Android NFT Strategy games like Clash of Clans and more

If you are tired of waiting for the release of Civilization 7, or you just want to try out Android strategies with more advanced gameplay than Chain Reaction, the following titles offered by the Google Play Store might interest you.

A city-building strategy game
NFT games for Android usually incorporate tokens that can be converted into fiat money.

The Google Play Store offers a huge selection of free online games of the strategy genre. Many Android users opt for minimalistic yet entertaining apps like the Chain Reaction game, which can be played with a small group of friends, while others look for more sophisticated apps that resemble iconic strategy games like Crusader Kings 3. While waiting for sequels to legendary strategy games like Europa Universalis 5, Hearts of Iron 5, or Civilization 7, they are working on a Clash of Clans builder base, one of the most popular online strategy games running on Android OS.

But there is more to discover and many recently released games support cryptocurrencies and NFTs that offer play-to-earn functionality to Android users. If the Chain Reaction game is not fun enough for you and you are looking for a Clash of Clans-like experience, it might be the right time to explore NFT strategies for Android.

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Monsterra - Android NFT online games like Clash of Clans

Monsterra, a multi-chain crypto game from Crescent Shine - OLD, has engaged over 300,000 players since the first six months of its release It is one of the top-notch GameFi projects still holding on to its fame.

Monsterra Gameplay
Source: Monsterra Google Play Store

Monsterra is a particularly good choice for players looking for games like Clash of Clans since its gameplay was influenced by this popular mobile strategy. However, unlike Clash of Clans or most other popular strategy titles such as Civilization by Firaxis Games, Monsterra promises to provide its players with opportunities to earn real money.

Monsterra's gameplay

Mosterra is set in a fictional world of mystical creatures known as Mongen.

"Mongens have been around humans forever and humans must learn how to coexist with [them]... They grow and build so strong empires that it is impossible to think of a society without them," the game's developers describe the creatures on the official website.

"Monster Terra is the most prosperous empire raised by five different races of Mongens including Beast, Tectos, Mystic, Celest, and Chaos. It is the beginning of a farming ecosystem, competition and fight," new players get the app's creators welcome to the game. As you can see, the word "Monsterra" is the concatenation of "Monster" and "Terra."

Some of the activities you will enjoy while playing Monsterra are farming, building properties, and plundering other lands. Thus, not only will you have to take care of your farm but also train and raise warriors to expand their empires.

The game offers a whole battle box with four modes to choose from. These are Adventure, Boss Challenges, BattleFront, and Arena. Each of the modes comes with massive rewards and a lot of in-game activities that give you the opportunity to earn some money while having fun.

Although some of the features are paid, you can play Monsterra for free. At press time, the prices of in-app items varied between $0.99 and $99.99. Once you start playing, you will realize that you do not have to spend a lot of time or money to succeed in this game, if you know how to use your troops strategically.

Monsterra's crypto and NFTs

With its clean and easy-to-navigate interface, beautiful graphics, and features that allow players to earn points that can be converted into cryptocurrency, Monsterra attracts not only true fans of mobile gaming but also crypto traders.

The game has its own token MSTR, which is "used mainly for interacting with the Monsterra metaverse, including NFT transaction payments, advanced in-game upgrades, community events, and DeFi utilities." Monterra's developers claim that MSTR has "an innovative dual token model designed to slow down inflation and sustain in-game balance."

At the time of publication, the token was trading at $0.08068, while its market cap was $530,134.

Monsterra allows its players to convert their assets into NFTs. While playing the NFT game itself does not require gas fees, users will have to cover these expenses once they decide to mint their NFTs.

More facts about Monsterra

While Clash of Clans is described by its developers as a strategy game, the information from the Play Store says that Monsterra evolves such genres as "simulation, breeding, casual, multiplayer, competitive multiplayer, single player, stylized." You might also like Monsterra if you have enjoyed playing Clash of Kings and Castle Clash or love participating in the Lords Mobile monster hunt.

The game has been available for Android users since March 29, 2023. Since then, it has already been downloaded over 50,000 times from the Play Store. Meanwhile, the game itself has already been on the market for a year. According to the game's official website, Monsterra uses the BNB, OKX, and AVAX networks and is baked by Huobi Ventures, Salad, and Shima Capital.

To enhance the Web3 experience of Monsterra's players, Crescent Shine - OLD has also launched its own crypto game wallet Moonswallet. The app supports users of the Monsterra ecosystem with the features of "a non-custodial wallet that truly belongs to you" used for token and NFT management.

At the time of publication, the download size of the game was around 130 MB.

Monsterra's Play Store reviews

At press time, Monsterra was rated over 1610 times on Google Play and received a 3.6 rating. The game's visual aesthetics, ease of navigation, user interface convenience, and a wide variety of items to collect and trade were among the strengths highlighted by players. Negative reviews, meanwhile, emphasized the technical problems faced by some players that made the game "unplayable."


Econia is one of the free online games on Google Play in which players can have an exciting experience of building cities, developing businesses, expanding their land, and trading with other players.

Tokens of Econia
Source: Econia

The gameplay itself is nothing new for those who are used to playing such popular titles as City Skyline or Anno games, enjoyed walking through the streets of SimCity, or at least tried any tycoon real estate games and other city builders. Econia will give you the sense of satisfaction that comes from observing how your virtual world is growing and offering more and more benefits to its residents.

The gameplay of Econia

To meet the expectations of different players, the developer Shroom Games has designed Econia as an ancient world that has access to high-end technology, in which your ability to make the right decisions at lightning speed will determine your success in growing the civilization. Besides, you will be unstoppable while making your cities grow, since you will have magic at your disposal.

Since this is a real-world economic simulation, you have to think twice before taking a leap. This will captivate you and give you an intense gaming experience with additional earning opportunities.

While you will be busy building your civilization, the game also allows you to invite other residents to move to your land and work for you. One of the best things about this game is its multiplayer mechanics, and the world you will develop might also attract other players.

Even though this all sounds like a very peaceful experience, you should be careful, since they may try to invade your land and take over your city. The threat can come not only from single players but also from those who have formed alliances and become even more powerful. In addition to war alliances, players can also cooperate to trade. These game features will put you on alert and set off your innate survival mechanism!

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Note that there are two different websites dedicated to Econia that seem to be official, and both redirect players to the same game on Google Play. One of them contains less information and presents Econia as an economic simulator. If you go through the game description, you will see that in most places it refers to another game called WE.Corps. Yet, at press time a game with such a name was not found.

WE.Corps was supposed to be "the first MMO business simulator, where you do not go through a pre-made scenario, but play with other people in an unpredictable world" that combines "the MMO, city builder, strategy and tycoon genres."

The graphics used on the website also differ from the appearance of the game.

In the meantime, the other website seems to be a legitimate place to find information about Econia.

Econia NFT and cryptocurrency

Econia supports both NFT and crypto. As its developers promise, you can "earn crypto by completing tasks" and sell the unique buildings you create as NFTs to other players.

Neutronium or NEUT is the game's token. According to popular crypto aggregator CoinGecko, Neutronium's price was $0.1705 at the time of publication. The platform warned investors about the very low liquidity of the token.

Econia is a play-to-earn game and once a week a challenging contest is announced where you can compete against other players and get the NEUTRONIUM token.

"Every Friday, the competition starts at Econia with a prize pool of 65 NEUT tokens — complete the most orders and win up to 35 NEUT tokens," the game invites players to take part in the special event.

Participation in various game activities also earns NEUT.

While the emission of NEUT is unlimited, the game also has a governance token ECON with a limited pool of 1 billion tokens earmarked for non-game activities such as paying for transactions on the blockchain. So far, you have to convert NEUT to ECON to get this token.

The game's size and price

As mentioned earlier, Econia is free to play, but you can also make in-app purchases. The price of an item ranges from $1.99 to $104.99.

Note that the download size of this game is 194 MB.

Econia reviews

Econia was released in 2022 and has been downloaded over 10,000 times from Google Play. However, according to the website, there are over 50,000 Econia players, which probably includes download statistics from Apple's App Store.

Among Android users, the game received 3.2 stars.

Many users are attracted by the game's appearance and the possibility of earning money. They also find the game very entertaining. Those who were disappointed by the app had serious technical issues which made it impossible for them to play the game at all.


If you are planning to get into the real estate business and want to get a simulated experience, Upland by Uplandme, Inc. is for you. In addition to great fun, this game will help you get into real estate trading that has real monetary value.

Upland map
Source Upland, Google Play Store

The gameplay of Upland

Upland is a blockchain-based Play-2-Earn (P2E) real estate simulation game that allows players to buy, sell, and trade properties set in a unique metaverse with real-world locations and addresses like Haight Street in San Francisco.

According to Upland's developers, the game is "a metaverse super app mapped to the real world that simulates several aspects of life and economy, a sandbox for players to experience activities, build communities and generate value," and a place to connect content to the world and retain true ownership of assets.

Some of the features Upland offered at press time were challenges and contests where winners received valuable rewards, unique items for collecting, creating entire neighborhoods, and developing virtual businesses.

The developers explain, "There is no end game or 'winning' in the traditional sense of a game. In Upland, you explore, earn new assets, build value in your wallet, meet new people, and experience new things – just like in the real world."

After downloading and installing a small 17 MB file, you can start a game that brings new players 4,500 UPX cryptocurrency as a sign-up bonus. After you pick one of the available avatars, you can immediately buy a property. These properties are called in Upland "property parcels" and you will own them in the metaverse.

Tapping on the property will show you its details, including the monthly generated income. In addition to it, you will also get a real-time image of the place when you tap on the street view.

Meanwhile, your avatar will be exploring the metaverse discovering new lands. There are other players (Uplanders) with whom you can negotiate and make deals. Over time, you will try to achieve the status of a real estate tycoon.

Upland can be compared to Venture Valley Business Tycoon, Landlord GO: Trade Real Estate, and Stakeholder Idle Game.

Upland NFT and cryptocurrency

While the game allows players to buy land in the form of NFTs, it also uses various tokens. One of them is SPARK, which is needed to create 3D objects and structures required for property development. In practice, the token is used until the construction of a building is completed.

At the same time, a utility token UPX is Upland's main token, which can be either earned through various gaming activities or purchased with fiat money. You will need UPX to purchase land.

Upland reviews

According to Android users, you do not necessarily have to spend money to successfully play Upland, which they consider one of the game's advantages. However, some players find it quite daunting to develop properties without investing real money, as the process can stretch to months.

While many players find Upland to be an addictive game, they also complain about the "huge learning curve" and the need to go through long tutorials to understand how it works.

Some players also mentioned the problems with frozen accounts during prolonged inactivity.

At the time of publication, Upland's overall rating on Google Play was 3.8 stars, while the game has been downloaded more than a million times.

Pocket Battles: NFT War

Pocket Battles: NFT War by ME2ON Co. Ltd. offers you a slightly different experience from typical city-building strategies, as it is a real battle box with diverse heroes who have different characteristics. You will need to masterfully combine them into troops to bring you victory.

The gameplay and NFTs

The tiles on the screen are the place where you strategically form your troops in the grid. Note that higher combat power alone is not enough in this casual strategy game.

Pocket Battles will fascinate you with its variety of heroes, some of which are regular and others are NFTs. NFT heroes are superior to regular heroes and have additional perks and attributes. You will like the different looks and abilities of the heroes. Whether you choose a hero that appears like a Norse war god, a vampire, a medieval knight, a DC superhero, or even an angry backer, is up to you, but it is the strongest who decide war outcomes.

Prices for in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 per item. The download size of this game was 340MB.

Play-to-earn features

Pocket Battles: NFT War promises to reward your passion for battle strategies with its token, while the game itself is free to play.

The in-game currency of Pocket Battles: NFT War is PKS or Pocket Stone. This currency is earned by participating in game activities, while the game also has the MEVerse Play token (MPL). You can exchange one currency for another. "The initial exchange ratio is 1:1, but can be changed upon the reserves," the game's website states.

According to CoinMarketCap data, MPL was trading at $0.004124 at the time of publication.

Pocket Battles: NFT War reviews

Instead of building your civilization, build a stack of the most powerful NFT heroes. You will love this game if you loved playing with the knights of Degen, eagerly participated in the Battle Boom game, enjoyed Ninneko, or checked out Goblet of Monsters.

In the Google Play Store, the game has received 3.8 stars.

Many players particularly liked the gaming experience of Pocket Battles: NFT Wars and especially the gameplay. Still, there are reports of technical problems. Some of them refer to the ads watching quests that are supposed to bring players more tokens but do not work properly. Other reported issues are poor Internet connection and automatic account removal.

Pocket Battles NFT Wars heroes
Source: Pocket Battles: NFT Wars

Forest Knight

If you are looking for more NFT combat strategies, you could try Forest Knight by Chrono Games. Although the game's official website claims it is "a free-to-play, play-to-earn turn-based RPG for mobile [phones] that features PVP and PVE gameplay modes in a story-driven fantasy universe," Google also classifies it as a strategy.

You might be willing to give this game a try if you are looking for a Final Fantasy Tactics remake, have already memorized all the Chrono Trigger characters, learned all about the Banner Saga Onef, and had fun planning Stage Lands, Shining Force 2, or Shining Force 3.

Note that Forest Knight is primarily designed for the Android OS, but it can be played on a PC with an Android emulator. The download size of the game is 201 MB.

Forest Knight gameplay

You will begin your expedition through the forest game map in the adventure mode, fighting against the reign of Skeleton Master. On your way, you will recruit unique heroes who will support you in your battles with their powerful abilities and powerful items. You will encounter enemies of various forms and levels, including zombies, and mummies. The battles take place on a grid and feature turn-based tactics.

While your hero explores the world, you should not forget to keep an eye on your city, Chronoville, which must be protected from the invaders.

The game also offers a variety of other exciting features, such as battles against other knights in the arena and exploring the underworld.

There is a lot to do in Chronoville, and apart from the already mentioned adventure mode, you can also play the campaign and quest modes.

Forest Knight Marketplace
Source: Forest Knight

NFT and cryptocurrency

"In the realms of Forest Knight, many items are digital collectibles allowing the players full ownership. You as a player can decide what you want to do with them, use them, trade them or combine them," Forest Knight’s developers explain the importance of NFTs in the game. You can visit the game’s marketplace to trade your NFTs, which can be a variety of objects such as weapons, rings, necklaces, and skins.

Prices for in-app purchases offered by Forest Knight vary from $0.99 to $104.99 per item.

Forest Knight also has its governance token KNIGHT, which was trading at $0.007789 at the time of publication.

Forest Knight reviews

At the time of publication, the game has been downloaded over 100,000 times, however, it is still in beta waiting for feedback from early access players.