Adobe Behance users can now display Solana NFTs on their profile

The platform announced artists can connect Phantom Wallet to their accounts.

A stock photo featuring a hand holding a smartphone with NFT marketplace.

Initially, Behance, a global platform for artists to showcase their creative work, displayed only Ethereum minted NFTs. Starting from today, users can display Solana artwork with the help of Phantom, a Solana-friendly wallet built for DeFi and NFTs.

By adding Solana to its infrastructure, Behance addresses artists’ concerns about high energy usage and costly transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain. An average cost for a Solana transaction is $0.00025, while Ethereum gas prices fluctuate widely depending on transaction volume, and can even reach $100.

One transaction on Solana consumes 1,837 Joules, which is as little as two Google searches. Meanwhile, an Ethereum transaction requires 692,820,000 Joules, equivalent to burning six gallons of fuel.