Quieroganar celebrates its first anniversary by entering a powerful Exchange

Quieroganar helps entrepreneurs launch crypto projects with personalized treatment and quality content. Over 2000 projects created, Quieroganar Audits listed on major exchange.

In March 2022 Quieroganar was created as a project to help businessmen and entrepreneurs to launch into the world of Blockchain technology. Twelve months later, there are more than two thousand entrepreneurs who have created their crypto project thanks to Quieroganar.

It should be noted that among their most promising functions, their great commitment to the cryptographic world is highlighted by providing quality content on their YouTube channel, their work as solidity-based code creators and their special personalized treatment that they offer to each and every one of them. of entrepreneurs who want to launch their first crypto project.

A year after its launch, in response to its large community, they list their cryptocurrency "Quieroganar Audits" to a major Exchange shortly after being listed on Coinmarketcap.

Entry of Quieroganar in an important European Exchange

Fulfilling the objectives agreed in the roadmap of the QG project, they are preparing for their enlistment in an important European Exchange "Coinsbit". Considered based on its daily trading volume as a top30 on the Coinmarketcap Exchange list at the time of writing.

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Little by little, the QG project has been consolidating and formalizing a strong and united community of crypto entrepreneurs. It should be noted that thanks to the new trend of Bitcoin and its new rise in value, it constitutes an incentive for new users to launch into the cryptographic world.

Quieroganar stars in courses and events at a national level, especially in Spain, imparting the necessary knowledge for the creation of crypto companies with their own cryptocurrency or, even, instructing entire teams in the use of centralized or decentralized Exchanges as crypto operations.

A Decentralized Wallet with the seal of Quieroganar Audits

At the moment we have not found a launch date for its decentralized wallet with the name “QG-Wallet”. According to the latest statements, the wallet will be ready to operate directly from it, without the need to open subpages like PancakeSwap to acquire projects or trade. In the same application, which will be launched on the Android system, it will be possible to purchase new projects directly by placing the contract number of the same. This greatly speeds up the time a user must spend when purchasing or marketing. In addition, you will have the option of direct purchase by credit card and other means.

From the news of the launch of the QG Wallet, it should be noted that 15% of the benefits it operates will be injected each month into the Quieroganarar token.

Operating within the most important platform in the crypto world

Last January, Quieroganar Audits joined Coinmarketcap thanks to its constant work in recent months. At the time of this article it is trading at $0.00210 per token.

It is still a young project with a lot to offer the cryptographic ecosystem. New developments are expected in the coming months such as new enlistments, collaborations and events organized by the QG team.

Currently, the Quieroganar project is looking for new investors who put their trust in their work in order to achieve new goals and objectives.

In conclusion

Quieroganar is a project with great commercial power that progresses very quickly even with a small community. His initiative allows many entrepreneurs to create their own crypto projects and avoid scams thanks to his knowledge and culture classes taught on his YouTube channel. Without a doubt we will find new relevant news in the coming months that will give us something to talk about Quieroganar Audits.