90s milk cap game Pog partners with Theta Labs to advance its Web3 ambitions

Rebranded as POG Digital, the company hopes to capture the audience of millennial NFT collectors by bringing the 90s nostalgic game to Web3.

A pile of cardboard POGs from the 90s
Source: @OriginStoryNFT on Twitter

POGs are making a comeback to Web3, this time introducing a dedicated subchain on the Theta network along with Pogger Coin, a custom TNT20 utility token. To bring its ambition to life, POG Digital joined forces with Theta Labs, the firm behind a decentralized video delivery platform Theta Network.

The company is hopeful that the “Pogger Generation” — nearly 165 million millennials and gen X aged 30 to 45 who played and collected Pogs in the 90s — will want to own the modern iteration of cardboard milk caps that used to bring them so much joy when they were kids.

These hyper-limited-edition POG collectibles will be available exclusively via a Theta-patented POG Collector platform. Moreover, the company also plans to release limited-edition Collector Boxes, which contain 48 unique pieces of art from the POG Archives and originating from Solana, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. Each Physical POG will link directly to its blockchain original for authentication, with an auction starting July 21.

Collectors who were lucky to get their hands on these boxes can choose to redeem them for 12 physical POGs shipped right to their house. Redemptions will begin in August 2023.

By the end of 2023, POG Digital also plans to release POGCHAIN, a dedicated subchain on Theta Network that will host a vibrant ecosystem of partner games and decentralized applications. The chain will be powered by Pogger Coin, a TNT20 token that will be used to power gameplay, including in-game purchases, viewer and creator rewards, engagement bonuses, and more.

Three Web3 gaming projects — STEPN, Ev.io, and Portals — are already integrating POG’s collectibles into their games, POG Digital told Coinpaper in an email. The team also mentioned that they plan to distribute Pogger Coin via a public sale, refuting airdrop rumors.

“The foundation they [Theta Labs] have built is superb, while their partnerships include many of the studios and brands we have partnered with in the past. We feel the distributed storage of content provides a cost-effective opportunity for us to roll out our vision in game streaming and entertainment with distributed compute, storage, and delivery,” POG Digital responded to Coinpaper’s inquiry about the motivation behind the choice of Theta Network for a custom subchain. “We are able to customize our subchain to tailor to our business with low transaction fees and custom TNT20 utility token to power games, streaming sites, and other engagement DApps.”

Over more than 30 years, POG has scored partnerships with top IP brands, including Disney, Marvel, Barbie, and Pokémon. The company isn’t a newcomer to Web3 either: POGs first entered the space a year ago, debuting a handful of collections on Solana, including digital collectibles featuring Solana’s Okay Bears NFT project. In April, POGs launched a new mint on Ethereum and some Ordinals inscriptions on Bitcoin.

“POG has always been about connecting people through playful competition and exciting art collection. By partnering with Theta Labs, we are able to scale a dedicated ecosystem while connecting our collections across multiple blockchains such as Solana, Ethereum and Bitcoin,” POG Digital CEO Kyler Frisbee said in a statement. “We’re not just returning POG to the limelight — we’re propelling it into the future.”