ApeCoin DAO community opposes recent proposals and votes down new NFT collections

The majority of delegates voted against two new collections that were intended to become "the first multi-metaverse linked wearable NFTs."

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None of the three recent proposals haven't gained enough positive votes yet

Since March 24, the ApeCoin governance community ApeCoin DAO has been engaged in a voting session, which covers three proposals.

The first proposal is from Jatin Pathi, who wants to provide microgrants to the developers of the Indian Web3 ecosystem used for MVPs and art activities surrounding ApeCoin. The financial aid is intended to support the onboarding process of the ApeCoin ecosystem.

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The second proposal came from Ape Beverages, the company that offers Ape Water, which, according to its official website, is "the first sustainable water beverage for the Web 3.0 community."

"Ape Water would use smart cans to highlight ApeCoin. The intention is to break into markets such as sporting events, festivals, and concerts meanwhile eradicating plastic consumption and promoting ApeCoin through interactive experiences using an initial rollout of 1 million cans," ApeComms explained the proposal in a tweet.

According to ApeComms, the Twitter account used for ApeCoin DAO community interactions, the third proposal was made by Aaron Leupp, who wants to "create 20,000 ApeCoin Pet Club (ACPC) and ApeCoin Armory Club (ACAC) 2D and 3D NFTs, which will be designed by professional artists and made available on the Ethereum blockchain. Given for free to the community for top ApeCoin holders and other community leaders."

The collections should increase the utility of NFTs by making them "the first multi-metaverse linked wearable NFTs." The team behind the new NFT collections planned to link them to popular metaverse projects such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Otherside. To make this possible, Leupp asked the community for $168,000, compared to $3,750,000 asked by Ape Beverages, and only 16,500 APE, currently worth less than $70,000 requested by Pathi for microgrants.

Although the voting deadline is March 30, it is already known that both the Ape Beverages proposal and Aaron Leupp's proposal have met with strong opposition in the DAO community. As per Snapshot, a decentralized governance voting platform, at press time 86.68% of delegates voted against Leupp's offer and only 7.96% voted in favor. The rest of the delegates preferred to abstain, while Ape Beverages' proposal received 85.43% no votes.

While some media reported the lack of support for new NFT collections before the end of the voting period, Leupp asked those unwilling to support new collections to provide him with more feedback, saying the new NFT project has cost the team a lot of effort and money.

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Still, Leupp tries to remain positive and full of hope. "Even though publications like NFTInsiders say it [the proposal] has already been voted down when that is not true lol. We only go out as a victory for the community or when defeated fighting when the last second of the clock runs out. No in between. We owe it to them," he wrote in a tweet.

So far, no proposal seems to have enough support in the community. Only the microgrant proposal may still have some chance to pass, as only 47.84% of the community voted it down.