Google becomes a "strategic cloud provider" for Polygon's products

Google Cloud has the potential to accelerate zkEVM zero-knowledge proofs for Polygon's DApps

wallet in the clouds
The goal of the partnership is to specifically optimize zkEVM zero-knowledge proofs

During Consensus 2023, a Web3 gathering hosted April 26-28 in Austin by popular crypto news platform Coindesk, Google Cloud announced its collaboration with Polygon Labs. Google Cloud plans to support the development and maintenance of Polygon's decentralized applications using its Blockchain Node Engine.

According to CoinDesk, Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon, believes the partnership with Google Cloud will allow the Ethereum L2 protocol "to increase transaction throughput enabling use cases in gaming, supply chain management, and DeFi," while the collaboration "will pave the way for even more businesses to embrace blockchain technology through Polygon."

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Presumably, Google Cloud can effectively accelerate Polygon zkEVM's zero-knowledge proofs and make transactions cheaper.

Just before this news, Google Cloud also announced the expansion of its "Google for Startups Cloud Program" dedicated specifically to Web 3 startup projects.

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"Starting today, when eligible Web3 technology projects and startups from pre-seed to Series A (including equity, tokens, NFT token fundraising, or a grant from a blockchain foundation) apply for the Google for Startups Cloud Program, they can also opt-in to our Web3-specific benefits," the Google Cloud team said in the blog post, adding: "Our new benefits give Web3 projects and startups the technology, community, and resources they need to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure as they build decentralized apps, Web3 tooling, services and more."

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Meanwhile, amid the general excitement over the news, some Twitter users did not find this collaboration "helpful for decentralization."

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