Transformers, Star Trek, and Star Wars Funko Pop: New NFTs Are Coming

While collectors have already had a chance to participate in the releases of the first series of Star Trek and Transformers collections, the Star Wars Funko Pop NFTs will be released for the first time.

Star Wars vs Star Trek
Many collectors hope Funko will surprise them with original molds of physical figurines redeemable for NFTs.

Yesterday, DisTrackers, a popular X account dedicated to news on collectibles, shared leaked information about three upcoming Funko NFT drops, supposedly scheduled for March. The official drop website has not yet published information about the release of these collections.

As a rule, Funko offers its NFTs as digital animated cards, available in two types of packages: Standard and Premium, with the former costing less and containing fewer NFTs. Recently, Standard packages have included five cards, whereas Premium packages have been expanded by two extra NFT cards, now offering seventeen cards instead of fifteen. However, there has been no official confirmation on the quantity of NFTs in the packages distributed with these particular drops.

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NFTs come in different types of rarity. DisTrackers explains, "The legendary, grail, and royalty are redeemable for physical pops," provided exclusively to NFT collectors. "You can buy packs and have a chance to pull them or buy them directly from the marketplace for various prices," DisTrackers adds.

Funko NFT announcements
Source: DisTrackers, X

Recently, there has been a lot of skepticism surrounding Funko NFTs, primarily due to the exclusive Pops redeemable for NFT sets bearing too much resemblance to regular and much more affordable figurines, alongside issues with the delivery of these redeemable figurines. Furthermore, some recent NFT collections, such as the Squid Game Funko Pop, have failed to attract a large audience, which has also been attributed to the untimely release of these collections.

Nevertheless, the upcoming drops, particularly the Star Wars Funko Pop NFTs, are likely to spark more interest in the community. The Star Wars collection appears to be the most anticipated, partially because the March drop will mark the first release of the Star Wars Funko Pop NFTs ever, whereas the first editions of the Star Trek Funko Pop and Transformers Funko Pop digital collectibles have already been released.

Some X members have already commented on the news shared by DisTrackers, expressing their willingness to participate in the drop as long as the redeemable figurines have "unique molds" and will not be "mere weak reskins."

The first series of the Star Trek Funko Pop NFTs debuted on November 30, 2021. According to the website, the collection was sold out, with physical collectibles shipped during Q2 2022. Based on Droppp data, the Grail NFT featuring Spock had a minimum price of 12.79 USDC, and the Legendary NFT representing Captain Kirk was valued at least 4.5 USDC. These particular items are among the most popular NFTs in this collection.

According to information from, there were five exclusive physical collectibles, including Royalty Freddy Funko, Legendary Klingon, Scotty, and Captain Kirk, as well as Grail Spock.

The release of the first series of the Transformers Funko Pop NFTs occurred on March 15, 2022, and this collection also sold out. Among the popular items in this collection, according to, were Legendary Rumble, priced at a minimum of 3.49 USDC, and Legendary Devastator, available for at least 1.40 USDC.

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Unlike the Star Trek Funko Pop collection, this series featured six collectibles, including Royalty Freddy Funko as Bumblebee, Legendary Sideswipe, Rumble, Hot Rod, and Devastator, as well as Grail Optimus Prime. The redemption window for this drop closed on August 12, 2022, and the physical collectibles were shipped during Q4 2022.

While the collectors’ community eagerly awaits more information about upcoming drops, Funko is ready to release its next collection dedicated to the classic 1996 Space Jam film in just four days.

This collection will be more limited compared to previous drops, comprising only 40,000 items, with a greater number of Standard packs than Premium. Funko plans to release a limited number of Royalty figurines featuring Freddy Funko as a Tune Squad Player, along with Legendary figurines such as M2 (Purple Monster), Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Bugs Bunny. The most coveted among them is the Grail figurine, showcasing Swackhammer with Nerdlucks, with only 999 figurines available.