Student Coin premiers the film “How crypto changes entertainment”

The 20-minute short film made in collaboration with Coinpaper explores the future of entertainment and how web3 technology will create new experiences that are immersive and interactive.

Screenshot of the film

The film, which is meant to solidify Student Coin’s pivot to community education, is targeted at a broad audience of people who are mostly unfamiliar with crypto and web3 industries but curious to learn more about the emerging technology and opportunities it provides.

Why are younger generations moving away from traditional forms of media and entertainment in favor of personalized and immersive experiences in web3? What the future of NFTs could look like, and why do we need them? How will Metaverse impact our real-world relationships? These and many more questions are covered in the “How crypto changes entertainment,” equipping viewers with knowledge that is easy to digest and comes in handy in today's increasingly digitized world.

You can watch the film here. Please share your feedback in the YouTube comment section!

The film features two guest experts — Dr. Aleksandra Przegalinska and Chris Perdek — who offer insights on how the emerging industry will change our world and share their opinion on the future of Metaverse and NFTs.

In a film, Dr. Przegalinska, a renowned Polish futurist and Research Fellow at MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence, shared her perspective on Meta’s foray into the metaverse and the future of virtual reality. Meanwhile, Chris Perdek, who is the CEO of NFT startup Uniqly and holder of several blue-chip NFTs (BAYC, CryptoPunk), gave a sneak peek into the glamour of elite NFT clubs.

Guest experts Dr. Aleksandra Przegalinska and Chris Perdek. Image: Student Coin
Guest experts Dr. Aleksandra Przegalinska and Chris Perdek. Image: Student Coin

Student Coin noted that the film is just a part of its broader plans to provide the community with quality education on all things crypto. As the project put it, “We consider this a starting point covering many topics that will be elaborated on later within the STC Educational Panel.”

The panel, which comes as a revamped STC Academy, will go live in the coming months with the aim to build a comprehensive catalog of educational resources on blockchain, NFTs, trading, and more. The platform will have numerous quizzes for students to brush up their knowledge and challenge their learning, and a section of premium content for subscribers with exclusive interviews from industry experts.

Living up to its name, Student Coin has recently announced its pivot to EdTEch. In a new whitepaper released on November 3, the project announced it will shift its focus from academic collaboration to broad community education, which is said to be mostly due to academia’s general wariness towards the crypto industry.

Legacy education institutions “have a very conservative and restrained attitude towards activities that are not fully regulated by law, as they do not undergo procedures and are perceived as risky,” the whitepaper stated.

"Our vision is still to educate people about the blockchain technology, to spread the values of crypto assets, and to build the business and fundamental value for STC token holders," CEO Wojciech Podobas said at the time.

Under the new vision, Student Coin reinvented its STC Academy platform and introduced new divisions within the company, namely STC.XYZ, an umbrella holding that takes care of the Student Coin's vision, STC Token development, and the whole STC Ecosystem, and Logium DEX, a peer-to-peer crypto options trading platform.

“As the industry is changing so quickly, we believe that education is the most powerful weapon with which one can change the world for the better. We continue to educate ourselves to scale our ecosystem and improve our products while keeping up with the pace of change — financial, legal, and technological,” Maja Synowiec, Student Coin VP, said to Coinpaper.