Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse, and other NFT card games to play over the phone

NFT card games add an extra layer of excitement to traditional card-based multiplayer RPG apps by incorporating play-to-earn functionality.

Heroes of Greek mythology
Large group games, such as multiplayer RPG apps, become even more thrilling when players can trade their in-game items with others.

If you are a fan of games and arcades and have grown tired of clicker games that promise crypto rewards, now you are probably seeking a more satisfying multiplayer experience. Then, it is time to explore NFT card games.

In this article, we will introduce you to two such multiplayer RPG games based on NFT trading cards: Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse, and Splinterlands. As a bonus, we will also provide a review of Karmaverse Zombie, an online zombie war game that incorporates elements from various genres, including puzzle games and survival.

Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse - crypto card games

Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse, also known as EpicHero, aims to establish itself as a prominent player in the world of NFT metaverse games on the Binance Smart Chain Network. The team behind Epic Hero envisions its metaverse as one of the mobile NFT games with an expansive 3D gaming universe, offering players the chance to collect a remarkable set of gaming trading cards featuring various mythological characters as digital collectibles.

As of the time of writing, Epic Hero 3D is available for play through a web browser. Additionally, the Epichero app is available on Google Play, although it is worth noting that this app, developed by Technical Support World, is unlikely to be an official Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse game for Android.

Epic Hero Metaverse gameplay

Playing Epic Hero involves collecting a vast array of heroes from various mythologies, including Greek, Norse, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Egyptian, Indian, and Roman.

Digital trading cards offer players more opportunities than traditional trading cards. These unique NFT trading cards serve as the backbone of your forces, requiring strategic deployment in thrilling battles against other Epic Heroes. Each trading card possesses a unique set of properties, enabling players to employ a combination of summoning, merging, and evolving tactics to build a dynamic army of Collectible Epic Hero Battle Card NFTs.

According to the Epic Hero team, this app is the "first-ever play-to-earn game that rewards its NFT holders with 5% of BNB from token and NFT marketplace transaction taxes." This innovative mechanism allows holders of digital trading cards to generate passive income over time. The NFT marketplace takes physical trading cards into the digital realm, making buying and selling NFT trading cards a more dynamic and profitable experience.

Epic Hero combines mythological richness, strategic gameplay, and a unique play-to-earn model, making it a noteworthy addition to the NFT gaming landscape. Whether you are seeking immersive experiences, and financial opportunities, or simply enjoy the collecting process, it offers something for everyone.

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Epic Hero NFTs and the TOREUM token

NFT trading cards, as well as EPICHERO and THOREUM cryptocurrencies, play a central role in the play-to-earn system of the Epic Hero Metaverse.

According to the official website, EPICHERO and the THOREUM token can be purchased on Thoreum.finance and Pancakeswap.finance. These coins are used for acquiring NFTs and conducting various in-game transactions. It is important to note that trading NFT cards can be done on the dedicated marketplace.

Epic Hero NFT marketplace
Source: Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse

Notably, unlike many other cryptocurrencies associated with desktop and mobile NFT games, which often have relatively low prices, THOREUM was trading at $333.3336 at the time of this writing. The team behind Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse has expressed confidence in the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency's value, claiming that "with AI-Powered Collective Burning, price is increasing day by day and will probably catch ETH this year."

The THOREUM website even features a countdown to the moment when the token may reach the same value as Ether. The THOREUM token has indeed seen significant growth in value, with CoinMarketCap reporting its price to be slightly above $0.02 around two years ago.

CoinMarketCap explains that "the THOREUM token is deflationary, which means that the supply keeps decreasing constantly (to ensure a limited availability) with every transaction. Static rewards are automatically distributed to THOREUM holders."

Meanwhile, the price of another cryptocurrency associated with the game, EPICHERO, was only $0.0007787 at the time of writing.

Epic Hero vs competitors
Source: Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse

Epic Hero 3D NFT Metaverse reviews

At the time of writing, it was challenging to find player reviews for Epic Hero Metaverse, even though the game is actively promoted in the NFT communities.

In discussions below a YouTube video on Epic Hero rewards from the Captain Brando channel, members of the community shared their opinions. According to these comments, Epic Hero Metaverse has the potential to be quite profitable. If these comments are accurate, it seems that owning 10 Demi heroes at the fourth level can yield $110 weekly, while one player reported earning $1,000 within a single week with 19 Genesis and 5 Demi heroes.

However, it is essential to note that such high earnings in the game often require players to invest their own money. The channel also estimates that starting the game may require purchasing NFT trading cards worth at least $100, and it could take 4 to 6 months to see a return on investment in your digital collectibles.

The developers of the NFT trading card game Epic Hero like to emphasize its advantages over Axie Infinity, another popular game among NFT collectors. The game is indeed gaining popularity among fans of NFT trading card collections.


Splinterlands, a game utilizing blockchain technology that is best described as a blend of magic and mayhem, is one of the engaging play-to-earn (P2E) crypto card games. The Splinterlands card game allows you to collect and purchase NFT cards. Additionally, you can trade and even rent digital trading cards, all with real-world monetary value.

Splinterlands gameplay
Source: Splinterlands

Splinterlands - trade NFT trading cards

The gameplay centered around digital assets is fast-paced and action-packed. You have the opportunity to assemble a unique deck of collectible cards to form your NFT collections and deploy your strategic prowess. These distinctive trading cards are known as "splinter cards," which include summoners and monsters, adding a touch of mythology to Splinterlands.

Prior to entering a battle, you select a summoner, which influences the monsters available to you. Then, you choose your monsters, each summoner associated with specific elements such as Fire, Water, Dragon, Neutral, Life, and Death.

The game offers rewards in both cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for in-game activities, including tournaments and more. Splinterlands is available for play on both mobile and desktop, but many players prefer the desktop blockchain gaming version, accessible via a web browser.

Splinterlands Spellbook

Splinterlands hosts regular battles to enhance earning opportunities for its players. It is worth noting that some of the game's earning features are accessible after acquiring the Summoner’s Spellbook, which "unlocks the daily Focus, where you will earn rewards by winning ranked battles with your focus cards."

Splinterlands Open Gameplay
Source: Splinterlands

Splinterlands NFT trading cards and cryptocurrency

Splinterlands incorporates elements of crypto card games and allows players to engage in battles using real NFT trading cards. These trading NFT cards come in four rarity types: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, each differing in various parameters, including:

  • Mana cost;
  • Attack type: Melee, Ranged, Magic;
  • Speed;
  • Armor;
  • Health.

As of the publication date, the Splinterlands library boasted over 500 types of NFT trading cards, with 64 types of abilities available for players to explore.

NFT trading cards can be combined, converted into crypto for trading, sold across various platforms, or rented to other players. The game's website claims to have awarded prizes exceeding $7 million to its players through tournaments.

The primary rewards in Splinterlands are Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). According to CoinMarketCap, DEC was trading at $0.0009219 at the time of publication, with a 24-hour trading volume of $8,454 and a total cryptocurrency supply of 1,000,000,000,000 DEC.

It is worth noting that there is also an associated cryptocurrency known as Splintershards, which was trading at $0.01372 at the time of the press release, as per CoinMarketCap. However, specific information about Splintershards may not be available on the Splinterlands website.

Splinterlands boasts a vibrant marketplace where players can trade, buy, sell, or rent NFT trading cards using USD or other cryptocurrencies.

Splinterlands reviews

At the time of publication, Splinterlands had received nearly 3,000 reviews on Google Play, with over 100,000 downloads. The game received an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars.

One of the game's standout features, appreciated by many players, is the true ownership of each game card, which is distributed as trading NFT cards. Players also find Splinterlands' gameplay appealing, noting its depth in mechanics. Cards come with various abilities, and the game offers diverse play modes, including ranked play, tournaments, and guild brawls, and provides a variety of gaming experiences. The upcoming introduction of land in the game adds even more potential for diversification.

However, players have raised concerns about certain aspects of the application design and the absence of specific system features. Additionally, some players have reported issues with the matchmaking system, particularly regarding matches that appear to result in losses without clear reasons and the absence of a surrender option.

Karmaverse Zombie

Would you love to immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, building up your base, forming alliances, and beating the undead? If this sounds like your kind of adventure, Karmaverse Zombie is the perfect fit for you, especially if you are looking for mobile NFT games.

Unlike the previous two games aiming to expand the experience of collecting physical cards by accessing NFT collections, Karmaverse Zombie does not focus on NFT trading cards, although it supports NFT trading.

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Karmaverse Zombie - multiplayer RPG in the metaverse

Karmaverse Zombie is a multiplayer RPG that can also be played solo. Google Play categorizes it as a casual multiplayer game with elements of puzzle. The game is recommended for players who enjoyed titles like Ninneko, Pocket Battles: NFTs, Clash of Zombies: Zombiecraft, Monsterra: Crypto and NFTGame, Forest Knight - Tactical RPG, and Fantasy Journey: Survival ARPG.

Karmaverse Marketplace
Source: Karmaverse

In Karmaverse Zombie, you enter a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutants. Your primary goal is survival, and you can recruit NFT heroes, each with a unique ability, distinct attributes, and appearance to enhance your gameplay experience. These NFTs can be upgraded, sold, and traded within the in-game marketplace known as the Karmaverse Marketplace. You also have the option to form alliances and participate in challenging competitions.

The game begins with your base already under siege by zombies. Two of your teammates are holding their ground, using their last shots to fend off the horde. As two more teammates arrive, you join forces to combat the relentless onslaught. From this point, you will build and fortify your base, gather resources, level up, train survivors, and more.

Karmaverse Metaverse

According to the official website, Karmaverse Zombie is just one of the games available within the Karmaverse metaverse.

"The KARMAVERSE is a metaverse containing the game worlds of all the games we have produced so far and includes toolboxes for the community to build similar games on our platform. Players - known as Karmanauts - can use NFTs to transfer assets between games or sell them to other players," the game developers explain.

The Karmaverse team has designed this metaverse as "a central hub" for exploring its various worlds. The developers plan to release game universes such as Old West World, Fantasy, Civilizations, Cyberpunk, Space Exploration, and The Far East.

Karmaverse NFT trading card and cryptocurrency

The team at Karmaverse explains that all of their game worlds exist in the same shared multiverse. According to Karmaverse's website, "Some NFTs may be used across multiple games in the network, and the characters the NFTs represent will journey with the player through the Karmaverse."

Token Staking
Source: Karmaverse

The team distinguishes between two types of NFTs: Avatar NFTs and tokens. Avatar NFTs are "public NFTs within KARMAVERSE," that can be used across different games within the metaverse. Players can also create, edit, and trade their avatars.

Tokens, which the Karmaverse team also refers to as NFTs, primarily serve as in-game currency for resources and transactions. Additionally, there are other types of NFT items like Zombies, Fighters, and Ascension items.

One of these tokens is KNOT, which was trading at $0.02457626 at the time of the press release, as reported by the cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinGecko. Information about the token's market cap was not available at the time of publication, but the daily trading volume was estimated to be $27,373. The total supply of this token is 210,000,000.

Karmaverse Zombie Reviews

At the time of this report, Karmaverse Zombie had been downloaded over 10,000 times from Google Play and had an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Karmaverse Zombie is highly praised for its challenging, engaging, and addictive gameplay, along with its unique concept. Players also appreciate the opportunity to earn real money through the game. Furthermore, players mention developers’ engagement and commitment. According to some reviews, the Karmaverse team provides players with compensation during maintenance interruptions, which demonstrates their dedication to the player community.

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While the play-to-earn aspect is highly valued by many players, some users have found the earning claims to be somewhat misleading. It is common for play-to-earn games to offer modest financial rewards, but some players feel that the game's actual earning potential falls short of what was advertised.

Additionally, the game has faced criticism for having a pay-to-win element. Some players believe that spending real money is necessary for success in this game.