David Bowie's unheard version of "Let's Dance" to be issued as an NFT

A never-released version of "Let's Dance" will be available to owners of NFTs, which will be minted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the track.

david bowie on the scene during a concert
The previous NFT experiment "Bowie on the Blockchain" did not find support among the fans of the late musician

Today, Gala Music announced its plan to release a previously unheard version of David Bowie's popular 1983 song "Let's Dance." Gala Music, along with publisher Warner-Chappell Music and music producer Larry Dvoskin, plans to bring the song to the public in a form of a set containing 3,003 NFTs. The NFTs are scheduled for release on April 14, the 40th anniversary of "Let's Dance."

Each NFT will feature an artwork inspired by Bowie's style and aesthetics. Owning a Bowie NFT grants the holder access to a never-before-heard version of the song.

Gala Music, an offshoot of the Web3 gaming platform Gala Games, is designed to give artists greater control over their works and provide them with expanded money-making opportunities, including streaming and NFT drops.

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Gala Music decided to combine its efforts to present the unheard song to the public with charity. Thus, a "pay-what-you-wish" model was adopted for the upcoming NFTs, with all initial proceeds going to the philanthropic organization MusiCares, which focuses on health services for the music community.

The version of the legendary hit "Let's Dance" to be released as an NFT is believed to be a single song by David Bowie that has not yet been introduced to his fans. Bowie impressed the audience not only with his talent but also with his unique productivity which allowed him to produce 38 albums, including 27 studio albums and 11 live albums, 128 singles, and 4 soundtracks. Still, it seems that there is one more track to discover.

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Earlier, in 2022, the David Bowie estate launched an NFT collection titled "Bowie on the Blockchain," which was based on the artworks from nine artists inspired by the late music legend and represented by Jonathan Wolfe, Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, Lirona, Glam Beckett, Fewocious, Jake, Young and Sick, Osinachi, and Defaced.

Andrew Keller, a co-founder of Web3 company We Love Arts, was very excited about the upcoming art collection, when he told Rolling Stone magazine, "The more you think about what the crypto art space really is, the more you realize how ahead of his time Bowie was with some of the ways that he engaged with his fans - be it BowieArt, BowieWorld, Bowie Bonds, BowieNet."

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Keller added, "He also made digital art himself, and so what excited me so much was the idea of making people aware of all of these things they probably don't think about or know about when they think about Bowie, and to me, it really became about solidifying his legacy on the blockchain and creating beautiful, meaningful art. Having our 'why?' was so important and really guided every piece of this process."

Despite the enthusiasm of the founders of the Blockchain experiment, the collection was met with heavy criticism from the musician's fans, who felt the NFT project inconsistent with Bowie's values.