Arkham Intelligence to launch on-chain crypto data marketplace

Arkham's new on-chain data marketplace will transform crypto trading, enabling anonymous wallet data exchange and an 'intel-to-earn' model.

Detective examining the lines of a computer code on the screen with a magnifying glass

Arkham, a trailblazer in blockchain intelligence, is set to disrupt the crypto landscape with its groundbreaking initiative. The firm is launching the first-ever on-chain intelligence exchange, a unique platform that enables users to anonymously trade data about wallet addresses, a move that is sure to make waves in the cryptocurrency market.

This innovative platform, known as the "Arkham Intel Exchange," is designed to create a dynamic marketplace for blockchain information. It introduces an "intel-to-earn" model, allowing on-chain investigators to monetize their expertise. Users in need of specific intel can post bounties, and these crypto detectives can respond with the requested data at a predetermined price or through an auction to the highest bidder.

Arkham envisions a decentralized intel-to-earn economy powered by smart contracts. This pioneering approach is set to usher in a new era of transparency and knowledge in the blockchain technology space, enhancing the overall cryptocurrency trading experience.

The information traded on the Arkham Intel Exchange will be exclusive to the buyer for 90 days before it becomes publicly available. This system is designed to give buyers a competitive advantage in the short term while promoting the decentralization of on-chain knowledge in the long term.

In a parallel development, Arkham is joining forces with Binance Launchpad for a public token sale. The ARKM token will be up for grabs on July 18, coinciding with the launch of Arkham's Intel exchange. The token sale is capped at $2.5 million or 50 million tokens, with individual users limited to a maximum purchase of $15,000 or 300,000 ARKM tokens. The token sale price is set at $0.05 per ARKM.