SolChicks: the leading P2E game on Solana with three ways to earn crypto!

SolChicks is a play-to-earn (P2E) MMORPG fantasy game that brings together crypto, NFTs, and metaverse to offer an immersive and interactive adventure.

SolChicks game battle art
Image: SolChicks white paper

SolChicks is a play-to-earn (P2E) MMORPG fantasy game that brings together crypto, NFTs, and metaverse to offer an immersive and interactive adventure. It is ranked as the #1 NFT games free to play and earn money on Solana, with over 70k users playing the demo version. The game is owned and developed by Catheon Gaming.

SolChicks IDO (Initial DEX offering) took place on December 13, 2021, across an unprecedented 35 launchpads with more than $55 million raised to date.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the history of SolChicks and its tokenomics.

What is SolChicks game?

Imagine that you are a SolChick, a fictional warrior species of chicks inhabiting planet Chicco. For generations, they lived without strife and interference from the outside world by harnessing the power of the Solarium Seeds, which are scattered across different planets of the universe.

But the peaceful era came to an end when a group of scholars discovered that under certain extreme conditions not found on planet Chicco, Solarium Seed fragments can be transformed into a vessel of darkness known as the Lunaris Crystal. Although the Council of Elders was quick to ban the unethical research on Lunaris Crystals, the renegade group of chicks who called themselves the Enlightened continued their experiments and were ultimately banished from society. Resentful of their forced exile, the Enlightened-turned monsters summoned the Darkfangs and invaded their native planet to get revenge on the chick community and get their hands on the unlimited supply of Lunaris Crystals. Being caught off guard, the Chicks had to retreat to the other planet through the portal opened by a powerful faerie. Planet Mellow became their new home, where Chicks rebuilt their heritage and befriended its native inhabitants.

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On the new planet, Chicks organized their society in a Spartan fashion and established a biannual festival called The Proving to remind them of their past and select the strongest warriors to join The Braves, a dedicated group of Mellow defenders.

The story of your Chick begins at The Proving, where you compete with other participants for the chance to join The Braves. But the time is running out, and there are unsettling rumors that a secret dark cult is recruiting SolChicks to collect Lunaris Crystals. What’s worse, Darkfangs’ Lunaris Crystal reserves are running out, and it’s just a matter of time before they land on the planet Mellow...

How to play SolChicks

To begin with, your played character is a unique NFT avatar that represents one of five rarity tiers. You can choose from 10,000 Gen0 SolChicks NFTs. The more characters (NFTs) you own, the bigger rewards you can expect if their value increases over time. The SolChicks NFT can be bought and sold on multiple marketplaces such as OpenSea, Magic Eden, Solanart or SolSea. To access the game, you can either buy SolChicks NFT or rent it from a SolChick scholarship platform.

What makes the SolChicks game fun and unique is that two SolChicks NFTs can produce offspring. To breed new Chicks, you should pay a fee with $CHICKS and $SHARDS, which are two native SolChicks tokens. To keep things more natural, you would first receive a SolEgg NFT, which will take five days to hatch into a new SolChicks NFT.

You can choose from three types of gameplay to explore the SolChicks metaverse:

Solchicks PVP Mode

In this multiplayer mode, you will pit your character against other SolChick. Before the battle, you can select your SolChick hero and equip it with armor and other items to maximize its performance. The victory will earn you SolCoins and boost your ranking (MMR, Matchmaking Rating).

SolChicks PVE / Adventure Mode

This is the main game mode, in which you explore the planet Mellow and complete various in-game quests to improve your skills and earn SolCoins rewards. In contrast to PVP, or player versus player mode, in player versus environment mode, gamers usually battle against computer-controlled opponents. Within each chapter of SolChicks PVE, there are around 10 zones, each representing a different location within the planet.

In Adventure Mode, the story progresses through dialogs that are centered around the plot and often contain crucial information about the opponents’ key strengths and weaknesses. For those who want to make quick progress, there’s also an option to skip dialogs entirely and just head straight for the battle.

SolChicks PVE / Raid Mode

In PVE Raid Mode, multiple players band together to take down the raid boss. The game boasts innovative mechanics that would make a fight against the boss challenging even for most experienced players. At the end of each SolChicks chapter, there will be a final boss representing the main villain of the chapter.

Whichever game mode you choose, you will be rewarded for in-game achievements with different tokens.

Chicks token

There are 3 different types of tokens in the SolChicks game. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

$CHICKS is a governance token you should hold if you want to breed SolChicks. You can earn the chicks token as a reward through weekly leaderboard/MMR rankings. $CHICKS trades on various exchanges, including DigiFinex, Jupiter, and

$SHARDS is a utility token that can be earned by SolChick NFT holders in the mini-game “Dungeon Escape” if they choose to play with their SolChicks NFT. $SHARDS tokens can be used to breed SolChicks and upgrade weapons in the main game. $SHARDS is listed on Radium.

SolCoin is a SolChick coin that rewards players for completing battles, challenges, and other in-game quests. SolCoins cannot be traded on external exchanges but can be used as an in-game currency to purchase weapons, armor, and skins.

What is SolChicks token?

SolChicks token ($CHICKS) is a Solana-based governance token that can be earned for participating in SolChicks in-game activities and is used for breeding new chicks from two NFTs that you already own. As of November 2022, the publisher of SolChicks, Catheon Gaming, launched the Catheon Gaming token ($CATHEON), a Polygon-based governance and utility token that inherits all of the utility of $CHICKS plus additional utility across the Catheon Gaming ecosystem of 25+ games. Holders of $CHICKS prior to the launch were able to swap to $CATHEON on a 1:1 ratio.

$CATHEON price

As of today, the Catheon Gaming token price is $0.0015.

Is $CATHEON token cheap or expensive? It depends on what you compare it to. You can either compare it with other Solana play-to-earn games such as Genopets ($GENE) or with $CHICKS price in the past.

The best way to check the current and historical price of the Catheon Gaming token is to type “catheon coinmarketcap” in your browser. You should see a link to CoinMarketCap on the first position of your search engine results page.

How to buy CATHEON

There are two different ways to buy Catheon Gaming tokens. The easiest and the most fun way to own $CATHEON is to earn them in the SolChicks game as a reward for participating in quests and adventures.

However, if you want to access the game or just want to invest in the SolChicks project, you can buy them directly on several exchanges, which include QuickSwap,, MEXC, or DigiFinex. The list of marketplaces where you can purchase the $CATHEON token is available in the “Market” section on CoinMarketCap after you search for “Catheon” in the platform’s browser.

Our POV on SolChicks

To be honest with you, we became completely enamored with the SolChicks management team as well as the game itself. We reached out to the CEO of SolChicks and Catheon Gaming, William Wu, who answered immediately and was ready to talk about the project. William studied at the Wharton School of Business (#1 in the world) and then started his career at McKinsey. His commitment and kindness towards us were unbelievable, especially considering the long-lasting bear market, which can easily spoil the mood. The majority of the management team are crypto-natives with impressive experience in both the gaming and blockchain industries. The game itself is superb, too.

When you think about play-to-earn NFT crypto games, the first things you imagine are poorly developed mechanics, predatory in-game purchases, and terrible aesthetics. But SolChicks is different. The team behind the game made a great effort to build an impressive fantasy universe with compelling lore. The gaming activities are well-thought-out and can be really addictive (be careful!). With its charming and eye-pleasing visuals, SolChicks can be considered one of the best and most promising Solana play-to-earn games.

The project’s roadmap is available on its official website, with the second beta version of SolChicks Saga expected to launch in Q1 2023, followed by the full game release. We just can’t wait to try it ourselves, so don’t call the police in case we go black for a while!

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