Disney Funko Pop NFTs Coming Soon

Fans of animated Funko NFT will get a chance to participate in an upcoming WAX NFT drop and get collectibles featuring their favorite characters from the Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Disney Funko Pop NFT
Source: Funko, Droppp.io

The popular toy and collectible manufacturer, Funko, has been relatively silent about its plans for new WAX NFT drops. Previously, the community enjoyed releases of new Funko NFT collections every two weeks, on average. However, after the launch of a set of digital assets featuring the Powerpuff Girls aesthetic images on November 14, Funko took a slightly longer pause than usual before announcing the upcoming WAX NFT drops.

Finally, the company shared the details about the new collection with the community. On December 12, the company begins the drop for an NFT Funko Pop Disney collection dedicated to Mickey and his friends.

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"Purchase packs by joining the queue a few minutes before the sale begins on Dec 12th, 2023 at 11 AM PT for a random place in line," Funko invites collectors to participate in the drop which will be traditionally organized on the Droppp.io Marketplace. The initial prices for NFT packs stand at $9.99 for a five-item Standard Pack and $29.99 for a fifteen-item Premium Pack. There will be 21,250 packs of each type available for purchase.

Minnie Mouse Funko Pop figurine
Source: Funko, Droppp.io

The NFT Disney Funko Pops represent animated images of favorite characters from cartoons about beloved Mickey Mouse, including Goofy, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Pluto, Pete, and, of course, Minnie Mouse.

Similar to previous Funko WAX NFT drops, collecting digital assets will give you a chance to claim a unique physical figurine.

"Limited edition Funko physical collectibles have been designed exclusively for Disney's Mickey and Friends: Funko Digital Pop! Series 1 release," Funko states, explaining that "Collecting a Grail, Legendary, or Royalty Set qualifies you for a Redemption Token to redeem the physical counterpart."

Funko has already revealed a set of physical collectibles on the Droppp platform. However, it reserves the right to provide collectors with products that may vary from the ones shown on Droppp.io at the time of publication.

If there are no changes in Funko’s plans regarding its physical collection exchanged for a Redemption Token, the most widespread type of figurine will be the Royalty Mickey Mouse. So far, Funko plans to provide 2,500 figurines of this type.

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Pete figurines will be classified as Legendary, with 1,800 items available to collect. Similarly, a figurine of Goofy is also planned as Legendary, with 1,800 available to claim. Additionally, both Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are planned to be provided as Legendary.

Meanwhile, only 999 Minnie Mouse Grail figurines will be available.

Altogether, Funko has prepared six types of physical collectibles.