recent Funko NFT collection dedicated to the 1996 Space Jam film has 2,300 Royalty figurines featuring Freddy Funko as Tune Squad Player, whereas the preceding collection, Fantastik Plastik Series 2, has only 2,000 Royalty figurines available, representing Freddy Funko as Amazing Carlos. For the Transformers Funko NFT collection, the toy company has prepared 2,600 physical Royalty items featuring Freddy Funko as Grimlock.

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This set is also expected to feature four Legendary figurines: Ultra Magnus, Cheetor, Blitzwing, and Arcee. There will be 2,000 figurines of each type available. The physical Grail collectible will represent King Starscream, with a limited set of only 999 of these figurines provided by Funko.

As usual, Funko reserves the right to change the items in the set of physical figurines. The redemption window for this collection opens on July 3, 2024, when a snapshot of collectors' inventories will be taken, and Redemption Tokens, exchangeable for corresponding physical counterparts, will be deposited. The redemption window will close on August 2, whereas the delivery of physical collectibles is planned for Q4 2024.

Meanwhile, the NFT trading cards in the collection are expected to feature such beloved characters of the franchise as Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime, Cheetor, Unicorn, Skywarp, and others.

As mentioned earlier, this will be the second digital collection from Funko dedicated to Transformers. The first series was released on March 15, 2022, and it was completely sold out. Back then, the collection had six exclusive physical figurines such as:

  • 2,397 Royalty Freddy Funko;
  • 1,550 Legendary Sideswipe;
  • 1,550 Legendary Rumble;
  • 1,550 Legendary Hot Rod;
  • 1,550 Legendary Devastator;
  • 999 Grail Optimus Prime.