WB Horror Funko Pop NFT Series 2: Haunting Classics Return with a Chilling Twist

While collectors are eagerly anticipating a brand-new set of physical figurines designed for the upcoming drop, they would prefer to see more WB horror characters featured in the collection

WB Horror Funko Pop NFT Series 2 collection
Source: Funko, Droppp.io

Following a less-than-stellar reception of the My Little Pony Funko Pop NFT collection on April 17, which had only 61% of its collectibles sold, the toy manufacturer is gearing up to unveil its new NFTs inspired by classic WB horror movies. This marks the second wave of the collection that made its debut during the Halloween celebrations in 2022. The release date for the WB Horror Funko Pop NFT Series 2 is set for April 30 at 11 AM PT.

Despite the lukewarm response to the My Little Pony Funko Pop NFT collection, which was relatively limited with only 7,000 Standard packages and 8,000 Premium packages, the collectible manufacturer has opted to significantly expand the number of digital assets for the upcoming drop. In total, the collection will include 21,000 Standard packs, each with five items, and 17,000 Premium packs, each featuring seventeen NFTs.

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While the full lineup of animated NFT trading cards for this drop is yet to be unveiled, Funko has already shared some sneak peeks. Collectors can expect digital assets featuring the Goat Demon from The Nun 2, Regan and Pazuzu from The Exorcist, Vampire David from The Lost Boys, as well as The Ferryman and Black Shuck from Annabelle Comes Home.

WB Horror Funko Pop NFT Series 2
Source: Funko Pop Hunters

In addition to the digital offerings, the second wave of the WB Horror Funko Pop NFT collection will introduce new physical figurines. Funko explains, "These physical collectibles can be acquired by holding specific Digital Pop!™ in your inventory prior to the collection’s snapshot."

Funko continues, "Exclusive limited-edition Funko physical collectibles have been crafted specifically for the WB Horror x Funko Series 2 release." The toy manufacturer adds, "Acquiring a Grail, Legendary, or Royalty Set will earn you a Redemption Token to claim the corresponding physical counterpart."

In total, the second edition of the WB Horror Funko Pop NFT collection will feature six distinct types of physical collectibles. The toy manufacturer plans to produce 2,200 Royalty figurines showcasing Freddy Funko as Father Karras from The Exorcist. The Legendary figurines will highlight four characters: Goat Demon from The Nun, Pazuzu from The Exorcist, Black Shuck from Annabelle, and Accordion Monkey from The Conjuring, with 1,900 figurines of each Legendary type.

Notably, The Ferryman from Annabelle, limited to just 999 figurines, stands as the rarest "Royal" physical figurine in this exclusive set.

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As is often the case with recent Funko’s NFT exclusives, this time collectors have mixed feelings about the upcoming drop.

On the one hand, many in the community feel that the physical figurines are "better than expected." When Funko initially announced the WB horror movies it planned to feature in its latest collection, there were concerns about potential similarities with the physical figurines from the 2022 edition. That collection included figurines of haunting Malthus, the tormented priest Father Karras, the Crooked Man, the chilling Pennywise, and the sinister Nun, among others. Freddy Funko was also part of the set, portraying George from the iconic Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Despite collectors expecting similar figurines, the physical collectibles in the upcoming NFT collection appear to be quite unique, sparking curiosity within the community.

However, many collectors agreed on the limited range of films represented in the WB Horror Funko Pop NFT Series 2. "Fully 2/3rds of these figures are from the overrated Conjuring Expanded Cinematic Universe," commented user Seeemmeffell, echoing a popular sentiment.