Eddie Munson Funko Pop and Other NFTs Featuring Stranger Things Characters

If you happen to miss out on the digital Stranger Things Funko Pop NFTs, which are one of the most highly anticipated collections from the iconic toy company, let's delve deeper into these collectibles showcasing your beloved characters.

Stranger Things Funko Pop NFTs
Source: Funko, droppp.io

For all the Funko collectors and fans of the nostalgic Stranger Things series, in case you missed it, the world of NFTs has made its debut in the realm of Hawkins. As collectors gear up for an upcoming Funkoween WAX NFT drop, which is part of Funko's traditional Happy Halloween celebration, it is worth taking a moment to revisit one of the most coveted Funko NFT collections featuring the beloved Stranger Things characters.

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Since the release of the first episode of Stranger Things on Netflix in 2016, NFT fans have eagerly awaited the moment when their favorite characters would step into the world of Web3. The exciting launch of the inaugural digital Stranger Things NFT set became a reality on July 13, 2023. Enthusiasts when enthusiasts rushed to seize the opportunity to obtain physical Funko Pop figures by collecting and opening numerous Stranger Things Funko Pop NFT packs.

Whether your heart belongs to Eddie Munson, Steve Harrington, Robin Buckley, Max Mayfield, or Erica Sinclair, there is something for everyone in the Stranger Things NFT collection. Even if you are not particularly into Season 4 of the series, the collection is still worth it.

The highly-awaited crossover has finally occurred, and the stars of Stranger Things have made their mark in the NFT universe. This opens up an exciting opportunity for collectors to obtain NFT renditions of iconic characters such as El, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Nancy, Hopper, and many more. These NFTs are more than just digital collectibles. They represent a whole new dimension of the Stranger Things universe to explore. Are you ready to embark on this Eleven-worthy journey? Let's explore the collection in more detail.

Stranger Things Funko Pop Hot NFTs
Source: Funko, droppp.io

The Stranger Things Funko Pop NFTs and exclusive physical collectibles

So, how does this all come together? You build your collection of digital Funko Pops by opening packs purchased through droppp.io or acquired on a secondary marketplace. Alternatively, you can look for a particular type of Stranger Things Funko Pop NFT your collection misses.

NFThive was one of the places where the Stranger Things Funko Pop NFTs were still offered in their original packs at the time of publication. On this platform, the prices for a Premium pack began at approximately $39, while a Standard pack was available for a minimum of $12.75.

To unlock the door to physical collectibles, you must assemble a set of Grail, Legendary, or Royalty NFTs, which makes you eligible for a coveted Redemption Token. A Royalty Set is comprised of a combination of Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Funko NFTs. You need to keep track of them to confirm your qualification for a Royalty Set.

On November 10, 2023, at 11 AM PT, a snapshot of your inventory will be taken. For every Grail, Legendary, or Royalty Set in your possession, you will receive a Redemption Token with a 30-day window for redemption. Be cautious, as Funko recommends to avoid opening packs or transferring items for at least an hour before or after the snapshot time to ensure your items are included in the snapshot. Once your redemption process is complete, you will receive a tracking link, and your limited edition physical collectibles will soon be on their way to you.

Stranger Things Funko Pop Redemption Token
Source: Funko, droppp.io

Interestingly, many collectors have their sights set on the Eddie Munson Funko Pop NFT, often overlooking the other characters, including the dragon. It seems the poor dragon is losing the battle against Eddie Munson being a little bit underrated in the eyes of collectors!

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The Stranger Things Funko Pop NFT rarity - a closer look

As has already been mentioned, The Stranger Things Funko Pop NFTs have different rarity types. Arodie, the platform dedicated to pop-culture collectibles, has posted detailed statistics related to the digital Stranger Things Funko Pops including their rarity types, templates, odds of unpacking, and total circulation.

Common NFTs

Common NFTs, as the name suggests, are the most abundant. In other words, these are the Stranger Things Funko Pop series regular NFTs widely accessible to buyers. Altogether, there are 41 unique templates featuring the characters from the TV series and a nearly 50% chance of unpacking one of the common collectibles with Steve Harrington, Mike, Henry, Ray, Will, Nancy, or Eddie. Around a month after the drop, there were 373,893 common Stranger Things Funko Pop NFTs in circulation.

Uncommon NFTs

Uncommon NFTs strike a balance between accessibility and scarcity. There are 29 unique templates, and the odds of unpacking one are around 27%. This rarity type boasts a total circulation of 203,000, with each unique template averaging 7,000 in circulation.

Rare NFTs

The odds of unpacking a rare Stranger Things Funko Pop NFT were almost twice lower than they were in the case of uncommon NFTs - 14.13%. There are 20 templates used for the rare collectibles. The total circulation stands at 106,000, and each unique template averages 5,300 in circulation.

Stranger Things Funko Pop on NFThive
Source: NFThive

Epic NFTs

Epic NFTs take the rarity of the Stranger Things Funko Pop NFTs to another level. With only 15 templates, the odds of unpacking one drop to 7.2%. The total circulation is 54,000, and each unique template is held by approximately 3,600 collectors. These NFTs are truly unique and challenging to come by.

Legendary NFTs

The Legendary Stranger Things characters NFTs are the cream of the crop, with only 4 unique templates. The odds of unpacking a legendary NFT are a mere 1.6%, making them highly coveted. The total circulation stands at 12,000, and each unique template is owned by just 3,000 lucky collectors.

Grail NFTs

Grail NFTs are the rarest of the rare, with just one unique template which makes them literally the Holy Grail of the digital Stranger Things Funko Pop collection. The odds of unpacking a grail NFT are a mere 0.15%, making them nearly mythical in the NFT world. The total circulation is a scant 1,106.

1 of 1 NFTs

Arodie also mentions exclusive 1 of 1 Stranger Things characters NFTs with only 3 unique templates and staggering odds of just 0.002% (or 0.006% for the premium version). The total circulation is a mere 3, and each unique template is truly one of a kind.

Series Coin NFTs

Similarly to its previous collections, Funko launched Series Coin NFTs for its Stranger Things characters’ digital art collectibles too.

With just one template, the odds of unpacking one are 10% when a Standard pack is purchased, rising to 30% for a Premium pack. The total circulation is 15,000.

The most recent WAX NFT drops

While you still have time to collect your digital Stranger Things Funko Pops before the collection snapshots are taken, you can explore the most recent Back to the Future Funko Pop NFT collection which was released on droppp.io on October 17.

The collection of 45,000 Funko NFTs commemorates the adventures of beloved characters featuring the animated digital art of enigmatic Dr. Emmett Brown and the ever-enthusiastic Marty McFly as well as other iconic personalities. Moreover, this remarkable collection boasts Einstein Funko Pop NFTs and the time machine Funko Pop. As usually, Funko has done a great job creating a captivating set of digital gems.

If you still have not joined the group of Funko Pop collectors, starting with their NFTs may be the best way to start your collection.