Top 10 Crypto Twitter influencers under 10,000 Followers

Welcome to the second part of Coinpaper’s special series featuring our favorite Crypto Twitter accounts! We dig out the hidden CT gems — so you don’t have to.

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Everyone who has been in crypto for more than a few months will tell you that Twitter is a place where all the crypto news and alpha are born — you just need to know who to follow. Indeed, there’s no media that is as up-to-date on all things web3 and blockchain than Twitter, but there’s also a downside to this — namely a sizeable number of engagement farmers, paid shillers, and scammers, who oftentimes make it difficult to filter through all the noise on the platform.

To help you cut through the clutter, we started a series of articles where we list the biggest crypto influencers on twitter for you to follow, starting from micro-influencers under 5,000 followers up to industry leaders. This is the second article of our series that will guide you through the twitchy and bizarre world of CT, where we feature accounts below 10k, and we will gradually move to crypto personalities with a larger follower count in the next edition, so stay tuned!

And in case you haven’t read Part 1 of the series — do read it today: Top 10 Crypto Twitter influencers under 5,000 Followers

Now, these are the best CT personalities and influencers below 10k, along with their followers count at the time of writing, Twitter handles, and a brief summary of what makes each one so special.

1. DaoChemist (10,469)

DaoChemist is a podcaster at @CryptoHermetic and a co-host of Farmers Market, a weekly Twitter Spaces panel discussing Web3 and DeFi for degens and yield farmers, so definitely a must-follow for those who want to stay on top of the latest trends in decentralized finance. DaoChemist also posts frequently about DeFi concepts and projects’ tokenomics.

The Twitter handle for DaoChemist is @DaoChemist.

2. Indy (9,199)

Interested in Ethereum and social consensus things, Indy occasionally posts about L1 blockchains and comments on hot topics in the industry, but really most of their tweets are stream-of-consciousness shitposts and anime memes (mostly AkiAngel ship content). It’s hard to come by such a man of culture!

The Twitter handle for Indy is @1NDi60.

3. AdrianoFeria.eth (9,056)

AdrianoFeria.eth is a metaverse aficionado and vocal Ethereum believer who frequently writes engaging threads on the future of stablecoins, VR, and the intersection of AI, metaverse, and art. Oh, and they also frequently call out Bitcoin maxis, pointing out their hypocrisy toward censorship when it comes to Bitcoin NFTs.

The Twitter handle for AdrianoFeria.eth is @AdrianoFeria.

4. Jared Grey (8,839)

Jared Gray is a recently appointed head chef of the decentralized exchange SushiSwap, who posts a lot of content on the DeFi industry and recent developments in the Sushi ecosystem. If you love SushiSwap, follow Jared Grey for regular updates and roadmap announcements.

The Twitter handle for Jared Grey is @jaredgrey.

5. Zore (7,667)

“If you are not already please get drunk before reading these tweets,” Zore warned us, but we didn’t follow the advice and now regret it. Their Twitter content is a funny weird mix of memes, crypto market jokes, and cryptic 3 am shitposts.

The Twitter handle for Zore is @itszore.

6. Mizbani (7,601)

Matt Mizbani is an investment partner at Paradigm, a VC firm focused on supporting the great crypto/Web3 companies and protocols of tomorrow. He posts about Paradigm’s recent investments and retweets crypto VC news.

The Twitter handle for Mizbani is @mizbani_.

7. Ludwig Wittgenstein (6,161)

This account mostly posts their opinions on macro, trading, and current crypto narratives. We love their dry sense of humor and sardonic wit!

The Twitter handle for Ludwig Wittgenstein is @0xWittgenstein.

8. Anna Baydakova (5,706)

Anna Baydakova is an investigative journalist at CoinDesk, who writes about blockchain projects and regulation, with a special focus on Eastern Europe and Russia. Anna tweets about the crypto industry, privacy, and sanctions.

The Twitter handle for Anna Baydakova is @baidakova

9. Sergio Gallardo (5,234)

Sergio Gallardo is a data-driven crypto investor who mostly writes threads about the best tools to find promising crypto projects, cool crypto podcasts, protocols' overviews, and not-so-obvious lifehacks on staying organized in crypto. Wow, this account is just packed with alpha!

The Twitter handle for Sergio Gallardo is @sgallardo_9.

10. Derek Walkush (4,715)

Derek is an investment research partner at Variant, a seed-stage fund investing in web3. He is also a part-time contributor at AladdinDAO and a writer at OurNetwork. Derek posts about Canto, a new buzzy L1 blockchain, and the overall DeFi landscape.

The Twitter handle for Derek Walkush is @Derekmw23.

Bottom line

Following the right people on Crypto Twitter is perhaps the most convenient way to get quick, synthesized, and up-to-date information on all things web3 and blockchain. Still, cutting through all the noise on the platform can be challenging for crypto newcomers — but steady lads, we’ve got your back covered! With our curated lists of the best CT accounts to follow, it’s easy to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the industry. Stay tuned and follow us for more content like this!