"MOAR" by Joan Cornellà NFT collection completes the first phase of launch

Created in collaboration with FWENCLUB, the collection surpassed the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Azuki in 7-day volume.

The "MOAR" by Joan Cornellà counts 5,555 NFTs that were sold as blind boxes and revealed on April 10. All will eventually move into a Metaverse mansion in November. With the 7-day trading volume at 6440 ETH, the makers said the collection sparked a “strong market response.”

The collection includes humans, cyborgs, and zombies, each hand-drawn by Spanish artist Joan Cornellà with over 180 unique attributes. Cornellà is one of the most high-profile creators to plunge into the NFT world in recent time, known for light-hearted yet surreal cartoons that carry a penetrating commentary on modern society.

Each NFT comes with perks such as exclusive purchasing rights to Joan Cornellà's physical & digital artworks, entry to a physical and virtual exhibition, and raffle tickets that give holders a chance to win a 3D avatar in the metaverse. In May, holders will also be able to play SEIBWOZ (spelling as “zombies”), a “strategic adventure game set in the metaverse with zombies' invasion.”