OKX acquires “substantial” holding in Everdome’s metaverse

The exchange wants to use Everdome to run interactive educational experiences, including with McLaren and Man City.

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Source: OKX

OKX acquired 37 plots of land in the Technology and Innovation district of Everdome, a hyperrealistic metaverse project driven by Ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technologies. The exchange signaled that it intended to give away five of their plots, but no details on that matter have yet been shared.

Everdome is mostly addressed to corporate clients looking to showcase and sell their products, hold long-distance business meetings, and leverage the metaverse as an interactive social space. At first glance, it’s designed to resemble an elegant shopping mall, except it’s inspired by Mars.

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OKX announced it would use their newly acquired digital land to run “interactive fan experiences” with partners including McLaren and Manchester City Football Club. The strategy is meant to promote crypto, and OKX itself, among sports fans. OKX is not the first company to buy a large share in Everdome, with the Alfa Romeo F1 team and Tenset investment company sitting on equally big plots in different districts, and numerous other companies occupying smaller lots.

Partnership with OKX appears to extend beyond the purchase of digital land. The exchange is already listed as one of Everdome’s primary sponsors, and Everdome’s main page links out to OKX for those looking to trade the project’s native token, DOME.