Funko Announces Funime and Cosplay NFT Drop Featuring New Mystic Packs

Funko is set to unveil a fresh NFT package for the upcoming drop — a Mythic pack valued at $130, boasting an increased number of cards

Funime and Cosplay Funko Pop
Source: Droppp, Funko

While fans of WB Horror movies eagerly await the release of Series 2 of Funko’s NFT collection, the legendary toy manufacturer has announced a new set of digital collectibles dedicated to funime and cosplay. This brand-new NFT collection is set to launch on May 14th at 11 AM PT.

"Awaken your inner hero with the Funko Funime and Cosplay Digital Pop! Ddop," Funko invites collectors to participate in the upcoming drop.

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According to DisTrackers, the X account dedicated to Funko news, the upcoming drop will unveil a unique feature that Funko enthusiasts have not encountered before. This time, alongside the Standard packages containing five trading cards and Premium packs including seventeen NFTs, collectors will also have the opportunity to acquire a Mythic package.

Battle Merch Freddy Funko
Source:, Funko

As per the official Droppp announcement, a Mythic pack "includes a guaranteed Mythic Digital Pop! and 29 random Digital Pop." Droppp explains that "The Mythic Digital Pop! is eligible for redemption for the 10" Battle Mech Freddy Funko Pop." However, DisTrackers states that there will be thirty cards in a Mythic pack. Judging by the picture of this figurine shared by DisTrackers on X, it is safe to assume the figurine will glow in the dark.

This special package will be priced at $129.99. The prices of regular Standard and Premium packages have not yet been published on the Droppp website. However, during recent drops, the packages were priced at $9.99 and $29.99 respectively.

According to DisTrackers, there will be 22,500 Standard packages and 22,500 Premium packages, whereas the number of Mythic packs will be limited to only 499.

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Many collectors have been captivated by the physical figurine featuring Battle Mech Freddy Funko, expressing their intention to participate in the drop to acquire one of these figurines. Despite some members of the community finding the price of the Mythic package rather steep, many collectors are excited about the rarity of the Freddy Funko figurines of this size, pointing out that such pops have not been available in recent years.

Meanwhile, some users on X have voiced concerns about the Droppp queue system, which determines the order in which packages are distributed. These collectors are concerned they may not be able to acquire one of the packages due to their rarity.

DisTrackers emphasizes that this specific physical redeemable is an addition to the traditional set of physical counterparts and is specifically categorized as Mythic. Additionally, there are expected to be other Legendary and Grail figurines in the set.

Certain X users have calculated the value of the Battle Merch Freddy Funko figurine, estimating it at $70. User Imhigh024 explains that this price is derived from the fact that two Premium packs are sold for $60, while "the extra $70 is for the limited piece count of 499 redeemables."

According to DisTrackers, the Funime and Cosplay NFT collection will be followed by the release of Scooby-Doo NFTs. This marks the second wave of the collection dedicated to the beloved franchise. The previous edition, launched on March 29, 2022, enjoyed tremendous success and was sold out completely.

The NFT trading cards released during the Scooby-Doo Series 1 drop featured characters such as Scooby-Doo dressed as a superhero, The Ghost of Redbeard, Witch Doctor Soda, Charlie the Robot, Snow Ghost, Captain Cutler, Fred, Spooky Space Kook, and others. According to the Arodie blog dedicated to collectibles, the set of exclusive physical figurines released for the 2022 Scooby-Doo drop was inspired by some of the NFTs and included Scooby-Doo in a superhero costume, Snow Ghost, The Ghost of Redbeard, Charlie the Robot, and the Soda figurine featuring the Witch Doctor image.

The exact details of the new wave of the Scooby-Doo collection are currently unknown.