Logium launches free virtual mode to practice trading

A peer-to-peer betting platform developed and launched a demo mode for all crypto newcomers who want to explore its functionality without depositing funds.

Crypto trader analysing financial charts on multiple monitors in a dark room.

On Thursday, Logium announced that the long-awaited demo mode is finally live on the platform. This feature enables beginners to the crypto market to gain practical trading experience without risking real money. Upon connecting the wallet, users receive 10,000 virtual USDC to place bets on over 20 tokens and explore the platform’s interface.

The virtual mode can be switched on and off by clicking on a toggle button next to the wallet address in the top right corner of the DApp page. All demo transactions take place on the Logium Virtual Network instead of the Ethereum mainnet.

Logium is a DeFi app for trading long and short bets on up to 5x leverage that aims to provide exposure to all tokens listed on Uniswap. So far, the platform supports 22 tokens, including ETH, BTC, APE, SHIB, and LINK. Since all transactions on Logium are peer-to-peer, it holds no centralized control over the users’ funds, eliminating the risk of a rogue broker.

“It is a significant move towards the safety of your funds, as when using leverage on other leading centralized exchanges, you do not have 100% control over your assets or broad access to other new tokens,” Logium developers commented on the platform's architecture.