My Little Pony's Daybreaker: The Rarest Funko Pop and Other Figurines of Series 2 NFT Collection

Funko has decided to release a much smaller number of NFT packages for the upcoming drop, totaling 8,500 Standard packs and 8,500 Premium packs

My Little Pony Funko Pop NFT Collection
Source: Funko,

Funko has revealed the details of its upcoming My Little Pony Series 2 NFT collection, set to be released on April 16. Fans of the franchise are eagerly anticipating the physical figurines designed exclusively for the NFT drop, led by the Grail Daybreaker My Little Pony toy, the rarest Funko Pop collectible in Series 2.

"Limited edition Funko physical collectibles have been designed exclusively for the My Little Pony x Funko Series 2 release," the official website states, explaining that "Collecting a Grail, Legendary, or Royalty Set qualifies you for a Redemption Token to redeem the physical counterpart."

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Recently, Funko's design choices for its physical figurines have sparked controversy among collectors. Some collectors have noticed significant similarities between the exclusive, redeemable figurines and past physical collectibles sold by Funko. The distinctiveness of these physical counterparts is a key attraction for those investing in Funko NFTs. However, such resemblances are raising questions about the true exclusivity of the redeemable items, making them less desirable for collectors. Consequently, this also impacts Funko NFT drops.

Daybreaker Funko Pop exclusive figurine
Source: Funko,

Despite these issues, the new wave of My Little Pony Funko Pop NFTs has been received positively by fans of the franchise. The community particularly appreciated the addition of the King Sombra figurine, representing the royalty item in the collection. Funko plans to release 2,000 figurines of this type.

Another physical collectible gaining particular attention is the Legendary Applejack figurine, with its release limited to 1,700 pieces.

As previously mentioned, the rarest Funko Pop collectible in Series 2 will be Daybreaker, with only 999 figurines of this type set to be offered to the community. The collection also includes another Legendary My Little Pony toy featuring Princess Twilight Sparkle. Similar to Legendary Applejack, Funko is set to provide 1,700 figurines of this type.

According to the Arodie blog dedicated to Funko news and collectibles, the physical figurines released for the first edition of the My Little Pony collection on June 28, 2022, included toys such as Sunset Shimmer, Queen Chrysalis, Princess Luna, Maud Pie, and Rarity.

This time, the animated NFT trading cards available for the collection will feature beloved franchise characters such as Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Daybreaker, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy. As usual, Funko will distribute the NFTs in two types of packages: Premium packs containing seventeen items and Standard packs containing five items.

Interestingly, Funko has opted to keep the number of packages limited this time. This decision might have been influenced by the success of the recent April Fools' Day collection, which saw a complete sellout of its 7,000 Standard packages and 8,000 Premium packages.

Similarly, the upcoming My Little Pony collection will offer only 8,500 Standard packs and an equal number of Premium packs. This is unlike some of Funko's larger collections, such as the Harry Potter Funko Pop NFTs, which surpassed a total of 60,000 packages.

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The redemption window for this collection opens on August 14th at 11 AM PT. As Funko states, "a snapshot of your inventory occurs, and if you qualify, Redemption Tokens will be deposited for redemption."

Funko further explains, "For every Grail, Legendary, or Royalty Set in your inventory, you will receive a Redemption Token to redeem within 30 days for the physical counterpart." They also note that if you manage to collect one of these NFT sets after the scheduled snapshot, you will not be eligible for a Redemption Token. To ensure your items are captured in the snapshot, it is recommended to refrain from opening packs or transferring items for at least an hour before and after the snapshot time.

The shipment of physical figurines from the My Little Pony Series 2 NFT collection is scheduled for Q4 2024.

Meanwhile, Funko is preparing for the second edition of its WB Horror NFT collection. The exact date of the drop has not yet been announced.