The Angelic Game - Best Solana NFT Games in the Epic Games Library

Explore the eagerly awaited Solana NFT game, 'Angelic: The Chaos Theatre,' as it nears its final launch and delve into the broader landscape of high-quality Solana games listed on Epic Games.

Angelic the game
Source: Angelic the Game

True gamers, NFT enthusiasts, and devoted fans of Solana games, eagerly await the final launch of Angelic: The Chaos Theatre developed by Metaverse Game Studios, Inc. Although the exact release date of the game is yet unknown, according to its page in the Epic Games library, there is a chance the title will be released by the end of the year.

At press time, the Angelic game team was testing its builds. On November 25, the game's team participated in the A1 Game Fest in Skopje. There, the team engaged with hundreds of players who had the opportunity to test playable builds of the game and offer feedback for further improvements. "With an insanely busy schedule ahead—live streams, Discord community playtests, closed beta, open beta phases—the Angelic journey never slows down," the team behind the project is excited about the upcoming release of the game.

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If by any chance you have missed any news about the development of the Angelic game, this article will fill you in on one of the most anticipated projects in NFT gaming.

Angelic: The Chaos Theatre entering the game world

Angelic: The Chaos Theatre stands out as one of the rare NFT games featured on the Steam store, a platform that currently imposes severe restrictions on NFT gaming.

According to the Steam store, "The Chaos Theatre is a free tactical multiplayer module of Angelic — a narrative strategy RPG set in a dark and collaborative sci-fi universe," where players can experience the evolution to the next generation of humans through unique Angelic characters.

If you are looking for upcoming titles with the potential to become the best turn-based RPG with NFT functionality, Angelic might be the right place to begin your exploration. However, similar to other Steam multiplayer games with crypto elements, the NFT functionality of Angelic will not be directly accessible through Steam.

Angelic game art
Source: Angelic the Game

The Angelic maker unveiled its first gameplay footage in September 2020 and 2022, it raised $10 million in the investment round led by prominent names in the blockchain and crypto space, including Animoca Brands, Pantera Capital, Solana Ventures, and Everyrealm as well as OKX Blockdream Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Huobi Ventures, Shima Capital, Ancient8, and Rainmaker.

Pantera Capital partner Paul Veradittakit lauds Angelic as a "much-needed top-tier game product" in the blockchain gaming space, praising its sophisticated design.

"Angelic is building a massively multiplayer metaverse with a deep gameplay layer enriched by a sophisticated backstory. We believe this is the right approach to help bridge the divide between blockchain games and AAA titles," Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu also commented on the potential of the Angelic game. AAA games aka Triple-A games, are titles featuring exceptional quality and visibility as well as a large budget.

The current team creating Angelic involves developers who have already worked on such AAA games as Far Cry, Halo 3, League of Legends, and Metro Exodus.

The Angelic gameplay

The developers of the Angelic game aim to construct "an immersive dark sci-fi universe which can be navigated and explored "to dominate and seek glory or just for some casual excitement."

As you traverse the futuristic and somewhat grim world, you will be able to "visit spectacular space stations, colonies, and even devastated cities of Earth," to engage in trading, combat, world manipulation, infiltration of human settlements, and investigation while utilizing heroes deployed via drop pods. The gameplay also enables players to "Design heroes, upgrade items, pilot ships, own homes, run stores, and share epic moments with others."

The Angelic game team emphasizes that it is "a collaborative intellectual property" developed by both its creators and players. Simultaneously, the game website underscores that Angelic is neither a play-to-earn nor a pay-to-win game.

Angelic characters

While Angelic is still in development, the team invites players to explore the stories of the major Angelic characters described on the official game’s website. It is important to note that not all of the Angelic characters listed there are directly playable.

Judging by the detailed descriptions of the characters in the Angelic game, the team pays particular attention to creating unique personalities and state-of-the-art graphics.

Angelic game characters
Source: Angelic the Game

How can the NFT Angelic game become a Steam multiplayer game?

So far, it appears that Metaverse Game Studios has a way to launch its game on the Steam platform despite its ban on blockchain and NFT games, which was introduced in 2021.

At press time The Steam version of the Angelic game is "crypto-free," with blockchain features disabled. The Epic Games Store version also starts without blockchain elements.

Angelic game NFT and cryptocurrency

In its litepaper, the team behind Angelic explains that blockchain technology allows developers to offer additional functionality and ownership of game assets and hero variations which can be converted to NFTs.

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However, these features are optional and unlike many other Solana games "do not provide any competitive advantage." While players have the freedom to trade their on-chain items, the team pledges that the "most exciting [blockchain] features" revolve around engaging their community as collaborators, tapping into their creativity to enhance intellectual property and ensure equitable rewards for all.

Angelic game availability

As mentioned earlier, Angelic: The Chaos Theatre was not released at the time of publication and the date of release was not specified on the Steam store website. However, once the playable builds of the game are released, they are expected to be accessible for free.

"We made Angelic free-to-play so you can evaluate it first. We will be deploying playable builds continuously to gather your valuable feedback," the game’s team says.

At the same time, the team issues the Angelverse token (ANGL) which allows players to participate in the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) within the game.

"The Council of the Angels (CoA) is the main DAO that governs the universe," the litepaper explains, adding that "core community contributors, ANGL – Angelverse token investors, early-stage supporters (backers who purchased Angel Cores or The Founding Angel Cores) and top tier Guardian Angels will hold various titles and have voting rights in the Council [CoA - The Council of the Angels]."

At press time, there were five titles available to ANGL stakers:

  • Members;
  • Senators;
  • Councilors;
  • High Councilors;
  • Prime Councilor.

Progression within Angelic game
Source: Angelic the Game

The title "Member of the CoA" is a foundational position achieved by staking a sufficient amount of ANGL cryptocurrency throughout the default Epoch Period. By default, the Epoch Period will last a single month but it will be subject to change by the Prime Councilor. To attain the title of Senator, similar requirements apply, with distinctions in the staking amount, while the Councilor title can be obtained by purchasing an Angel Core package.

In addition to staking ANGL, individuals aspiring to become a High Councilor have the option to purchase a Founding Angel Core package. The role of Prime Councilor, of which only one can be selected by all CoA participants, holds a special position, with the possibility of being a member of the High Councilor but exclusive to the CoA DAO. A Prime Councilor collaborates closely with the development team, signs an NDA, participates in specific meetings, and gains access to the team's internal Discord server.

The game's team is open to rewarding top community contributors with membership, and CoA participants hold the privilege of conferring membership as well.

More Solana NFT games in Epic Games library

While the current top blockchain for gaming is WAX, based on recent statistics from DappRadar, the Solana blockchain continues to be one of the top networks to build and play NFT games. Solana boasts several advantages that position it ahead of many other blockchains, making it a preferred choice for developers. With its high performance, scalability, low fees, support for smart contracts, and interoperability with various protocols, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, Solana provides a robust foundation for NFT game development.

The favorable attributes of the Solana blockchain have fueled the creation of numerous titles, some of which have gained recognition and secured a place in the Epic Games library. Here are some of the best Solana games.

Star Atlas

If you found the concept of Angelic intriguing, you might want to explore Star Atlas, another compelling example of a Solana-based sci-fi RPG with the exciting experience of a massive multiplayer. Star Atlas, considered one of the most anticipated Web3 games, has garnered four times more funding than the Angelic game.

In Star Atlas, players can immerse themselves in a vast galaxy, where they can engage in trading resources, participate in space battles, and embark on quests to discover rare NFTs. Despite its initially planned release date in 2022, the game is yet to be launched. However, Star Atlas NFT holders have been granted access to a playable demo, offering a glimpse into the game's mechanics and features.


Yaku, a dystopian sci-fi game utilizing the Solana blockchain, is another title accessible on the Epic Games Store. Positioned as a free-to-play social metaverse game, Yaku unfolds within a sprawling open world governed by the omnipotent mega-corporation Saikou. The game's development team underscores the significance of user-generated content and community-driven development.

At press time, players had the opportunity to gain early access to Yaku through the Epic Games Store.

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Chain Crisis

For additional ventures into the dystopian realm of Solana NFT games, consider exploring the free-to-play cyberpunk shooter, Chain Crisis. Immerse yourself in the fictional near-future landscape of Warpgate City, where unique character cosmetics are distributed in the form of NFTs.

As of the current publication, Chain Crisis is in the pre-alpha stage, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the evolving features and aesthetics of this Solana-based cyberpunk experience.


A free-to-play fantasy RPG, Aurory combines elements of Pokémon and Matrix, inviting players into the immersive world, where they can capture, train, and engage in battles with creatures known as Solarians.

Solarians represented as NFTs, possess the unique ability to evolve and mutate, providing a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience. Additionally, the game's expansive universe includes an intriguing storyline that adapts to players' choices and actions, enhancing the overall narrative depth.