Where to look for a job in web3?

Perhaps you’ve seen the growing interest in web3 and Metaverse development and are ready to turn your career around. If yes, these ten platforms to land your next web3 job are a must for you.

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Although most crypto companies slowed down their hiring spree due to the looming crypto winter, and some were even forced to lay off employees to reduce operational costs, some roles are still in demand. According to Helen Hai, Binance Head of Europe and UK, the global demand for blockchain developers is up by 300-500% yearly, so people with a solid technical background wouldn’t be left unemployed for long.

However, it’s not just tech professionals who are hunted by web3 startups. There are plenty of non-technical jobs available, too, such as technical writers, HRs, marketing specialists, designers, and others. So, what are the best websites to search for web3 and crypto jobs?

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering whether you possess the right skills to start a career in the new digital industry, you may want to check our guides on the best crypto jobs for both technical and non-technical specialists.


Remote3 is a great website to find a remote web3 job. In the world of crypto, the project’s team is often dispersed across the globe, so most employers do not require you to be physically present in the office. That means you’re free to work from any location, exploring the digital nomad's lifestyle or staying within your country. The employers range from industry leaders like Binance and Coinbase to early-stage startups, and job offerings are grouped by the skillset and location. The website also has a helpful and informative blog with plenty of advice on how to set your first steps in web3.



She256 is a non-profit organization committed to increasing diversity and breaking down barriers to the blockchain space. Though it’s not a dedicated job platform, she256 presents many opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities in web3, including hackathons, coding boot camps, mentorships, and workshops. And the job board can also come in handy, as it features only equal opportunity employers, plus you can filter jobs by company size, location, and functions.


Web3 Career

A solid platform where you can find most of the job offerings from the industry-leading companies in blockchain, crypto, web3, and metaverse. The Salaries subpage is helpful if you want to compare different positions by medium income, seniority, and location. The website also has a separate category for entry-level non-tech, designer, and developer jobs, which is a friendly improvement for crypto newbies.



Thirdwork advertises itself as the best platform that matches web3 freelancers with employers. For clients, the website offers to find the top talent for their project in less than 48 hours plus handles paperwork like contracts, NDAs, invoicing, and payments. And for the freelancers, Thirdwork promises matches with the best companies in web3, along with a supportive community of like-minded professionals. However, to register as a freelancer on the platform, one must fill out the form and join the waitlist.



Kleoverse is a website aggregating all open projects and enables new talents to find jobs in web3. The platform hands out NFTs to visualize an individual’s contribution to the web3 projects, thus creating an on-chain CV. The freelancers can work on their terms, contributing to as many DAOs as they want and collecting NFTs and crypto bounties as rewards for their work.



Gitcoin is a platform where you can collect bounties for working on open-source software in Python, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Design, and more. If you’re a beginner in web3, contributing to Gitcoin projects may be a good option to master your skills and build a portfolio. You can easily explore available bounties on Issue Explorer, fill in a short form and start working when your application is approved. Once your work is reviewed, you’ll get paid. However, Gitcoin isn’t just about money: it’s also a perfect chance to network with other web3 enthusiasts and support meaningful projects that make an actual difference in people’s lives.



Crypto Jobs List is a leading job board for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs, and its clients include Ethereum Foundation, Zcash Foundation, ConsenSys, OKEx, Huobi, Binance, ByBit, PayPal, BIS, Dune Analytics, and many more industry-leading companies. The platform provides detailed job descriptions, plus there’s an excellent subpage to benchmark your salary against similar roles.


Crypto Jobs Daily

Crypto Jobs Daily is a niche job board for the web3 and crypto industry that aims to connect the right talent with employers on one simple platform. There you can save and track your jobs and create personalized job alerts to receive curated job emails once or twice a week, filtered by location and functions.



UseWeb3 is a platform for developers to explore and learn about web3 technologies. It offers many resources, like tutorials, courses, books, videos, or code challenges that will educate you about core concepts and fundamentals. And it got great job listings too, although the focus is mostly on technical roles.


Crypto Jobs

Crypto Jobs is a simple yet helpful website for web3 jobs. The listings can be filtered by categories, skills, and location. The Learn subpage is a good aggregator of various how-tos, event announcements, and career tips.


Bottom line

The web3 is growing rapidly, presenting a near-infinite number of opportunities for those who demonstrate curiosity and a willingness to learn every day. Freelancers and full-time workers, techies and humanists – a burgeoning industry is open for everyone, offering not only lucrative employment but a chance to be a part of the next industrial revolution.

The job boards above are a good starting point for entering web3 but do not disregard the power of networking. Crypto Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels can get you your dream job as well, and all you need to do is to be genuine and actively involved in the community. We wish you good luck and much fun on your web3 journey!