Yuga Labs collabs with Gucci to release Otherside-themed jewelry

The popular luxury fashion brand enters the Otherside metaverse, offering new features to NFT owners and physical necklaces

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A digital pendant will make an NFT owner eligible to claiming physical jewelry

On March 27, Gucci announced its partnership with Yuga Labs as a part of its metaverse journey. Yesterday, it shared with the Twitter community the information about the upcoming release of the KodaPendant, the result of its collaboration with the leading NFT maker. The KodaPendant, an Otherside Relic, is the luxury fashion brand's step into online multiplayer game available to owners of Otherdeeds NFTs.

"Blue, thrilled with the mysterious golden Voyager's offer, will shake the Voyager's hand, and the deal will be sealed. Pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both digital and physical spaces, Otherside Relics by Gucci represent the first chapter of a broader partnership between Yuga and Gucci in which fashion, entertainment, and Web3 collide," Gucci and Yuga Labs describe their collaboration on the project's official website.

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KodaPendant will be offered in two forms, digital and physical. Digital KodaPendant is offered as a permanent visual upgrade that can be applied to Koda and Vessel NFTs, while the physical KodaPendant is a 925 silver Koda-shaped necklace with an antique finish, an interlocking G-chain and a baroque-inspired engraving with an edition number.

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Sales of KodaPendants, limited to 3,333 pieces, start on April 6. All Koda and Vessel NFT owners are eligible to purchase the Otherside Relics. According to the project website, purchasing a digital KodaPendant trait will allow NFT holders to claim physical necklaces for free.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Pauly0x, co-founder of ApeCoin and NoLarvaLabs, pointed out that the portrait of Koda on the bottle posted by Gucci's Twitter account is the same as the artwork depicting one of the characters of the 2017 2D action-adventure game Hollow Knight. This portrait of Koda was used in KodaPendants.

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