Trump's NFT sale brought in $4.45 million, but the ex-president might've earned less than $1 million

Donald Trump earned anywhere from $100,001 to $1 million from the sale of his NFTs. Interestingly, his contractor raked in $4,45 million.

Trump NFT collection

Remember cheesy graphics offered as NFTs by the US ex-president? It turns out they might've brought him up to $1 million, although the exact amount has not been made known and the range given is quite broad.

According to the recent filing from the US Office of Government Ethics, Trump's NFT-related earnings can be anything between $100,001 to $1 million, attributed to CIC Digital. The company, where Trump holds the position of "manager, president, secretary and treasurer," contracted NFT INT to handle the project and permitted it to use "Donald J. Trump's name, likeness and image under paid license."

Right under the CIC Digital (no. 25 in the report), the filing lists a company going by a similar name CIC Ventures, possibly linked to the former, with 100% of Trump's ownership and 2023's income, attributed to "speaking engagements," exceeding $5 million. The lengthy document detailing Trump's operations also shows that the ex-president made less than $201 on Truth Social, his social media platform launched in 2021.

Tump NFT earnings

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Trump's NFT collection included 45,000 cards depicting the politician in fancy outfits (a spacesuit, pilot suit, etc.) and heroic poses. All NFTs were grabbed in less than 12 hours, with all of them selling for the basic price of $99. NFT INT seems to have made a good deal raking in $4.45 million on the sale (easy math: 99 times 45,000) and leaving Trump with "up to $1 million," unless the partnership involved another type of arrangement, less clear to the public.