Yuga Labs’ metaverse to be stress-tested ahead of launch

Otherside’s first experience, dubbed First Trip, will undergo two major stress tests this week, Yuga Labs said. But holding an Otherdeed is not the only prerequisite.

An eerie swamp in Texas

Holders of Otherdeed for Otherside, the digital plots of land in Yuga Labs’ metaverse, have been invited to join two trial sessions to stress-test the current state of Yuga Labs’ metaverse. With the first one starting tomorrow, and the second one coming on Saturday, the trials are designed to identify the flaws in the code before the first experience, which Yuga Labs labels as First Trip, goes live in mid-July.

The digital infrastructure Otherdeed holders are to test was created by Improbable, a UK-based metaverse tech company. Last month, the tandem released a sneak peek of the experience. In the preview, an ape runs around an eerie land and catapults itself on a jump pad. No additional teasers were added with the invitation to the trials.

To participate in any of the two sessions, users will need at least one Otherdeed in their wallet. According to OpenSea, at the time of writing there were approximately 34,500 holders for a total of 100,000 digital land NFTs Yuga Labs minted. The floor price of Otherdeeds currently sits at 2.77 ETH.

“The load test will start at 3,000 players and increase in 1,000 player increments every 2-3 minutes,” Yuga Labs said in a tweet announcing the events. The staged capacity is likely to result in waiting times for users to get in.

Both the trials and the First Trip scheduled for mid-July will only be available to Otherdeed holders in Europe and North America. Despite a private livestream being set up for those in other regions, and all Otherdeed holders in both trials and the livestream promised rewards, some expressed disappointment.