Top 10 Crypto Twitter influencers under 5,000 Followers

Make sure you don’t miss these high-signal, low-noise Twitter accounts — ten hidden CT gems filled with quality threads and alpha that you would love to follow.

Blue Twitter bird with Bitcoin logo standing on the clouds of crypto hashtags

When it comes to social media, Crypto Twitter is a world of its own — industry leaders with millions of followers and micro-influencers with just thousands, starry-eyed idealists and cynical grifters, analysts and shitposters, all blended perfectly in a 24/7 hivemind that never goes offline.

As a platform of choice for the crypto community, Twitter is a go-to source of information and news on all things crypto and web3. It's easy to get lost in this fast-paced space: projects constantly announce new milestones, visionaries lay out their ideas (often ungraspable for us, mere mortals), ponzi aficionados shill their tokens, and traders turn charts into abstract line art for an elusive chance to peek into the future.

To help you cut through the noise, we curated a list of our ten favorite Crypto Twitter accounts under 5,000 followers, so you don’t have to search for quality content on your own. This is our first article from the series about crypto personalities worth following — we will cover accounts with a larger follower count in the next edition, so stay tuned!

Now, these are the best crypto Twitter accounts under 5k, along with their followers count at the time of writing, brief summary, and Twitter handles.

1. TokenUnlocks (4,171)

TokenUnlocks is perhaps the most underrated account we have ever seen — it closely monitors all scheduled unlock events that are historically considered bearish events, as they increase the circulating supply of a token. Newly released tokens usually reduce demand, creating selling pressure, so being informed of upcoming unlocks allows investors to sell their assets while the price is still high. What’s more, TokenUnlocks also posts about crypto projects’ tokenomics and important events in crypto.

The Twitter handle for TokenUnlocks is @Tokenunlocks.

2. Frogmonkee.eth (3,725)

A self-proclaimed “wordcel,” Frogmonkee is a content manager at Uniswap Labs and a former core contributor at BanklessDAO. While his account falls more into the shitpost/lifestyle category, Frogmonkee is definitely a cool guy who deserves your follow.

The Twitter handle for Frogmonkee.eth is @frogmonkee.

3. illi (radioactive arc) (3,444)

The main reason we are following this little pepe shitposter is because Crypto Twitter cooked our brains and now we just can’t have enough of this lobotomized Wassie-speak in our feed. And we’re also down bad, so illi’s copium is what keeps us afloat in 2023.

The Twitter handle for illi (radioactive arc) is @illigmid.

4. Angel (2,632)

A pure stream of consciousness on all things crypto and NFTs. We're with Angel because of shitposts and their whining about the current state of the crypto market.

The Twitter handle for Angel is @annngelkek.

5. Coinflipcanada (1,935)

Coinflipcanada is a Partnerships and Strategy Lead at DeFi darling, a perpetual contract trading platform for top cryptocurrencies on Arbitrum and Avalanche. Mostly reposts of recent news and upgrades of GMX and its tokenomics.

The Twitter handle for Coinflipcanada is @coinflipcanada.

6. MetaverseHodl.eth (1,420)

MetaverseHodl.eth (currently in their hot girl arc) is another Wassie shitposter that shares memes and obscure Wassie trivia that may look like a symptom of a mental disorder to an outsider. They’re living the meme and we’re here for it.

The Twitter handle for MetaverseHodl.eth is @metaversehodl.

7. MerlionDCF (627)

As MerlionDCF aknowledges, most of their Twitter content is “borderline cryptic.” Sardonic comments on current trends in crypto, signals, and memes.

The Twitter handle for MerlionDCF is @AlphaMerlion.

8. Mr.Nobot (502)

A self-proclaimed “professional shit-poster and reply-guy,” Mr.Nobot tweets about crypto personalities and DeFi, but also frequently shares good reads on niche crypto topics.

The Twitter handle for Mr.Nobot is @mr__nobot.

9. Impermanent Gains (450)

Impermanent Gains frequently reposts memes and news, with a focus on DeFi usability, tokenomics, and AI. Basically, a snapshot of Crypto Twitter in one account.

The Twitter handle for Impermanent Gains is @FrogmanCapital.

10. Brionic (370)

Brionic is a Web 3.0 investor with a sharp focus on Asia’s NFT space. As many believe that Asia will drive the next bull run in crypto, Brionic is a must-follow account for anyone looking to be informed about China’s stance on crypto and the overall state of the Asian crypto industry.

The Twitter handle for Brionic is @Brionicx.

Closing thoughts

Following the right people on Crypto Twitter has perhaps the most net-positive impact on crypto investor’s portfolio, as community sentiment often plays a big role in crypto price movements. Still, cutting through all the noise on the platform can be indeed challenging, especially for those who are just setting their first steps in web3. To guide you down the rabbit hole of Crypto Twitter, we collected a healthy stock of voices for you to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the industry. Stay tuned and follow us for more!