The Labyrinth of Ragnarok Walkthrough, Binemon, and other NFT Android RPGs for Rewarded Play

While you are still figuring out how to play Xbox games on PC, Android users are enjoying new Web3-powered games which allow them to earn crypto and trade NFT cards, characters, and artifacts.

MMORPG anime game concept art
Many recently released Android games have successfully embraced NFT ideas and integrated cryptocurrencies to allow gamers to play with a purpose.

If you can't wait for upcoming MMORPG anime titles on video game consoles or PC, you might be interested in trying mobile gaming. Fortunately, Google Play now supports a wide range of NFT and crypto games that leverage a play-to-earn mechanism and allow users to play with a purpose.

The new list of NFT games ranges from basic fantasy RPG titles to MMORPG anime games, all optimized for instant gaming on Android. For this reason, to play these games with crypto download PC files are not required. Since all the titles mentioned below are available for free, you will not have to pay to access them. However, they do include in-app purchases, so make sure to check the Google Play refund policy before making any payments.

If you are still looking to go beyond gaming on your mobile phone or tablet, you can check out the list of cross platform MMORPG games available for your PC.

Does Google Play offer only provably fair games?

It may be difficult to determine whether all of the crypto titles listed on Google Play are provably fair, but many of them have already garnered dedicated fans worldwide. In fact, some active players believe that the play-to-earn feature adds so much fun to these apps that they find them even more appealing than the best RPG games PS4 has ever seen.

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At the same time, unlike crypto casinos where creating an account and depositing money to start playing roulette, blackjack, dice, or any other genre of casino games is required, any crypto project discussed in this article invites new players to enjoy engaging stories and gameplay free of charge. Most often, gamers risk wasting their time rather than losing money if anything goes wrong.

Are you eagerly awaiting the God of War Ragnarok PC version? Instead of searching for God of War Ragnarok spoilers, why not immerse yourself in Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT from Gravity Game Link?

This new NFT game is a franchise based on the immensely popular Ragnarok Online from 2002. While it brings a fresh twist to the classic title, it retains the nostalgic elements of the original, including stages and monsters. What is even more significant, Ragnarok Labyrinth provides players with assets that can be converted into cash.

Labyrinth of Ragnarok Eclipse Doll
Source: Labyrinth of Ragnarok, Facebook

Ragnarok Labyrinth is also highly recommended for gamers who are passionate about Chrono Trigger characters and gameplay and are on the lookout for a Chrono Trigger remake to play.

Like any other MMORPG anime game, this is a story-driven experience. The entire narrative unfolds as you sign in, possibly during the additional data loading. The setting is the Labyrinth, a mysterious land. You will awaken in this world with no memories, and this review will not reveal any more to avoid spoilers.


The gameplay mechanism is automated, which means that all MVP and monster fights with other players will be on autoplay, eliminating the need to manually control your characters.

The game also uses a progression mechanism based on the feature known as 'Sharevice.' You will use Sharevice to invite other players to join you on your journey, unlocking levels and features by completing quests. There is so much to do in this game — it is like stepping into a whole new world!

Ragnarok Labyrinth cryptocurrency

Altogether, Ragnarok Labyrinth uses three game tokens.


You earn ONBUFF POINTs by participating in in-game activities such as daily quests and defeating MVPs. These points can be used to purchase in-game items and can also be traded for NEWTON tokens.


NEWTON is the governance token of the service facilitating the game token exchange, a part of INNO Platform’s Planets. Additionally, you have the option to swap NEWTON for ONIT cryptocurrency.


ONIT is a cryptocurrency that can be purchased with NEWTON tokens. According to the official website of the game, you can trade it on exchange platforms such as Huobi and UPbit.

On popular price aggregators, the names ONIT and ONBUFF are used interchangeably. According to CoinMarketCap, the price of ONBUFF at press time was $0.0232. The market cap of this token was $17,561,840, and the daily trading volume exceeded $193,043. The platform also states that the maximum supply of the token is 789,885,600.

NFTs of Ragnarok Labyrinth

The game’s NFTs can be traded on the dedicated marketplace. At the time of publication, the collection available for sale was mostly comprised of "pets" and "cookies."

Additional collections were offered under the name INNOxNFT.

Labyrinth of Ragnarok Pet Resale
Source: Labyrinth of Ragnarok, Facebook

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT reviews

At the time of publication, the game had already been downloaded over 1 million times and reviewed 65,500 times on Google Play. On the Android marketplace, Ragnarok Labyrinth scored 4.5 out of 5 stars. Note, that it is also available for iOS.

The game garnered mixed opinions, with many players fascinated by its gameplay and the possibility to earn money, claiming it is a provably fair app. Conversely, others felt frustrated about the NFT component, as they found the gameplay overwhelmed by the excessive number of rewards.

To learn more details about the game, visit the Reddit MMORPG community of Ragnarok Labyrinth players.

Tap Fantasy: NFT and Card Games

Another option for those seeking a Chrono Trigger remake is Tap Fantasy: NFT and Card Games. The name of this game from the development team also called Tap Fantasy suggests it right - you might enjoy the title as well if you loved the experience of going through the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest or if you are looking for Final Fantasy characters in other RPG games.

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Look no further than Tap Fantasy. Tap Fantasy is an NFT RPG, a free-to-play (f2p) game that fits right in your pocket, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere. What is f2p? It is a game you can enjoy absolutely for free!


You will embark on an exploration of a massive hexagonal island, where you will discover items, encounter foes, challenge enemies, and engage in epic battles as you progress. The game's intensity increases as you level up, making the gameplay more thrilling. With just one hand, you can play this game — all you have to do is tap. Tap to explore, tap to fight, tap to dodge, tap to collect — it is all about tapping.

This game offers a lot in terms of content. It is a highly story-driven experience that keeps you engaged as you interact with various characters. You have the opportunity to collect NFT cards, gather items, and merge them to create something stronger or a different variation of an item, including food and more.

The p2e meaning for Tap Fantasy

There are several ways to earn from this game.

One option is to participate in PvP arena fights and work your way up the ranks to claim half of the weekly prize pool of Magic Crystal tokens (MC), which can be converted into real cash.

"The arena will reward 5000 MC tokens for weekly settlement, and the top-ranked players will receive MC token rewards," the website states.

There are in-game challenges and activities that can reward you with MC, too. Seasonal rewards and trading opportunities also offer direct cash rewards that can be converted. You have the choice to either use these items to enhance your characters and weapons or list them in the marketplace.

Additionally, the game has introduced a Lottery Slot feature for more options to earn money.

"The Slot is a brand-new gameplay that players can initiate by consuming a slot token and earn MC based on the symbols that appear," the website explains.

Tap Fantasy cryptocurrency

As mentioned above, the game uses the MC token. According to CoinMarketCap, the token was trading at $0.7464 at the time of press. Its market cap was $2,114,351, and the daily trading volume was $9,367. The maximum supply of Magic Crystal is 21,000,000, whereas the total supply at the time of publication was 2,842,229.

Tap Fantasy NFT collection

Tap Fantasy has its own marketplace for trading game NFTs, which are also available through secondary markets. The game's marketplace also allows users to rent NFTs.

Tap Fantasy Marketplace
Source: Tap Fantasy

Tap Fantasy reviews

The official website claims that Tap Fantasy currently has 722,410 users and holds the sixth position on the DappRadar Ranking.

On Google Play, the game was downloaded over 100,000 times at press time and received a rating of 3.8 stars from 725 reviews.

Among the advantages of this game, players cited the possibility of earning a reasonable amount of money without watching ads. However, users also encountered numerous technical issues, including bugs in the gameplay and problems with logging into the app.

Extocium MMORPG anime game

Extocium, developed by XTOLAB, is notably one of the most played and sought-after games when it comes to Play-to-Earn (P2E) and NFT games. In Extocium, you hunt monsters, raid dungeons, collect valuable items, craft equipment, summon heroes with unique characteristics, engage in trading on the marketplace, and much more. If you accumulate a sufficient amount of in-game gold, you can even earn cryptocurrency.

Gameplay and plot

No MMORPG is complete without a storyline. In the case of Extocium, the plot is based on a legend about an ancient empire ruled by the gods. These deities had acquired their powers from the explosion of ancient stars. However, the power they harnessed soon became uncontrollable, leading them to store it within a mineral known as "Extocium."

This immense concentration of power gave rise to an empire of its own. Eventually, one entity was cast out of this empire and vowed to return one day with an army. True to their vengeful oath, this entity summoned an army of sea creatures, wreaking havoc and decimating life within Extocium. Even the gods were not able to intervene as they placed too much power into Extocium.

Now, thousands of years later, humans inhabit this land, and many of them enjoy collecting shiny items and stones. One particular stone they covet is the purple one, which is highly sought after. It turns out that this purple stone is, in fact, Extocium itself. Thus, the journey of the most adventurous humans begins as they seek to unlock the secrets of this magical and enigmatic power.

Extocium may be an intriguing choice for those who are looking for games like World of Warcraft and like to watch Dungeons and Dragons 2000 over and over again. You can also try playing Extocium if you not only know how many Final Fantasy games are there but have also played all of them.

Extocium’s cryptocurrency and NFT

Extocium's description on Google Play states that players can create NFT assets from the materials collected in the game while summoning heroes results in a more powerful hero offered to players as an NFT as well.

Extocium concept art
Source: Extocium, Facebook

XTO, also known as TAO, is the token used in the game. It also serves as a governance token.

According to the project's whitepaper, which had its rules supplements in the demo version at the time of publication, XTO brings financial benefits to its owners. "EXTOCIUM uses 'energy' as a paid item," which is "a concept similar to a monthly payment."

The team mentions a "20-25% platform fee paid to existing mobile platforms (Google, iOS)," which is distributed among the XTO investors. "Distributions are paid according to the holding ratio of the entire XTO pool, excluding the amount of XTO owned by the company," the whitepaper states.

More benefits of holding XTO are described in the respective chapters of the whitepaper.

It appears that at the time of publication, major cryptocurrency data aggregators like CoinMarketCap did not provide real-time values for TAO; however, according to CoinMarketCap, "the last known price of Tao is $0.21631654."

Extocium reviews

At the time of publication, Extocium had already been downloaded over 50,000 times on Google Play. Yet, the game was not rated. Reviews for this game were also unavailable.

It is worth noting that, unlike many other mobile games, Extocium requires a significant amount of storage space, with a download size of 566MB.

Binemon - NFT apples and other enjoyable game materials

Binemon is one of the NFT-based games that offers diverse gameplay, encompassing several genres such as RPG, adventure, idle, and mechanics similar to a gacha machine.

If you're not familiar with a gacha machine, you can think of a feature working similarly to loot boxes offered by many games. A gacha machine is a type of toy vending machine, and its mechanics incorporated into a video game usually allow players to spend in-game currency to purchase a random item.

Binemon statistics
Source: Binemon

Binemon’s gameplay and plot

Our priority is to distribute income among diligent, everyday players who both enjoy the gameplay and need to earn," the Binemon team promises on the official website.

Binemon features a captivating game story where Earth is invaded by extraterrestrial creatures seeking to conquer it. These invaders created a new species known as Mons.

At some point, a group of pilgrims accidentally activated a mysterious tower. This tower immediately emitted a powerful energy field, causing the inhabitants to merge. This is how Mons were transformed into Binemons, superior creatures with additional powers.

The gameplay involves breeding, fusion, combat, and earning. Your goal is to hatch eggs, collect and level up 3D meme pets, and perform fusions. Additionally, the Binemon world allows you to earn Ambrosia which is a fusion material that can be sold for profit.

The game is structured into five phases, with each phase lasting for three months. During these phases, players must complete specific in-game activities to qualify for rewards.

Binemon crypto

Apple (AMB) is the token used for purchasing NFT items, trading on the NFT marketplace, and receiving P2E rewards. According to CoinMarketCap, its recent price was $0.05552, and its market cap was $227,700. The maximum supply of this token is 15 million, while the total supply is currently above 9.891 million.

AMB can be exchanged into another Binemon’s currency, BIN. According to Binemon's official documentation, the BIN cryptocurrency can be traded through Pancake Swap,, and MEXC.

As per CoinMarketCap, at the time of publication, BIN was trading at $0.0006806. Its market cap was $279,756, and the daily trading volume was $62,960. The maximum supply of BIN is 1,000,000,000 BIN.

Binemon NFT marketplace

To facilitate trading in-game NFTs, the developers of Binemon have built the Binemon Trading Station. Here, you can buy and sell Binemons, gems, and other game items. The marketplace is equipped with an advanced filter that allows you to find the right NFT quickly.

For example, Binemons can be filtered by race, rank, class, and level, while gems are filtered by rarity.

Binemon Marketplace
Source: Binemon

Binemon reviews

According to the official statistics posted on the Binemon website, there were 259,557 players at the time of publication. On Google Play, the game was downloaded over 100,000 times and received over 5,200 reviews. Note that the average score for this game on Google Play was only 1.7 out of 5 stars.

Many negative reviews mentioned the issues caused by the project’s transition from the Draken blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain, which caused financial losses. Frequent technical problems were cited as another common problem with this game.

However, many players still enjoyed the gameplay and successfully cashed out their earnings.

Android NFT games - can you really play with a purpose?

Android crypto and NFT RPG games were originally released with play-to-earn features integrated into the battle, farming, exploring, and adventure modules of their gameplay. Importantly, most of these games have an earning system different from an online casino, where you have to make a deposit to get a chance to win real money while playing dice, card games, or video slots.

Many NFT games, including those discussed in this article, offer free access, as well as an opportunity to earn a reasonable amount of money by playing. At the same time, it is possible to advance to higher levels of functionality, for instance, by acquiring a character of a more powerful class with enhanced abilities after purchasing in-app items.

In most cases, if you expect to earn a sufficient amount of money to support your budget by playing Android NFT and crypto games, you may be disappointed. However, if you view these games as another form of entertainment rather than a source of income, you are more likely to enjoy the experience and the basic rewards you receive.