New Funko NFT Drop: The Powerpuff Girls

Funko has recently unveiled a new collection of animated NFT trading cards set to launch on the WAX blockchain later this month.

Funko NFT Powerpuff Girls
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Funko, the renowned toy company famous for its cult collectibles featuring celebrities and characters from beloved films, cartoons, video games, and comic books, is further expanding into the world of NFT trading cards. The toy manufacturer has just announced an upcoming WAX NFT drop that will showcase a collection of animated Funko NFT trading cards featuring beloved characters from The Powerpuff Girls TV show.

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The captivating adventures of iconic characters, created by animator Craig McCracken and produced by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network Studios, have inspired this upcoming collection, set to launch on November 14 at 11 AM PT. Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Princess Morbucks, The Mayor, and Fuzzy Lumpkins are just a few of the characters featured on your Funko NFT trading cards. Notably, these cards display animated images, giving them a unique touch that physical collectibles cannot replicate.

If you have not had a chance to claim any of Funko's digital collectibles in the numerous WAX NFT drops, it is worth noting that the NFT trading cards come in two types of packages. For $9.99, you can purchase a Standard Pack containing five NFTs, while for $29.99, you can become the owner of a Premium Pack, which includes fifteen NFTs. There are 21,250 packages of each type available, resulting in a total of 22,500 Funko NFTs in this collection.

Which package is better?

It is challenging to provide a straightforward answer to this question since the prices of a single NFT in both Standard and Premium packs are nearly identical. However, by assembling a Grail, Legendary, or Royalty Set, which includes one of every Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common Funko NFT, you can earn a Redemption Token. This token qualifies you for redeeming a physical collectible.

In total, Funko offers six types of physical collectibles, which feature the main characters from The Powerpuff Girls TV show: Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, along with Mojo Jojo, Professor Utonium, and a Mojo Jojo figurine of Freddy Funko.

The official NFT drop webpage mentions that "Limited edition Funko physical collectibles have been designed exclusively for The Powerpuff Girls x Funko Series 1 release." However, Funko says that the actual products may differ from the images of the physical collectibles displayed on its website.

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Funko NFT Halloween

Meanwhile, avid collectors of Funko's epic collectibles had the opportunity to celebrate Halloween with the release of the Funkoween collection. Following the success of Funkoween 2022, a three-day event held from May 17 to 19, Funko has ventured into the digital realm with Funkoween 2023.

The Proto as a Zombie physical collectible
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The Funkoween 2022 event showcased a spooky array of Halloween-themed Funko Pop figurines, with over 190 items spanning nearly 29 toy series. This marked the halfway point to Halloween, and fans eagerly anticipated the eerie releases.

This year, the digital Funkoween was announced on October 20, and the WAX NFT drop started on October 31.

The Funkoween NFTs gained significant popularity among Funko collectors, with prices for NFT packs reaching 18.22 USDC for a Standard pack and 52.43 USDC for a Premium pack at the time of writing. Many of the Funko NFT trading cards in this set feature Freddy Funko as a zombie, taking on various characters such as a zombie hero, zombie knight, and even a zombie surfer.

You still have the chance to collect items from the Funkoween set. The inventory snapshot is scheduled for February 28, 2024, at 11 AM PT. This means you still have an opportunity to earn your Redemption Token and claim a physical figurine.

The list of exclusive physical collectibles waiting for their owners includes:

  • Freddy Funko as Zombie Samurai;
  • Freddy Funko as Zombie Gunslinger;
  • Freddy Funko as Zombie Knight;
  • Freddy Funko as Zombie Ninja;
  • Freddy Funko as Zombie Pirate;
  • Proto as Zombie.

Prior to the release of its successful Funkoween NFT collection, Funko also launched digital collectibles dedicated to the timeless classic, the Back to the Future trilogy. This collection featured 45,000 NFTs in two options: a five-card Standard pack for $9.99 and a fifteen-card Premium pack for $29.99. The floor prices for these packs surged after the initial sales reaching 17.79 USDC per Standard Pack and 53.88 USDC per Premium Pack.