KuCoin unveils a $100 million Creators Fund

The trading platform launches a fund to support promising NFT creators and promote its upcoming NFT marketplace.

Three marble thinkers staring at a computer screen

The fund will help finalize early-stage NFT projects in areas such as arts, sports, PFPs, Asian culture, celebrities and GameFi. For now, KuCoin offered no details regarding the selection process.

The Creators Fund will be governed by KuCoin Ventures, the platform’s VC arm, and Windvane, the NFT marketplace KuCoin is looking to launch “soon.” The integration of Creators Fund with Windvane suggests that apart from budding creators and builders, the Creators Fund is also meant to promote Windvane, which will list 99 Creators Fund beneficiaries.

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu expressed his confidence that the initiative could boost KuCoin’s expansion towards Web3 and NFT fields. He also added that Windvane intended to “bridge Web 2.0 and Web 3.0” and create a “more integrated NFT world with a lower barrier to entry for users.”

The move appears to be modeled on similar programs launched by Binance and Terra, suggesting that the trend is gaining traction.