Star Trek Funko NFT Drop Doesn’t Make It - Almost 50% Burnt

While the previous drop of Transformers Funko Pop NFTs was a sheer success, over half of the Star Trek NFT packages were destroyed

Star Trek New Generation Funko NFT collection
Source: Funko,

After celebrating a truly successful drop of its recent NFT collection dedicated to the Transformers franchise, Funko rolled out its new Star Trek digital collectibles. Unfortunately, the Star Trek Funko NFT drop failed to match the triumph of the Transformers Funko Pop NFTs, which sold out completely. In fact, the performance of the Star Trek drop was the opposite, with almost 49% of the collectibles burnt, repeating the misfortune of one of the most overlooked Funko NFT collections dedicated to the Squid Game TV show.

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Yesterday, shortly after the end of the drop, DisTrackers, the X account posting Funko news, reported that 19,298 Star Trek NFT packages had been destroyed. Technically, this indicates that 53.6% of all packs remained unsold.

However, Funko Pop NFT collections come in two types of packages, each containing different numbers of collectibles: a Standard pack with five NFTs and a Premium pack with seventeen NFTs. For the Star Trek drop, Funko provided 18,000 packages of each type. Thus, the total amount of burnt NFTs was lower than 49%.

Although this statistic shows slight improvement, it still suggests that the drop failed to spark significant interest within the community. For comparison, Funko reports that nearly 5,080 collectors purchased its Transformers Season 2 NFTs, based on Droppp Marketplace data alone, whereas Star Trek Funko Pop NFTs was purchased by only 2,760 collectors from the Droppp Marketplace at the time of publication.

Star Trek The New Generation hot Funko NFTs
Source: Funko,

Meanwhile, the inaugural series of Star Trek Funko Pop NFTs, released on November 30, 2021, enjoyed much more enthusiasm within the community, swiftly selling out. Royalty Freddy Funko, Legendary Klingon, Scotty, Captain Kirk, and the revered Grail Spock were among the exclusive physical figurines offered to Star Trek NFT collectors.

For some time, the details about the recent Star Trek drop remained undisclosed. Initially, when news about the new collection leaked in mid-February, it seemed that the toy manufacturing giant might be preparing to launch the second wave of the digital Star Trek collection.

However, whenFunko officially announced the date for Star Trek, it became apparent that the new set of NFTs revolved around the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV show and should be considered a brand-new collection. Still, fans of the legendary TV series had to wait a few more days before Funko finally unveiled the long-awaited pictures of physical figurines, redeemable for collecting sets of Grail, Legendary, and Royalty NFTs.

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The Star Trek: The New Generation Funko NFT collection includes five physical counterparts. The Royalty collectibles depict Freddy Funko as Locutus of Borg, with Funko planning to release 2,600 figurines of this type.

The Legendary figurines feature Worf, Wesley Crusher, and Captain Picard, with 2,400 physical collectibles of each type set to be released.

Finally, the rarest figurine will showcase Grail Judge Q, with only 999 figurines of this type available.

"The initial pack sale has already ended, but you can still shop the Droppp Marketplace for digital collectibles," Droppp stated at the time of publication. According to this platform, at press time, prices for a Standard pack started from 12.19 USDC and 32.90 USDC per Premium pack. The website also reported that Epic Judge Q traded for a minimum price of 10.38 USDC, with Epic Captain Picard, Wesley Crusher, Worf, and Deanna Troi among the hottest NFTs in the collection.

The snapshot for the Star Trek: The Next Generation Funko NFT collection will be taken on July 10, 2024, at 11 AM PT. Before that time, you still have a chance to earn redeemable tokens for collecting a Grail, Legendary, or Royalty set of NFTs. The redemption window closes in August 2024, while the estimated time for the delivery of physical collectibles is Q4 2024.