What is Student Coin? The platform and STC token, explained

The future will be tokenized, and STC aims to spearhead the change.

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Launched in 2019, Student Coin is an Ethereum-based platform that allows users to build and manage personal, startup, NFT, and DeFi tokens with many custom features. As the token economy is booming, the Student Coin team set an ambitious goal: to enable anyone to create their own token without any previous experience in blockchain or coding. The community of the project already counts over 290,000 members from 36 countries. STC token trades on several exchanges, including KuCoin, Uniswap, and BitGlobal. You can also buy STC tokens directly on the Student Coin website.

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Unlike other similar projects that offer token-building services, Student Coin went a step further. It doesn’t simply mint some tokens for a fee but provides a comprehensive ecosystem that allows you to harness the full potential of your token. So let’s take a closer look at what exact products Student Coin offers for organizations and individuals.

STC Terminal

If you want to create your token with the help of the Student Coin platform, STC Terminal is where your journey starts. It’s a simple tool with an intuitive interface that allows you to create your token and specify its properties like name, symbol, price, initial supply, cap, and ability to burn tokens or mint new ones. Currently, the supported standard is ERC-20 which keeps track of fungible tokens, ensuring that all minted tokens are of equal value and none of them have any special rights. However, the roadmap includes adding the NFT option in the future. For now, STC Terminal supports Wallet Connect or Metamask accounts, but the team promises to add STC Wallet integration soon.

STC Wallet

The STC Wallet is meant to be a core of the Student Coin ecosystem. With its help, users can easily perform trades on the STC Exchange when it’s finally launched. The wallet owners also receive seasonal airdrops of STC-based and partner tokens. Additionally, it allows users to stake STC coins at a flexible rate and earn a share of platform transaction fees. Apart from ongoing STC Terminal and Wallet integration, the team plans to add soon fiat deposits and withdrawals.

STC Exchange

The launch of the STC Exchange, which is what the team is currently working on, will undoubtedly become an important milestone for project development. The Student Coin team claims the exchange will stand out by its modern and user-friendly design, suitable both for newcomers and experienced traders. Developers also promise to deliver easy integration for emerging native coins, advanced market-making API, and trading features. For users, it means they will be able to launch ICO straight from the platform. Their tokens will be listed on the STC Exchange with the STC trading pair and will be available on the STC wallet on mobile devices. And that’s the good news since the waitlists on many exchanges are depressingly long and have many requirements. The STC Exchange will make ICO less complicated and more startup-friendly.

STC Academy

Student Coin Academy is a comprehensive educational platform that allows crypto newbies to make their first steps on the market. It provides high-quality courses on blockchain, digital assets, new technologies, and investing. As more and more crypto enthusiasts join the market, a Student Coin team hopes Academy will promote tokenization and crypto-assets usage and raise the new generation of tech-savvy investors. In the future, STC Academy plans to expand the number of covered topics and put more effort into building the community of students and scholars around the platform.

STC Token

Although STC Token doesn’t exactly fall under the category of “product”, the review would be incomplete without mentioning its role in the ecosystem of the Student Coin. STC serves as a reference currency for all operations within the network. By holding STC, the investor is basically holding a fraction of every token ever created on the Student Coin platform. And apart from being a payment option, STC also serves as a utility token, allowing holders to influence strategic decisions made in Student Coin through voting in polls. The amount of STC determines the weight of the user’s vote.


The project, hailed as the hottest ICO of 2021, has already built a strong team of developers and a supportive community. In August 2021, the project reached a record-high market cap of over $58 million. But the future looks even brighter for STC. With some major pivots introduced with the updated whitepaper, Student Coin aims to further explore the market of educational tokens while bringing real value to its stakeholders. The biggest objectives ahead of the team are the development of the co-created decentralized exchange and expanding its educational hub with original, high-quality content around blockchain and web3. Many experts anticipate STC to enter the Top 300 in the upcoming year.

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This article features products developed by Student Coin, which also runs Coinpaper.