Crypto is the second-most female-owned asset class

Women are embracing digital assets. The percentage of female crypto investors grew by 5% quarter-on-quarter compared to only 1% for men.

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Crypto adoption among women has been fairly low so far, but the situation seems to be changing. According to the latest eToro report titled „Retail Investor Beat,” female ownership of cryptocurrencies increased from 29% in the Q3 last year to 34% in the Q4. Corresponding data for male retail investors shows only a 1% growth from 42% to 43%. The report notes that cryptocurrencies are the second asset class most widely owned by women.

Crypto investments male and female breakdown

eToro’s report is based on the survey conducted from 14th to 24th December 2022 on nearly 10,000 global retail investors from 13 countries and 3 continents, with about 1,000 respondents hailing from each of the following countries: U.K., U.S., Germany, France, Australia, Italy, and Spain.

However, eToro’s data may obfuscate the real picture of the gender-based distribution of crypto assets, as the proportions relate to the group defined as retail investors who also engage in markets other than crypto. For comparison, here are the stats from Morning Consult’s last year’s crypto report showing a much bigger gap between crypto holdings among men and women. Note that the data covers only U.S. adults.

Demographic profiles of crypto owners in the U.S.

And here you can find how crypto investments are distributed across the U.S. society, with only 9% of American women and 24% of men owning crypto assets.

Household cryptocurrency ownership in the U.S.

Still, retail crypto investments were on the rise last year – overall and in both sex categories. Here’s the breakdown of retail investments into asset classes. Note how crypto investments have been steadily growing.

Retail investor asset class ownership 2022