Terra Whistleblower Exposes Wallets, Holdings

FatMan took to Twitter to share Do Kwon’s alleged shadow wallets, as well as accusations that led Delphi Digital to threaten legal action.

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FatMan, the pseudonymous Twitter sleuth who sparked controversy with revelations about Terra’s handling of the network’s crash, has suggested that Terraform Labs and Do Kwon amassed 42 million LUNA despite claiming that their wallets would be removed from the airdrop whitelist.

The wallets ascribed to Do Kwon himself totaled 28.8 million LUNA, which at the time of writing was worth over $145 million. The three wallets FatMan said belonged to the TFL held 14.1 million LUNA, the equivalent of $71 million. FatMan stopped short of providing evidence that the assets were part of the airdrop, but alleged that Do Kwon had used his shadow wallets to help his Terra revival proposal pass the governance vote, even as he assured the community that the TFL was not going to participate in the vote at all.

In a separate tweet, FatMan accused Delphi Digital, a blockchain data company and prominent member of the Terra community, of “conspiring” with Do Kwon to “insider trade their own tokens and hand out preferential allocations for personal profit.” After Delphi threatened legal action over the tweet, FatMan softened his tone, saying that there was currently “no *hard* evidence that Dephi was *directly* involved.”

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Over the weekend, the new LUNA token again dropped well below the $6 to $7 territory and reached sub-$5 levels.