NFT Drops Radar: Kaleido Faces, Goblinator Oddities, and Fair Collection

Delve into an exclusive and ever-expanding NFT universe and explore a selection of fantasy, minimalist, and trippy art featured in the ongoing and upcoming drops.

Ongoing NFT drops
Goblinator Oddities brings the exclusivity of NFT drops to the next level by revealing the artworks only to the holders of an NFT pass.

Every day, the world of art welcomes a constant stream of new NFT collections, a testament to the boundless creativity of both seasoned artists and enthusiastic newcomers to the NFT space. The sheer volume of ongoing NFT drops makes it pretty challenging to explore this expansive universe of creativity and investment opportunities. The aim of this NFT drops radar is to guide you through this labyrinth of innovation and this time, it will introduce you to the three latest collections of truly remarkable art.

Each of these collections is a unique and captivating world in itself. You will encounter a set of minimalistic abstract geometric art pieces, a realm of dark fantasy art that beckons to the adventurous, and a vibrant, colorful world of pop surrealism art that defies traditional boundaries. These collections are designed to pique the interest of art connoisseurs, attract investors seeking new opportunities, and entice NFT traders looking for the next big thing in the digital art landscape.

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Kaleido Faces

Kaleido Faces is a collection of NFTs that resonates with people who appreciate the aesthetics of funky art. This set of artworks corresponds perfectly with retro pop culture and psychedelia and features a set of portraits with a touch of trippy art. Notably, the artist used an exceptionally rich and sophisticated color palette. Each smile within this collection unravels a spectrum of colors, perfect for brightening up even the gloomiest day.

Kaleido Faces NFTs
Source: Kaleido Faces, OpenSea

These playful NFTs minted on Ethereum through the Foundation app are brought to you by Pandagenix, "a pseudonymous collector, art teacher, concept artist, and AI explorer."

The presale started on OpenSea today and is followed by the public sale launched tomorrow. Some enthusiastic collectors have already acquired presale NFTs. Altogether, there are 50 NFTs in the Kaleido Faces collection, with a floor price of 0.0035 ETH worth $6.28 at press time.

Goblinator Oddities NFT exhibition and drop

Have you ever felt that many NFTs out there look quite similar, with nothing really standing out and sometimes overwhelming details? Goblinator Oddities are definitely not one of them.

The Goblinator Oddities NFT collection emerges from the eerie side, taking you on a mind-boggling journey into the world of an anti-hero character from a comic book. Crafted by the talented Remo Camerota, this creation gazes directly into your soul. It is a gem for comic enthusiasts and fans of action and thriller films.

Goblinator Oddities
Source: Goblinator Oddities, Nifty Gateway

As the arch-enemy of the caped crusader Gobman, the one you can rely on when it comes to keeping the streets safe, Goblinator is a character that stands out. Gobman is the beacon of hope when no one else can take down the Goblinator.

In Remo's world, Goblinator was created to thwart Gobman and prevent him from becoming a hero and more. This comical story unfolds in the Goblinator Oddities, available for purchase during the digital exhibition and NFT drop launched yesterday and will last until the end of October. To participate in the event, you will need to purchase the Goblinator Oddities NFT pass.

There are a total of 60 unique 1/1 Goblinator Oddities. The NFT pass will automatically update as the exhibition concludes, revealing one of the 60 unique pieces created by Remo. The pass is priced at $95.00 and can be purchased using a credit card, ETH, Nifty Gateway balance, Gemini Balance, or through the Buy Now, Pay Later scheme.

Nifty Gateway explains that holding a REMO’s Goblinator Oddities pass "will allow you to receive benefits others don't have," which include "NFT airdrops, invitations to enter Remo physical art shows, signed books, and any other oddities that pop out of his brain."

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Fair Collection

If you are a fan of minimalist art or see a particular investing potential in generative works, you may want to keep an eye out for the Fair Collection, which is launched today.

The Fair Collection offers an exceptional set of 1313 unique minimal landscapes created by the team from WHAT IF LAB which offers art aficionados a fresh perspective on the past, present, and future.

The team of developers, researchers, and artists has taken a contemplative approach to engage your thoughts with 21-star constellations. This collection serves as a reminder of how our ancestors have observed the stars throughout history, how we continue to do so, and how future generations may connect with these magnificent minimalist NFTs that are meant to endure.

Fair Collection NFTs
Source, Fair Collection, OpenSea

The Fair Collection is an NFT tribute that blends contemporary minimalism with ancient art welcoming modern philosophers, collectors, developers, and enthusiasts, to collectively embark on a journey through generations of humans on Earth.

The floor price of the pieces in this collection is 0.013 ETH, equivalent to 23.12 USD at press time with a creator fee of 3%. The NFTs are minted on Ethereum.

The What If Lab initiated its journey in September 2022 to change the future for the benefit of all generations. With this mission in mind, they ventured into the realm of blockchain to facilitate scientific research aimed at improving the Earth's environment and humanity.