5 Cross Platform MMORPG NFT Games to Play Instead of World of Warcraft 2

Whether you are a fan of Pokemon MMOs or you wish you will ever have a chance to play Guild Wars 3, you might enjoy playing one of the cross platform MMORPG games offered by the blockchain software industry.

Five colorful dragons
Treeverse, NFT Champions, and Nine Chronicles are waiting for the players who wish Guild Wars 3 and World of Warcraft 2 were released

If you are tired of staring at the Lord of the Rings wallpaper while waiting for the release of World of Warcraft 2 or Guild Wars 3, it is probably high time to experiment with games and try something new. Fortunately, blockchain gaming is one of the most profitable NFT ideas today, and many software development companies are involved in the development of NFT games. As you know, MMO combined with a role-playing game provides a double dose of fun, while implementing NFTs adds new gameplay features and enhances the game's story.

Which NFT game is best to play if you are looking for a cross platform MMORPG?

Some notable games are already on the market, while others are about to be released. They are listed in this article to save you hours of your time that you would otherwise spend searching on your Reddit MMORPG community. Welcome to the game!

What is blockchain games meaning?

Before moving to the titles of games that combine MMO and RPG genres on the blockchain, make sure you first understand the idea behind this type of entertainment.

As the name suggests, a blockchain game is based on the blockchain platform, which supports full ownership of various game assets from characters and artifacts to land. This feature enables selling and purchasing NFTs. In some games, cryptocurrency transactions are also integrated.

In most cases, an NFT collection associated with a blockchain game is released by a game development team not just for mere appreciation of digital art or to allow the player community to invest in the project. Often, ownership of such NFTs provides players with various other benefits, including early access to new worlds or other locations in the game universe that are about to be launched, unique mods and skills for character classes, and other types of expansions that can improve the game experience.

Nine Chronicles

According to data from Udonis, a global marketing company focused on mobile gaming, the idle MMORPG Nine Chronicles was one of the most popular blockchain games among players in Q1 2023. The company reported 22,000 users playing this game at the beginning of this year. Meanwhile, the data from the game's official website states that it had over 200,000 community members on Discord and Twitter at press time.

The virtual life in the universe of Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles, developed by Singapore-based Web3 gaming company Planetarium Labs and backed by industry giant Ubisoft, invites players to explore the fully decentralized world of Yggdrasil. The name "Nine Chronicles" stands for the game's nine regions that are open for exploration. Here, players can collect materials, craft their equipment, use it or trade it, and train their combat skills to fight against their enemies or participate in the Arena Championships to challenge other players in battles.

Nine Chronicles digital art
Source: Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles' gameplay, while guaranteeing ultimate entertainment for solo players, also encourages cooperation with other players, especially when it is time to fight one of the game's strongest enemies, called the World Boss. Victory in this battle can bring valuable rewards to the lucky players.

What is WNCG?

Nine Chronicles has its own token Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG), which is used as a main currency for financial transactions in the game world, including crafting artifacts and trading, challenging other players, and even accelerating growth.

"NCG isn't necessary in the beginning stages of exploration, but the game is designed so that NCG's needs are gradually increased as players grow more powerful. Eventually, players can stake NCG to earn potions and unique items which can be used by them or sold to other users for profit," the game team explains.

Note that to get NCG, you need to buy Wrapped NCG (WNCG), which is available on crypto exchange platforms, and convert it into NCG through the Nine Chronicles portal. According to the popular cryptocurrency ranking platform CoinGecko, WNCG was trading at $0.078874 at the time of publication, while its 24-hour trading volume was nearly $4,435,439.

The highest NCG price was recorded after the token inception. Back in 2021, its price reached even $4.40. At the time of writing, WNCG was listed on two DEXs, SushiSwap and Balancer, as well as on several CEXs including OKX, KuCoin, Gate.io, and MEXC.

How to make money with NFT gaming?

Nine Chronicles offers its players several ways to earn money. NCG staking, mentioned earlier, is just one of them.

Another way to gain passive income with Nine Chronicles is the referral program, which rewards users for referring their friends. Currently, you can get 1.0 NCG for inviting a new player, and another 0.1 NCG when that person reaches level 50.

In addition, playing the game itself brings valuable rewards. The team promises to pay active users NCG every day and give them prizes for leveling up. Active participation in the game communities is also rewarded.

Contribute to the game and earn

There is another interesting way to earn money with Nine Chronicles.

The team behind Nine Chronicles invites skilled and creative players to contribute to the game, which will also be rewarded. The special Ecosystem Support Program "has something for everyone," regardless of whether you are a developer, content creator, or passionate gamer who makes money from streaming. Although the program was temporarily suspended at the time of publication, it is worth keeping an eye on it.

The game also offers software grants to developers who are willing to work on the game aspects mentioned on the wishlist or have interesting ideas to optimize and improve the gaming experience.

NFT Champions

"Collect, train, and battle with NFTs in this blockchain-based MMORPG built on Unreal Engine 5," the official description of NFT Champions, the NFT game featuring the MMORPG anime style developed by Sigma Studios, says.

The American software development company Sigma Studios LLC released this game in 2021 and it was considered one of the best NFT games last year. Currently, NFT Champions can be played on Windows and Mac computers.

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Is NFT Champions the future Pokemon MMO?

NFT Champions is often compared to Pokemon, and you can actually assume that it was inspired by the iconic Japanese games and TV series. If you are one of the true fans of Pokemon and are sure that you will not fall for anything designed to benefit from the much-anticipated style of the original creation, do not rush to break your Pokemon ball and tear your Pokemon Squishmallow out of frustration.

NFT Champions digital art
Source: NFT Champions

Instead of waiting for the release of a Nintendo-backed Pokémon NFT game, you may be willing to give NFT Champions a chance and enjoy similar turn-based battles, collecting rare items and participating in exciting adventures that can be experienced with a group of powerful champions, Pokemon-like monsters. These are very diverse, with some looking like cute and cool cats and others appearing as dragons.

At the same time, certain locations of NFT Champions make this game attractive for fans of the medieval MMORPG genre.

The game's NFT collection

One of the purposes of the NFTs incorporated into the game is the on-chain representation of unique monsters. The rarity and value of NFTs can be increased by the progress you make in the game.

The play-to-earn system of NFT Champions is described in more detail in the game’s whitepaper, posted on the official website.

In-game rewards are granted to the winners of tournaments and PVP battles, while the winners of online raid events receive exotic loot in the form of NFTs. Furthermore, the game offers passive rewards for buying and owning land. These rewards are also given to the holders of the game's NFTs. As mentioned earlier, the value of the game NFTs increases with the progress of the game. Finally, the game supports trading rare NFTs and provides access to a dedicated marketplace.

More NFT Champions' features to play with

Some of the features that Sigma Studios highlights on the game's official website are an extensive cave system and curious remote locations that are perfect for exploring and training champions. Besides, there is a special type of an ice champion that lives in a frozen wonderland called Winterlands, as well as especially strong beasts which can only be fought by advanced champions.

NFT Champions' CHAMP token

CHAMP meaning for the game is a form of currency used to enable NFT trading. CHAMP was worth approximately $0.00420656 at press time.

According to the CoinGecko NFT Champions chart, the token's value has been gradually decreasing since the end of May, when the recent high price of $0.02053964 was recorded. The CoinGecko NFT Champions statistics also report $26,241 in the token trading volume.

CoinGecko NFT Champions price chart
Source: CoinGecko

NFT Radar - claim your NFT Champions' rewards

Don't forget to turn on your NFT radar, as the team behind NFT Champions sometimes gives out exclusive NFTs to players for free. One such airdrop was announced in April and was related to the release of Celestia Ultimate, the new Sun Land.

The developers allowed the luckiest user to literally become a Prince or Princess Celestia, as the entire land was offered for sale as an NFT.

"Once owned, landowners have the option of using the land themselves as well as permitting other players to use it in exchange for tokens. The exact amount of tokens required is determined by the landowner," the team explained the new offer.

In addition, the NFT Champions blockchain MMORPG has special drops for the holders of CHAMP. In total, there are five levels of token investors based on both the duration of token ownership and the amount of tokens the investors hold.

NFT Champions CHAMP Passive Rewards
Source: NFT Champions

Moreover, CHAMP holders also have to own a certain number of champions to be eligible for NFT drops. Thus, investors, who have at least 10,400 tokens for at least thirty days and have two champions or more, are eligible to receive two gift boxes every month.


According to the official description on OpenSea, Treeverse is "an open-world fantasy MMORPG with a MOBA-style combat system," in which players "slay beasts, forge mighty weapons, lure the biggest fish, form guilds, defeat dungeons, and explore the deep lore."

Although, unlike NFT Champions, this game is still in development, some of its parts have already been launched and are available for playing.

If you have memorized the Final Fantasy walkthrough and the Guild Wars 2 map, and if you have enjoyed playing God of War Ragnarok PC edition, you may be willing to keep an eye on the Treeverse launch date and explore the parts of the games that are already open to the players' online community.

Treeverse gameplay

The game takes place on the continent of Arboros, where you will start the adventure "in the city of Elderwall that is protected by the World Tree, and immerse yourself in this world of mythical creatures surrounded by Jovians and Sidhe."

Treeverse digital art
Source: Treeverse

The gameplay includes numerous quests offered by unique NPCs whom you will encounter while exploring the large world of Treeverse. Your experience will also include building and forging. The game will let you create a dream house that you can either keep for yourself or open to other players. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to be a master of forgery or a landlord.

Treeverse also requires a lot of cooperation, which is especially desirable in battles. Still, you can also discover the mysterious game world on your own and confront your enemies in solitude.

Treeverse NFTs: digital art and enhanced gaming experience

Some of the Treeverse NFTs for sale are Treeverse Plots or Treeverse Founders’ Land, "10420, utility-based NFTs that allow holders to place in the game world and have the following benefits: public homes, better customizability, teleport destination, and extra storage space." The plots can also be rented to other players.

The floor price for a Treeverse plot on OpenSea at the time of publication was 0.1449 ETH worth $258.61.

Another NFT collection available for purchase is Nftrees. According to the game's website, "Nftrees produce unique fruit depending on the traits of the tree. Once an Nftree is placed, holders can set a price inside the game for the fruits that the trees bear and other players can buy from them. Consuming fruits gives minor temporary buffs to players."

Nftrees are quite valuable, with the lowest of 3.33 ETH or nearly $5592 at the time of publication.

Treeverse Nftrees
Source: OpenSea

Treeverse players are encouraged to use their NFT images from the Timeless Characters collection as avatars. The Timeless Characters were launched in November 2021 and the current lowest price of the cheapest NFTs was 0.051 ETH worth over $85.

Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes is the product of Australian company Sidus, "a Web3.0 game publisher with multiple game studios, unified lore-book, AI technology, and blockchain architecture."

If you are looking for an on-chain cross platform MMORPG that has already received recognition from industry experts, Sidus Heroes might be the right choice. This year Sidus Heroes won the prestigious "Golden Excellent in Metaverse Gaming" award in the United Arab Emirates.

Join the community of Sidus Heroes

According to the developers of Sidus Heroes, it is a "valuable game in which a person may observe new mechanics, and experience complete immersion in its digital reality." The Sidus team promises that "every player has the opportunity to not only enjoy becoming engrossed in the game world but to earn real money as a result and make new friends."

Sidus Heroes digital art
Source: Sidus Heroes

Unlike NFT Champions and Treeverse with their fantasy worlds, Sidus Heroes will take you to the Sidus space, a futuristic sci-fi metaverse designed as an entire galaxy filled with mysterious planets.

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These planets have peculiar landscapes and characteristics which led to the development of unique races. This is one of the main features which adds variation to the game.

For example, Ogya, one of the early races, "came from the planet Kshass: a fiery world of ever-changing landscape formations and black soot clouds." Another example is Raptorian, the race coming from the Sarisuru planet, "which has large swamp areas that act like a huge biological test tube."

Sidus Heroes Ogya
Source: Sidus Heroes

Each race has its own values for such basic traits as damage, health, and initiative. Each race also has its own unique ability, for example, thermo mastery, thermo resistance, hydro mastery, hydro resistance, electric mastery, and electric resistance.

Central to the game is a hero with their own specific role and characteristics. As the game progress, a hero gains unique experiences that allow them to develop new special characteristics. Heroes living in the Sidus space are distributed and collected as NFTs. All of them can participate in 3v3 battles.

Sidus Heroes tokens available for trade on crypto exchanges

Sidus Heroes uses two tokens: SIDUS and SENATE. According to the game’s website, SIDUS is the main currency used to pay for rewards and purchase items on the Sidus marketplace, while SENATE is "the governance token and is mainly used to express political views and influence the development of the metaverse." The tokens are available on several exchange and cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Uniswap DEX, Bitfinex, and Ascendex.

As per CoinGecko, the price of Sidus at the time of publication was $0.00094998, while its market cap was $21,261,849. The highest recent price of this token was recorded on July 17, when SIDUS was trading at $0.00122226.

SENATE has a higher value as it is currently trading at $0.02970423. Its market capitalization was also quite impressive at the time of publication, reaching the value of $5,382,408.

The Sidus game's NFT collections also include the Genesis Collection, which "unlocks the doors to the Sidus Heroes metaverse for their holders." Each NFT in this collection can be turned into a character. Essentially, players need to buy such an NFT to explore the metaverse.

The Walking Dead Empires

Fans of horror movies and zombie shows can stock up on Zombie Takis and enjoy the ultimate zombie retreat from the creators of the iconic series The Walking Dead TV.

The Walking Dead Empires digital art
Source: The Walking Dead Empires

The Walking Dead Empires offers you yet another type of gaming experience. In this blockchain-powered MMORPG game, everything is about survival. "Team up with friends to create a makeshift home, fighting back walkers and rivals from land YOU own," the game's website invites new players to start the unforgettable adventure prepared by Seattle-based video game developer Ember Entertainment.

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The Walking Dead Empires NFTs - early access to the best locations and more

Like Treeverse, The Walking Dead Empires is still in development. Nevertheless, the team behind the game is already distributing NFTs that include Hero Cards, an NFT Crafting Station, a Dead Claim, and other items.

"Unwrap one today to reveal iconic characters from AMC's The Walking Dead. Each pack contains three Hero Cards, one of which is GUARANTEED to match the rarity of the pack," the Hero Cards offer promises. Meanwhile, the NFT Crafting Station allows its owner to create certain types of in-game items that can be used or sold to other players.

A Dead Claim is supposed to give its owners early access to the best locations on the map before the start of the game time, which will otherwise be occupied by other players.

To survive in The Walking Dead Empires, you will need to own a land where you will build your base to defend yourself against both the Walkers and other players who might want to steal their possessions. Furthermore, the gameplay also allows you to fight for domination over other players and build your own empire.

Blockchain gaming market size and other statistics

Udonis' recent research suggests that blockchain games are attracting a lot of interest from gamers, especially those looking for side income opportunities, accumulating crypto assets, and expanding an NFT collection.

Of course, exciting entertainment makes players select blockchain games over traditional games too. Such features as the exploration of virtual worlds and collection of curious items seem to be particularly attractive to gamers.

Most importantly, blockchain gaming has created an opportunity for many gamers to earn a living by playing their favorite games.

Udonis also reports that there were nearly 800,000 blockchain gamers in early 2023, while "in 2022, there were 37 million blockchain gamers – 50% more than in 2021."

Business consulting firm Grand View Research showed that there were 791,000 unique active crypto wallets used for blockchain gaming in the first quarter of 2023. "The global blockchain in gaming market size was valued at $4.83 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 68.3% from 2023 to 2030," Grand View Research said.

As mentioned earlier, Nine Chronicles was one of the most popular blockchain games in early 2023 according to Udonis. Yet, the most played game back then was Alien World, which had 223,000 players. This title was followed by Splinterlands, which had 127,000 players.

Udonis also mentioned Planet IX with 62,000 as well as Upland, which had nearly 21,000 players in the first quarter of 2023.

Note that none of these games belong to the MMORPG genre.

Upland is a real estate game where players can buy and trade properties, while Planet IX is an online NFT strategy game. Although Alien Worlds resembles Sidus Heroes to a certain extent, this game is categorized as a sci-fi metaverse.

Meanwhile, Splinterlands is a collectible card trading game with unique gameplay that combines an auto-battler and a deck-building game.

As the market and community of people playing blockchain games grow, you can expect more exciting NFT RPG and MMO titles to be released in the future!