Top 12 crypto consulting services and web3 advisory firms to help you kickstart your blockchain project

Crypto consulting firms will help you craft business strategy and make the best of your blockchain project. Check out our selection of top crypto consulting services on the market.

Blockchain consulting

The crypto space is one of the internet's most demanding and peculiar sectors. With its advanced concepts, next-level solutions, ever-changing fads, fancy jargon, legal compliance issues, and scam risks, it poses plenty of challenges for uninformed users.

Yet it continues to attract interest and money from individuals and businesses alike, never ceasing to evolve. According to estimations from Triple A, as of 2023, there are over 420 million crypto users worldwide, with the average global crypto ownership rate at 4.2%.

The numbers are growing, requiring businesses to adapt. More and more companies are becoming aware they need to embrace blockchain technologies to keep up with the changing environment and gain a competitive edge.

The trouble is, getting on friendly terms with crypto solutions to leverage their potential for business is easier said than done. Here's where crypto consulting services come in handy.

With web3 adoption on the rise, there is an increasing need for crypto advisory services and professional crypto consultants able to navigate individuals and organizations through the stormy waters of the crypto world.

What is crypto consulting, and who is a crypto consultant?

Basically, crypto consulting is what it sounds: providing professional advice on all crypto, typically including web3 and metaverse, depending on the crypto consulting firm's scope of expertise.

Cryptocurrency consulting involves leveraging a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency markets, and industry trends. Only professionals with long-term market experience are able to offer their clients informed suggestions and strategies.

Cryptocurrency consultants act as trusted advisors, assisting individuals, businesses, and institutional investors in dealing with various aspects of the crypto space.

What type of expertise can crypto consultants provide?

Seasoned crypto consultants boast expertise in a number of crypto industry areas, blending technical prowess with market insights and regulatory know-how. At crypto consulting firms, these competencies can be split among several crypto consultants.

In general, consulting firms or professionals should combine:

- blockchain savviness: the understanding of the inner workings of the blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized systems that underpin cryptocurrencies,

- crypto experience: vast knowledge of the crypto industry with its dynamics, market patterns, and peculiarities,

- regulatory expertise: the legal know-how with up-to-date information on regulatory compliance.

Obviously, crypto consultants' scope of expertise may differ depending on their location: US-based blockchain consulting companies will likely focus on the US and global markets, while, say, EU-based firms will offer more in-depth insight into the EU crypto legislation and market standards.

How can a crypto consulting firm help your business grow?

Crypto consulting services providers can help you grow in a number of ways, both in terms of managing your private investments or developing your business.

Best crypto consulting firms cover all aspects of the crypto landscape and can provide you with comprehensive advice on a particular market segment or issue. They can help you evolve and steer clear of hurdles and pitfalls that may damage your business.

Here are some ways digital assets consulting services may be beneficial.

Investment guidance

Crypto consulting firms will provide you with expert advice on investment opportunities, risk management, and portfolio diversification to help you make decisions tailored to your goals and risk appetite.

Market research and analysis

Crypto consultants keep their finger on the market's pulse, monitoring news and events and predicting trends. Armed with such expertise, they can offer you valuable insights and help safely seize profitable opportunities.

Technical expertise

Cryptocurrencies and web3 solutions operate on a complex technological foundation. Blockchain consultants have the technical know-how to guide you through all sorts of challenges, from wallet setup through secure storage options to leveraging specific crypto solutions, all while prioritizing security and privacy.

Regulatory compliance

Regulations play an increasingly significant role in the crypto landscape. The right crypto consultants stay up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements and can help you understand legal obligations and limitations, tax implications, and best practices to keep your business compliant.

Security standards

Security is a paramount concern when you're doing business online, given the prevalence of hacks and scams. Crypto consultants assist clients in implementing robust security measures, educating them on best practices for securing digital assets, and identifying trustworthy wallets and exchanges.

ICO investments

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a popular way to raise money in the crypto space. Cryptocurrency consultants will guide you through the intricacies of ICO investments, conducting due diligence, scrutinizing whitepapers of blockchain solutions, and advising clients on potential risks and rewards.

Blockchain development

Many companies combine blockchain consulting services with blockchain development. With blockchain technologies in their stack and relevant know-how, such firms can help clients kickstart complex crypto projects even more efficiently – especially if they possess comprehensive expertise covering regulatory, financial, and marketing fields.

Top 12 crypto consulting firms to hire for a blockchain project in 2023

Crypto consulting firms differ in terms of expertise and the scope of services they provide. Some combine advisory services with blockchain development, and some focus on "soft "aspects of the industry, offering market analysis, investment strategies, portfolio management, crypto trading insights, and regulatory compliance, acting primarily as legal and financial consultants.

Typically, though, companies from both categories will be able to assist you in marketing activities to enhance your presence in the crypto community. Most surely, all of them will do their best to help you identify opportunities and risks and better clarify your business goals to ensure that you achieve sustainable growth.

Below you can find our selection of crypto consulting firms providing advisory services and blockchain solutions.


TokenMinds is a seasoned crypto agency that started out in 2017. The firm offers comprehensive crypto-related services, spanning marketing, development, and consulting, across a range of areas, including cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, metaverse, AI, VR, token sales, and asset tokenization.

The company promotes itself as a one-stop web3 services firm able to help clients at any stage of a crypto project, from strategy to design, development, and marketing. TokenMinds claims to be well-connected with blue-chip projects, exchanges, and influencers able to put your project in the spotlight of the crypto community.

The agency is a recognized brand with several awards from well-established names in the crypto industry. Apart from tailored services, the company offers optimized packages, including community building package, IEO marketing package, and NFT generative art solution package, each dedicated to different types of projects.

Now, that's a telling name! The company advertises itself as a team of financial and legal experts who help clients navigate through the ICO process.

The agency makes it clear that it focuses on ICO consulting services, which include financial analysis and market research, ICO whitepaper writing, ICO marketing services, ICO legal advising, and ICO launch.

The founding team of Crypto Consultant is composed of three domain experts:

- James Cannon Huber, an attorney well-versed in electronic payments and crypto marketplaces with a legal focus on fintech, payments processing, ISO, and B2B since 2008,

- Christopher Dryden, an attorney and Global Legal Law Firm founder, at the forefront of the fintech and payments space since 2008,

- and Lou Armitage, a financial analyst with two-decade experience in advising businesses of all sizes across all stages of development: from conception to seed funding, growth strategy, and expansion financing.

The same brand, a different domain name. This agency also leaves no doubt about its area of expertise, claiming to be Canada's 1st Bitcoin consulting company and offering a wide array of "specialized services in the digital currency and blockchain industry."

Crypto Consultant belongs to the Blockchain Association of Canada and is a recognized brand in the Canadian crypto market. The agency's services include business development, NFT consulting and development, regulatory and compliance advice, creating and launching digital wallets for specific use cases, crypto security and best practices, digital assets storage, smart contract advice and support, crypto/blockchain training and coaching sessions related to digital asset management.

Crypto Consultant's "founding fathers" are John Cassidy, a financial and technical expert with software technology management experience at BlackBerry, and James Gonzalez, a blockchain professional with a background in real estate investment, property management, and the insurance industry.


Here comes another one in the same branding vein but with a hell of a story. The seed was planted in 2016 when Nicole DeCicco, a single mom working as a nurse, was mining Ethereum in her garage. She experienced a U-turn in her career when she lost 323 ETH – today's equivalent of well over $1 million – to a hacker. DeCicco decided to educate users on crypto-related topics to help them avoid pitfalls and maximize their investments.

The firm's key tenet is "security through knowledge," indicating a strong focus on digital asset protection. CryptoConsultz offers services and customized solutions dedicated to both personal investors and businesses, helping clients with crypto incident analysis (dealing with crypto fraud and security breaches), crypto storage options (advising on secure blockchain solutions), cryptocurrency tax consulting, web3 consulting, including implementing blockchain solutions, tokenization, crypto payment options, mining, marketing strategies, and many more.


PixelPlex is an award-winning crypto-focused software house combining blockchain development services with crypto consulting. Headquartered in the US, the company has hubs in the UK, Switzerland, Poland, and UAE, employs over 130 specialists, and boasts over 450 client success stories and $1 billion worth of projects in its portfolio.

PixelPlex provides comprehensive solutions for a range of industries, such as fintech and banking, retail and e-commerce, healthcare, and more. Apart from blockchain, the firm's technological expertise includes AR and VR, metaverse, cognitive computing, and IoT.

PixelPlex is primarily a tech company providing a wide array of software services spanning blockchain, NFT, STO, crypto exchange, dapp, and smart contract development. However, it also assists clients with IT and blockchain consulting services aimed at helping clients leverage the potential of distributed ledger technology.

Beyond Enterprizes

The company started out as a pioneering blockchain strategic advisory firm in 2012. In the following decade, Beyond Enterprizes helped develop crypto exchanges on four continents and partnered with over 50 blockchain projects, including EOS, Bancor, and HDAC, also collaborating with top IT corporations like IBM and Microsoft. The company has a rich crypto-related portfolio with a special focus on insuretech, fintech, and defi.

Beyond Enterprizes began as an IT and digital asset consulting services firm but soon became a 360º company offering anything from blockchain strategy consulting to branding, digital marketing, and development of crypto-related projects and beyond. The firm is headquartered in Los Angeles and maintains two additional offices in Romania: in Cluj-Napoca and București.


BrightNode is a Swiss-based consulting firm providing crypto advisory services combined with web3 marketing and tokenization support. Founded in 2018, the agency has since contributed to over 150 projects in over 25 countries.

However, BrightNode's team boasts more than thirty years of experience in fintech and digital. The co-founder, Brunello Pianca, has been dealing with finance since 1987 and has since evolved to become a crypto investor and blockchain evangelist. Francesco Piras, also a co-founder with over 20 years of experience in tech, has been a crypto entrepreneur since 2014.

BrightNode's crypto and blockchain consulting services cover web3, tokenomics, metaverse, NFTs, and gamefi, and include marketing and white paper support. The company has collaborated in the blockchain space with brands like Metable, Generali A&WM, FIDES, Meta Legends, and Pixelmom.

BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting is a highly experienced crypto consulting firm from Belarus. The agency was founded in 2011. Six years later, it ventured into the crypto market and started providing cryptocurrency consulting services.

BDC Consulting is a true believer in crypto, keen on assisting businesses in adopting blockchain technology. The firm's declared mission is "to help our clients become unicorns." BDC Consulting's website features plenty of case studies making it clear the company is doing a great job.

Highlighted partnerships span research, marketing, and consulting services for a variety of projects, including crypto wallet development, building product awareness around mining equipment and software brand, hyping up initial DEX offering (IDO) for a cryptocurrency payment platform, and many more.

Services listed on BDC's website include research, legal consulting, blockchain consulting, IDO marketing, community growth, white paper creation, crypto PR, influencing, and reputation management.


Blocsys is a blockchain development and consulting agency from Pune, India. It's a relatively new name in the game with two years of experience and nine completed projects, but the company's CEO Kumar Chougule is a seasoned IT veteran 14 years deep in the tech industry, including 5 years in blockchain services.

Apart from crypto consulting, Blocsys provides innovative solutions in the realm of defi, dapps, NFTs, and smart contracts. Its services range from business analysis to development and delivery of end product along with testing.

The company boasts strong expertise in customized blockchain development and deploying DLT solutions in the IoT, healthcare, and real estate industries.

Blocsys works with a wide range of technologies, including Solidity, IPFS, Metamask, Node.JS, React.JS, MongoDB, AWS, and more. Supported blockchains include Ethereum, Solana, Binance, Polygon, Cardano, and several other networks.


With over 250 full-stack developers, 15+ years of experience, and more than 100 digital solutions developed in various industry verticals, LeewayHertz is one of top choices for clients interested in both blockchain development and crypto consulting services.

Trusted by brands such as Siemens, Hershey's, and Nascar, LeewayHertz provides an impressively broad range of IT solutions in numerous areas, including generative AI, machine learning, data engineering, IoT, and, obviously, blockchain and web3.

The company delivered projects across a wide array of sectors, with a special focus on fintech, edtech, healthcare, logistics, consumer electronics, manufacturing, and more.

In the blockchain area, LeewayHertz is able to provide consulting and development services related to Hyperledger, Polygon, Hedera, Solana, Stellar, Tezos, etc. The agency is also up to the job with metaverse, web3 games, and NFT marketplaces development,


Bitdeal boasts expertise in key disruptive technology areas, including crypto, blockchain, defi, web3, NFT, metaverse, and AI. The agency claims to be a trailblazer in the blockchain industry with a variety of cryptocurrency exchange projects in its portfolio, including p2p, decentralized, centralized, and hybrid platforms.

Bitdeal claims to stand out from the competition by "offering world-class enterprise blockchain development services for all kinds of industries and businesses." The company provides tailored solutions for supply chain, healthcare, gaming, banking, insurance, and other sectors, including cryptocurrency development, private blockchain development, dapp development, smart contract development, metaverse development, as well as blockchain technology consulting.

Bitdeal team is proficient with all major blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Tezos, Hyperledger, Avalanche, and more. The agency has been in the game for over a decade, servicing over 500 clients worldwide.

Web3 Soft

Web3 Soft is an established brand in the blockchain space with over 12 years of experience in software development. With all-around expertise in the crypto industry, the company provides services spanning blockchain, NFT, metaverse, crypto, and tokenomics.

The agency is able to assist clients at any stage of a digital product's lifecycle, from strategy consulting through development, deployment, marketing, and maintenance. Web3 Soft's credentials are backed by the company's portfolio with projects including a user-friendly NFT marketplace, a security-oriented, feature-rich crypto app, a blockchain platform for an international MLM network, or a multichain crypto exchange.

Web3 Soft's clients hail from multiple sectors, such as fintech, banking, gaming, retail, and healthcare. As regards the tech stack, the company declares proficiency in Ethereum, Solana, Hyperledger, Polygon, Binance, Tron, Polkadot, and EOS.