Happy Halloween 2023 NFTs Are Set to Repeat the Success of Funkoween 2022

Last year, Funko's collectors celebrated Halloween with an epic set of NFTs dedicated to Warner Bros.' horror films, while this year's celebration revolves around digital Funkoween collectibles.

Funkoween NFTs
Source: Funko, droppp.io

Whether you are a serious Funko collector or simply enthusiastic about Funko NFTs because you love NFTs in general, you will be pleased to know that the renowned manufacturer of awesome collectibles is working diligently on its new set of NFT trading cards to make October 31st a truly Happy Halloween.

Funkoween 2022 was a three-day event held between May 17 and 19 that unveiled the scariest Funko Pop news, featuring Halloween-themed figurines. In other words, it was a celebration marking the halfway point to Halloween when Funko announced the release of more than 190 items across nearly 29 toy series.

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In addition to the release of a massive physical collection, Funko also launched a Warner Bros. horror-themed set of NFTs for last year's Halloween celebration. Some of the NFT trading cards in this collection featured Malthus with Annabelle, the Nun, Regan from The Exorcist, La Llorona with a veil from The Curse of La Llorona, Michael Emerson from The Lost Boys, Pennywise with spider legs from It, and Freddy Funko as George from It.

In line with the company's active NFT marketing, the Funkoween 2023 edition has gone online. On October 20, Funko announced its very first Funkoween NFT collection, which will be available for purchase starting on October 31st at 11 AM PT.

Halloween Funko NFT images have not yet been revealed. Most likely, the company will adhere to its traditional WAX NFT drops, where it distributes five NFT trading cards featuring animated characters from iconic cartoons, films, TV shows, and video games in a Standard pack, and fifteen cards in a Premium pack.

It is also highly probable that Funko is preparing a set of exclusive physical figurines that can only be obtained by earning a Redemption Token, granted to the owners of Royalty Sets of NFTs.

WB Horror Funko NFTs
Source: Funko, droppp.io

In the meantime, less than a week ago, Funko released its most recent NFT collection dedicated to one of the most classic movies of all time - the Back to the Future trilogy.

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The collection included 45,000 NFTs, distributed in two options: a five-card Standard pack priced at $9.99 and a fifteen-card Premium pack offered for $29.99. At press time, when the initial sales were already over, the floor price for a Standard pack was $14.00, while a Premium pack was nearly $50.