The Triumph of the WB Horror Funko Pop NFT Series 2 Drop - Fewer Than 2% of Collectibles Remain Unsold

Following the failure of its recent My Little Pony NFT collection, Funko has successfully sold almost all of its WB Horror digital collectibles

A nun in a horror movie
WB Horror Funko Pop NFT collectors can now complete their Royal, Legendary, and Grail sets required for obtaining exclusive physical figurines

Fans of Warner Bros. horror movies recently celebrated the launch of the second edition of the Funko NFT collection, showcasing beloved characters from films like The Nun 2, The Lost Boys, Annabelle Comes Home, and more. While some collectors hoped for a broader film coverage in the collection, the release of the new NFTs can be considered a success, with fewer than 2% of all digital collectibles remaining unsold, and subsequently being burnt.

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Distrackers, the X account dedicated to Funko news, reports that only 1,323 Standard packs remained unsold during the drop. The collection was quite large, with a total of 21,000 Standard packs, each containing five items, and 17,000 Premium packs, each comprising seventeen NFTs. This results in a total of 6,615 unsold NFT cards out of 394,000 digital collectibles available for purchase, accounting for nearly 1.68%.

This drop marked a significant improvement compared to the release of the second wave of the Funko My Little Pony NFT collection on April 16. Despite the success of the first drop, which sold out all collectibles, Series 2 saw a considerable number of unsold packs, with a total of 73,831 NFTs burnt.

WB Horror Funko Pop NFTs
Source: Funko, Droppp

Unfortunately, Funko's attempt to replicate the success of another recent drop dedicated to April Fools’ Day, which had a smaller inventory, failed to salvage the situation for the My Little Pony collection. Even the enthusiasm expressed by many fans of the franchise for exclusive physical figurines like the Grail Daybreaker My Little Pony toy was not enough to rescue the drop.

Now, WB Horror Funko NFT collectors still have time to acquire the trading cards they need to complete sets and receive a Redeem token necessary for obtaining a physical figurine.

The physical figurine set for this drop includes 2,200 Royalty collectibles featuring Freddy Funko portrayed as Father Karras from the iconic film "The Exorcist." The Legendary figurines in this collection represent four chilling characters: the Goat Demon from "The Nun," Pazuzu from "The Exorcist," Black Shuck from "Annabelle," and the Accordion Monkey from "The Conjuring," each with 1,900 figurines.

The rarest physical counterpart in this collection is the Royal Ferryman from Annabelle, limited to a mere 999 figurines.

"Funko reminds collectors not to forget to acquire a Grail, Legendary, or Royalty Set before the inventory snapshot to claim exclusive physicals," adding that the inventory snapshot will be taken on August 28 at 11 AM PT. While it will still be possible to trade WB Horror Funko NFTs, they will not contribute to your Grail, Legendary, or Royalty sets, which are required for earning Redemption Tokens.

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Funko adds, "Redeem your Redemption Tokens within 30 days before they expire on September 27th, 2024, at 11:59:59 PM PT." Meanwhile, the shipment of physical collectibles is scheduled for Q4 2024.

At press time, the price of a Standard pack, previously valued at $9.99 before the drop, has increased to a minimum of 11.98 USDC, whereas Premium packs, valued at 29.99 USDC before the drop, were sold for at least 37.82 USDC.

Meanwhile, Funko is gearing up for the next NFT drops. It is already known that the upcoming collection, scheduled for May 14th, will be dedicated to Funime and Cosplay. This drop will be followed by the launch of the Scooby-Doo Funko Pop NFT Series 2 collection.

The Funime and Cosplay Funko Pop collection is expected to be an exciting event in the Funko community as it will introduce a unique feature previously unseen in Funko's NFT releases: the Mythic package. Unlike the typical Standard and Premium packages, which contain five trading cards and seventeen NFTs respectively, the Mythic package offers collectors the chance to acquire a guaranteed Mythic Digital Pop along with 29 random Digital Pops. Notably, the Mythic Digital Pop is eligible for redemption for the highly coveted 10" Battle Mech Freddy Funko Pop.

The Mythic packages will be rather limited and quite expensive, with only 499 packs available for $129.99 each.

Additionally, Funko enthusiasts can look forward to the upcoming Scooby-Doo NFT collection, marking the second wave of the beloved franchise's digital offerings following the sold-out success of the initial drop.