Wave 2 of Favorite Collections: WB Horror Movies and My Little Pony Funko Pop NFTs

Funko aims to replicate the success of its two early NFT collections that sold out completely in 2022

A creepy clow riding a pony
Collectors are hopeful that Funko will unveil truly distinctive designs of WB Horror exclusive physical collectibles

March brought both triumph and challenges to the renowned toy manufacturer, Funko. With the three NFT drops organized by the company this month, the company’s NFT business operations ranged from the highly anticipated success of a complete sellout for series two of the Transformers Funko Pop NFT collection to a significant setback when almost 50% of its digital collectibles dedicated to Star Trek were burnt.

Yesterday, DisTrackers, an X profile specializing in the latest Funko Pop news, shared a newsletter email sent to Funko’s subscribers. In this email, the company unveiled two upcoming drops scheduled for April, which seem promising so far.

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One of them would be Series 2 of the My Little Pony Funko Pop NFT collection, which was first released in June 2022. This was one of Funko's early NFT collections that completely sold out during the initial drop, and its success may be the reason why Funko decided to dedicate another set of digital collectibles to the beloved franchise.

According to Arodie, the platform dedicated to collectibles featuring pop culture, the debut release of My Little Pony Funko NFTs provided collectors with an opportunity to acquire several types of physical figurines. The four legendary physical Funko Pops included Maud Pie, Luna Princess, Chrysalis, and Sunset Shimmer. Additionally, Rarity stood as the exclusive Grail Funko Pop in this collection.

My Little Pony Funko Pop NFTs
Source: Funko, Droppp.io

The redeemable figurines featuring favorite My Little Pony characters were distributed at the beginning of 2023. However, it is still possible to purchase the NFT trading cards from the collection.

According to Droppp.io, some of the most popular items in this set include Royalty Freddy Funko as Spike Roy, Legendary Princess Luna, and Epic Princess Celestia. For those looking for truly exclusive NFTs, Drop.io still has a 1 of 1 silver-colored Freddy Funko Spike valued at 2,800 USDC and the same NFT in golden colors for 2,000 USDC.

Another collection planned for April is Series 2 of NFTs dedicated to the characters from classic horror movies from Warner Bros. Interestingly, the inaugural WB Horror collection was released during the Halloween season of 2022, whereas this year, the collection is planned as one of the spring releases.

The first wave of the WB Horror NFTs also enjoyed great success, captivating horror fans with exclusive physical collectibles representing iconic characters such as Malthus, The Nun, Father Karras, The Crooked Man, and Freddy as Georgie. The addition of the chilling Pennywise with his eerie spider legs distributed in a brand-new horizontal Funko package also garnered a lot of attention from the community.

While the delivery of the physical collectibles from WB Horror Series 1 was completed last year, NFTs are still available for purchase. According to Droppp.io, some of the most popular items include Legendary Pennywise with spider legs, Royalty Freddy Funko as Georgie, and The Legendary Crooked Man. Droppp.io also offers two truly rare 1 of 1 NFT trading cards from the collection: Max Tokenhead priced at 2,200 USDC and Freddy Funko as Georgie for 1,800 USDC.

According to DisTrackers, Funko's emails also listed the WB horror characters that might be featured in its upcoming NFTs. These include It, It Chapter 2, The Conjuring 2, Curse of La Llorona, Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, The Exorcist, The Lost Boys, and The Nun.

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Although the news about this particular collection has excited some Funko and horror fans, many in the community are skeptical about the success of this collection despite its large fan base. This skepticism is natural because the list of films chosen for the new drop seems quite similar to that used in the inaugural collection. As a result, it is quite possible that the new exclusive physical collectibles will bear a strong resemblance to the collectibles released in 2022.

Unfortunately, such similarities are one of the major issues commonly raised in the case of Funko's physical collectibles. The lack of diversity in figurines intended to be exclusive often diminishes the appeal of NFT drops for many collectors, who primarily see them as a chance to acquire unique physical figurines.

In the meantime, prices for NFTs from the March collections have significantly increased, particularly for the successful Transformers collection. At press time, the price of a Premium Pack reached almost 41 USDC, while a Standard pack was sold for at least 13.54 USDC.

For the Star Trek Funko Pop NFT collection, the minimum price of a Standard pack was 13.48 USDC at press time, while a Premium pack was sold for at least 39.84 USDC.

Interestingly, the prices for Standard packs of the Star Wars Funko Pop NFT collection are higher than those of the more successful Transformers collection, reaching almost 14 USDC. However, the minimum price for a Premium pack was significantly lower as it traded at 36.94 USDC at the time of publication.