NFT Drops Radar: Upcoming Release of New Funko NFT Trading Cards

The new Funko Pop NFT collection features beloved characters from the 1996 Space Jam film.

Space Jam Funko NFTs
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Following the recent release of the NFT collection celebrating Funko’s unique Fantastik Plastik collection, the popular toy manufacturer is preparing to launch a new set of NFT trading cards.

"The squad's all here! We are thrilled to announce that our next drop is Space Jam x Funko Series 1 Digital Pop!, on Tuesday, February 20 at 11 am PT," the official Droppp X account announced on February 9.

This time, the digital collection's theme is Space Jam, the first film produced by Warner Bros. Feature Animation, released in 1996. This classic American animated sports comedy film directed by Joe Pytka brings together basketball legend Michael Jordan and the iconic Looney Tunes characters.

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Funko has decided to center its latest collection around the original Space Jam film rather than the 2021 standalone sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring LeBron James. In all likelihood, the manufacturer of collectibles chose not to develop an NFT collection for the recent film since it failed to replicate the commercial success of the original movie.

While dedicated Funko and Space Jam enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the collection's launch, some members of the collectors' community express skepticism regarding the chosen theme, citing relatively low interest in the Space Jam movie, particularly among younger generations.

Bugs Bunny physical figurine
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Funko typically releases its animated NFT trading cards in two variations: Standard and Premium. Historically, the company distributed an equal number of Premium and Standard packs, usually around 42,000 in total. However, the Space Jam Funko NFT collection is expected to be smaller, comprising only 40,000 items. Additionally, Funko intends to offer more Standard packs (25,000) than Premium packs (15,000) this time.

The disparity between the packs lies in the number of items they contain. The Standard pack includes five NFTs for $9.99 during the initial drop, while the Premium pack offers seventeen items for $29.99.

Notably, collecting a Grail, Legendary, or Royalty set of NFTs grants collectors the opportunity to receive a Redemption Token, which can be redeemed for an exclusive physical figurine. This aspect of the Funko NFT drop is particularly enticing for many collectors, as these unique physical counterparts are exclusively available to NFT collectors.

According to the Droppp website, Funko plans to release 2,300 Royalty figurines featuring Freddy Funko as a Tune Squad Player, along with four Legendary figurines: M2 (Purple Monster), Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Bugs Bunny. Funko is ready to distribute 2,000 physical collectibles of each type. Additionally, the Grail figurine, the most sought-after collectible, will feature Swackhammer with Nerdlucks, with only 999 figurines available.

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While Droppp has shared descriptions of the physical collectibles, it is important to note that these figurines are not final, and the actual items distributed to collectors may vary.

Meanwhile, the prices for Harry Potter NFT trading cards, released on January 23, have surged. Initially priced at $9.99 for a Standard package and $29.99 for a Premium package, the current minimum price for a Standard pack was 17.07 USDC at press time, while for a Premium pack, it was nearly 53 USDC. In comparison, Squid Game NFTs, released before the launch of the Harry Potter collection, have seen only a slight increase in price, with a rise of nearly $2.47 per Standard pack and $2.61 per Premium pack. Similarly, prices for NFT packages featuring Fantastik Plastik are comparable, set at 12.89 USDC per Standard pack and 33.40 USDC per Premium pack.