Atomic Wallet Hack Victims Accuse Platform of Faking Its Ratings on Review Platforms

Atomic Wallet's high rating despite the recent hack and the way the company is handling the aftermath makes former users further question the company’s trustworthiness.

A wallet with atomic design
Some Trustpilot users even claim that they will financially support Atomic Wallet regardless of the July 3 hack.

The July 3 attack on Atomic Wallet, a non-custodial wallet application, remains a mystery. Although more than two months have passed since the exploit, which resulted in the loss of more than $100 million, the company still has not released a post-mortem report. In fact, the team behind the wallet seems to have decided not to disclose any details about the case.

Even though this approach to the issue has frustrated many victims of the hack, the application seems to continue to receive numerous positive opinions on major review platforms like Trustpilot. Users suffering from the effects of the exploit, many of whom have lost their life savings, are trying to warn potential customers about the recent hack. While this inevitably leads to rather poor reviews, Atomic Wallet's overall rating has declined only slightly, changing from "Excellent" to "Great" on Trustpilot.

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Interestingly, many recent reviews about Atomic Wallet on Trustpilot mention the application's professional customer support, which is exactly the aspect of the wallet that was heavily criticized by the victims of the July hack.

"With Atomic Wallet, I had a problem that I emailed support about, and they reached out to me in record time! Had an issue getting certain things done, but support kept on providing info, finally the right info, and I got it done. Problem solved! Great," Trustpilot user Erik wrote yesterday.

On top of that, some reviews even mention that Atomic Wallet helps its customers find their "lost cryptocurrency."

"I would like to thank you for your really professional approach and help in finding my lost cryptocurrency. You really helped me because I was at a loss. Thank you very much," one of these reviews from Trustpilot user Radomir Zdarsa reads.

An even more curious review was posted five days ago by platform's user Mo Jabar, who claims Atomic Wallet is better than industry leader MetaMask and is "the most secure wallet out there" despite the recent hack.

"Very user-friendly and organized. Atomic Wallet is the best wallet out there. I have been using Metamask for a long time, but I find that Atomic Wallet is better. It's an all-in-one wallet for all my needs," Jabar highly praises the app, adding that "despite the problems Atomic Wallet had in the past with hackers from North Korea, I put my trust in it and will put my funds there." Moreover, this user even plans "to purchase quite a bit of AWC and support this company (Foundation)."

Needless to say, these reviews sound pretty suspicious to former Atomic Wallet users who are struggling to recover from the exploit. In fact, many victims have reported "being silenced" by the company on social media platforms, especially Reddit and Twitter, where all comments mentioning the hack are deleted or blocked.

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"Atomic seems more concerned with protecting its image, via paid/fake reviews here, and aggressively silencing victims while deflecting blame for their security flaws which enabled hackers to get wallet seeds," Trustpilot user Jimmy Jefferson mentioned some of the popular concerns of victims of the exploit, adding that the company is "downplaying the entire debacle, giving spurious figures" such as "counting every download as a unique user, including updates, rather than going by how many unique wallet IDs there are."