32% of Philippino workers ready to quit their jobs to play NFT games full-time

Roughly one in three respondents said they are ready to resign if playing NFT games would provide for their living, according to the Balthazar report.

A stock photo featuring a girl wearing VR goggles and holding NFT hologram.

Balthazar, an NFT gaming platform, has recently conducted a survey among its Discord community of 1,103 members who are predominately from the Philippines. One-third of the respondents admitted they were ready to quit their workplaces for NFT gaming, while 59% said they would play games full-time and continue working side jobs. To make NFT games their prime source of income, 65% of respondents would need to earn a minimum of $42 on average.

“I’m not surprised by these findings because, just like us, our community is incredibly excited about the future in NFT gaming and the potential earning opportunities offered through Balthazar. They love play-to-earn games and many are ready to quit their other jobs to play NFT games instead, as they could potentially be earning the same, if not more from playing NFT games,” said Balthazar CEO John Stefanidis.