Terra’s Do Kwon instructed employee to manipulate the price of LUNA

According to the report published by the local media outlet KBS news, South Korean prosecutors obtained evidence that Do Kwon engaged in market manipulation of LUNA token.

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According to the translation of the KBS report, Do Kwon instructed one of Terraform Labs' workers to “artificially adjust” the price of LUNA so it would match a specific target price. As evidence, the officials cited private correspondence between Kwon and his employee.

“I can’t reveal the details, but it was a conversation history where CEO Kwon specifically ordered price manipulation,” Lee Do-Yoon, the South Korean Prosecutor’s Office official, told KBS News reporter.

The report also claims that Do Kwon currently resides somewhere in Europe, a few weeks after Forecast revealed that he had left Dubai for an unidentified third country. Since Kwon’s passport was invalidated by the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the fugitive CEO is speculated to be living in Europe as an illegal immigrant.

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“Do Kwon is now an illegal immigrant, wherever he is, in any country, and he cannot travel legally between countries,” the report explains.

Currently, Do Kwon is subject to Interpol’s red notice, which makes him a wanted criminal in most countries, in addition to various charges brought on him by South Korean prosecutors. Moreover, he is also facing a $57 million class action lawsuit led by burned LUNA and UST investors Julian Moreno Beltran and Douglas Gan.

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Following the KBS report, Do Kwon mocked global law enforcement in a series of tweets, inviting “cops from world over” for a conference.

“Alright ill throw a meetup/conference soon to get over this in hiding bs. Cops from world over welcome to attend,” he wrote.

“For those of you that have been spreading falsehood on the taxpayers dime, you are invited with VIP honors - will even pay for your plane ticket. Show up if you dare,” he added in a follow-up tweet.